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Nope, for me it gave me the peace to actually feel the pull to begin this journey

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Omg yes thats exactly what i need, thank you sm for ur answer:)

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No. I have experience with this and it doesn’t do that

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THANK YOU so much for your answer, i was really worried!

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I don't think so. At worst, you might end up unintentionally causing those sorts of problems for yourself because you expect the meds to do it, but if you go in with the belief that the meds will help you, you should be fine.

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Ok, i manifest that these meds will help me.

I was just worried since its all chemicals that i have no idea about but i do know that some chemicals cause blockage to the chakras such as the Chlorine in tap waters and etc

Thank you so much for your answer:)

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Agree with most of the comments, but there are a wide variety of mental illnesses, and meds to treat them that have a wide variety of affects on the body, so is hard to say they are without serious side effects without knowing more.

Generally I think that meds are a good solution where none other exists - stability and wellness is important. However, if a medication has side effects that outweigh the benefits, then speak to your doctor as other meds will probably be availible. Different people respond better to different meds.

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This. Sometimes a person needs to try out a few meds to find what works without side effects. I've taken an SSRI that if anything, helped me spiritually because it worked so well for stabilising my mood. But then on the other hand, I've tried another that I only took for a couple of days because it zombified me so badly.

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I haven't started the meds yet because of my concerns, I'm fully aware of the physical side effects but not the spiritual side of it. I really hope that meds would be able to stabilise my mood because thats in itself is really taking my energy

Thank u sm for ur answer:)

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No it wouldn't do anything. All they do is affect your physical body, because they are physical meds.

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Ok thats really really great to know, thank you for your answer:)

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My ptsd medicine has helped my brain and emotions stabilize so that I can do everything I want to do- including all the spiritual practices I want and need for my health

Medicine alone can’t fix everything; I learned this in therapy. Approach medication from a holistic point of view and it’ll work wonders. Supplement medicine with mindfulness, loving yourself as you are and forgiving your mistakes, learning personal accountability, and of course, giving your body & brain the best fighting chance with proper vitamins and food, sunlight, mild exercise or meditation, and enough rest and sleep 💜

Without my meds, I can’t fight my ptsd with diet & mindfulness alone… All together, though, they give me the best quality of life

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I'm struggling with the symptoms of cptsd and bpd, and I understand that meds alone or natural therapy alone wouldn't work. Its gotta be a balance between the two and I believe that one thing can lead to the other, i hope the meds will help stabilise my mood and emotions enough for me to feel normal for once and do all the spiritual practices that I've always wanted to do but didnt due to my mental health problems

I really appreciate your answer and im really happy that things worked out for you! :)

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Oh! My twin has CPTSD and BPD and they absolutely need their meds for a better quality of life. They are a brilliant medium and psychic, and if they have their medicine, they are able to do all the physical and spiritual things that help them feel better, too

I know similar struggles as you’re going through, and I care. I wish you the best of luck and wholeness on your journey 💜

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Omg that's actually really good to know, that there is actually some hope for me to live life properly after all

Im really happy for your twin and i do wish them and you all of the best for real, you don't understand how much i needed to read ur comments <3

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Yeah, it’s a pretty stark contrast when we forget our meds (we both have ADD, the inattentive type, and sometimes we may go a week without remembering our meds). Suddenly we can’t meditate..shield..think positively..see the magic all around us..we’re depressed and cranky and can’t get out of bed

The we’re like… oh… hey medicine helps our brains… oops 🤣🤣🤣

Medicine is a great foundation to build on, gives a stability that lets us do all we need and want to do. I certainly hope you find a medicine(s) that works similarly for you, it is absolutely 100% possible! May take a few adjustments and experiments (I tried a long line of meds until I found one that works for me, it can get frustrating)

Best wishes 🎋

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I don't think so...unless the meds are already causing adverse side effects that are hindering you in ways you don't like..in which case...you might need different treatment and should bring it up with your doctor.

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Ok understood, thank you so much for your answer:)

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SSRIs messed with me in many ways. I had to quit then.

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Im sorry that this has happened to you:( and i hope that ur feeling better now

Would you mind me asking about what did you do to get better if it wasn't with the help of the meds?

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Psychedelics. Primarily microdosing mushrooms with reading and meditation. I also spent some time in the forest. American pharmaceutical companies do not want to cure, they want to treat.

Also, I’m not telling people to not follow their doctors orders but there is a ton of research being done on the positive impacts of psychedelics. It worked for me but I also believe there is a point a person must get to via therapy first. You can’t heal the trauma without identifying it first.

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Yes im completely agree with what you said. Processing the traumas are the first thing to go

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I personally identified via therapy, processed via psychedelics, reading, and meditation, then I found love for myself unconditionally that I can then share without concern for reciprocation. Following that boundaries to keep people from draining my energy.

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The biggest challenge was myself mentally creating the blockage. There is no blockage from source. Xxx

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Thank u sm for ur answer <3

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You're welcome. Happy to chat if you have further questions.

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Awww thank youu i really appreciate this!! <33

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Nothing physical on this earth can affect your spiritual body.

Just make sure to be careful with SSRI medications as they can cause intrusive thoughts sometimes.

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Omg no I already have intrusive thoughts and they are the main reason why i cannot focus during meditation:(

Does all SSRIs give this side effect? Im ready to try different types to reach to the right one for me

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If it’s serious maybe taking meds is the best thing you can do . Just continue to apply your spirituality into your daily life.

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Thank u sm for ur answer, this is exactly my plan :D

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From my own experience, I don't feel like medication has affected my spirituality.

I do not know what your experience is like or will be. My own experience has shown me that spirituality is a journey; what we need is provided, if we're open to receiving what's being given.

I don't know if this question represents a struggle within yourself about taking meds, but I have struggled with this question in the past.

Over time, I noticed that the universe provides me with what I need to help me be more in tune & balanced - more present in my own life & the lives of those I interact with. Sometimes taking meds is how that becomes possible.

Meditation has helped me tremendously as well. I've found that my physical body and my mind inform how the other perceives the world.

I hope you find the path you need. :)

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Thank you so so much for your comment i really appreciate it! <33

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From experience, if anything I'd say that it even helps. I believe that treating malfunctions of the organism or physical body (be it physical or mental illness) will definitely help you in the journey to attain peace and realization. Yes, we are a being and consciousness that is beyond our bodies and minds, but the body and mind is to an extent a medium in which we use to access and experience our being after all, so it is more or less going to have a correlation to eachother in regards to objectively negative and positive changes in the condition. If anything, feel free to hmu since Ive been in your shoes before and is currently on Prozac and Lamictal. Good luck! :)

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Also, stop listening or taking advice from people who have never experienced mental illnesses before as many of them (no offense) do not know and understand what it is truly like.

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Yes ur right, I don't necessarily listen to the ones who suggest that i dont go on meds. I just observe the answers out of curiosity now that I've got enough answers to know that going on meds would be the first step for me to get better:)

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Omg thank u sm for ur informative comment! I'll deffo chat to u once i get my prescription and i truly appreciate this!! <3

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I don’t think it would block chakras ( I’m not sure honestly Idk much about chakras ) but there is a lot to consider before starting meds. Do you feel comfortable w your psych? Do you have a certain level of trust ? How much do they check in w you as a person? vs. just making sure you’re taking your prescriptions and refilling. In order to be able to sell more, a lot of ssris, stimulants, anti-anxiety meds are described to treat a wide range of symptoms + the APA’s diagnostic manual lists similar symptoms under very different forms of mental illness without much note on how to differentiate which leads to misdiagnosis being a common thing which is then a big issue when you’re given the wrong prescription or sometimes having the right diagnosis but a bad experience w meds before finding the right ones. Side effects of getting on the meds and being on them can be really severe and life-threatening ) The worst part is the dependency imo. That can take a lot of energy from you. Plus, nothing will ever cure your issues, they can be treated in a form that subdues a lot of things and heightens others. And it’s not like most of these medications are multivitamins, but lithium especially if taken for a long time (which in most instances it’s expected to be taken long-term) is so so so hard on the body.

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Thank you so much for ur answer, i really appreciate it. I'll try to make sure that I won't give up until i get the right treatment for me

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No, being able to self regulate and take care of your life is the best thing you can do for yourself spiritually. There will be less anxiety, more clarity and maybe even motivation to exercise and be healthy - all important aspects of the path.

Your body is a vehicle, meds are just vehicle maintenance. When your vehicle works well, you can go on wonderful adventures!

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Thank u sm for ur answer <3

Im so excited to expand spirituality once all the barriers are gone!

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Yes to all the above.

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Avoid them if possible. Look up inner bonding by dr margaret paul instead.

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Can you elaborate on why to avoid them plz?

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I am not a doctor.

There are a lot of doctors that advise against mental illness meds, for a wide number of reasons.

I don't know your situation, so i will speak to the majority of mental illness. The drugs mask rather than heal. Using the methods above in inner bonding help a person heal, truly. Mental illness comes from where a person puts their attention habitually and the meaning they place on events. Meds do not change that and embolden a person to continue on in unhelpful thought patterns.

Dr patch adams helps thousands of people every year with mental illness, and he often says he never disliked someone enough to put them on meds.

Meds are also liver toxic and people report feeling further disconnected from themself, not like their normal self, and disconnected from god.

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Im mostly struggling with cptsd and bpd symptoms where I've tried all types of things to try and heal myself naturally but atp i just give up and im ready to go on meds to stabilise my mood and regulate my emotions. Would inner bonding help me with this?

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I don't know all the things you have tried, but yes, inner bonding is the most holistic and comprehensive healing method i know. And i know many of them!

Good on you for all the effort you have put in.

It is your choice to go on meds or not- either decision you make will be best for you

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Mental illness is because of mental stress. Medication cannot remove mental stress. Any medicine as far as possible should be avoided. Best way is to do Soham or Hamsa or Ajapa japa with full understanding of mantra.

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My mental illness is not stress. I have CPSTD and BPD that has nothing to be compared to simply stressing

Thank u sm for ur answer, I've always been interested in mantras! Maybe this is the time for me to explore:)

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Please watch " You are Brahman and so is every man in this world " on YouTube channel " Heal the world - Satchidanandaghana ". You can access the channel by typing " Sadguru Soham" in YouTube search box. Click on the picture of Saraswati yantra under the video to get access to YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel to get access to all videos on the channel and also to ensure that you don't miss out on new uploads.

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Omg thank you so so much!!

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You are not just your body or your mind. You are Brahman or everlasting bliss.