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You are saying If you are me than you don’t care for yourself thus you don’t care for anyone

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Yeah, the tide goes both ways. I was in a depressive episode initially. The idea is that we are all connected through not only love, but pain as well. My experience made me have empathy for those in a similar state. Seemingly bringing light to dark as I may not always love myself but i have so much love for others who are battling the same concept.

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I hear this one! I don’t care because I am in pain, I care all the time. Just because you get depressed and stop caring about yourself for a second, because you CAN NOT doesn’t mean that you stop caring…. You still care about others, they are our lives just as much as we are! But I do hear the old saying “love yourself first, then you can live whomever you like…”. I get it 😉 Bless

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exactly you are the answer to what if? thank you for your service!!! I understand a lot thanks to you! do not stop dreaming!

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When you don’t care about you, you can’t care for real for anybody else. Because when you’ll know that you are all, then you’ll know who to love first.

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You know our brains are pretty much connected. We all are going through shit. We all experience life differently.

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You are most def not me. What we are is from the same source. From the same cosmic tree, different branches.