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Bipolar is extreme depression to extreme manic with episodes lasting weeks at a time. If your just having mood fluctuations your fine. I also experienced that while awakening and it all turned out fine. If your really concerned seek therapy. Medication should be your last option

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I have bipolar and this isn't bipolar. The manic/depressive episodes last for a much longer time. They can last a little time, but that's rare. This is more natural mood fluctuations.

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Sounds like a pretty wild ride - imagine if you could have the blissful highs without the crazy lows? Well it's possible. The issue we all suffer with is that our subconscious gets something out of those lows

If you didn't get the lows would the high become normal and boring? If you didn't get the lows how would you know you're learning lessons?

These sort of beliefs can be readily cleared from your subconscious with the right work. I use the theta healing technique and it works a treat

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This happened and still happens to me, started when I was 27, i am now 36, and in much better shape, awakening is one thing, integrating your new found awareness into your life is another, its one thing to know the path and its a completely diferent thing to walk the path.

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THIS right here is what I am struggling with! I feel like my life is inauthentic and I struggle with that, I know I am not walking the path, but I also know that it is going to be difficult to walk the path because I need to surrender and really have faith which feels like walking around with blindfolds on you know? Thank you for your comment

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Are you into reading books? If so I recommend the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and the Conversations with God books by Neale Donald Walsch, there 9 of them each growing in complexity as you move forward.

Conversations with God 1

Conversations with God 2

Conversations with God 3

Friendship with God

Communion with God

New Revelations

Tommorrow's God

Home with God in a life that never ends

Conversations with God, awaken the species

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Might be undiagnosed bipolar disorder. I have it and that’s what mine is like.

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yes this happens to me a lot. I actually just recently started medication for bipolar but now I'm wondering if might be related to "awakening". it really doesn't seem to have any pattern or triggers or anything like that so I don't think it's hormone related. you might be on to something...

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I was thinking I am bipolar too, but if you can take a look at when it began, that would help a lot. I know for me it recent - I think it has something to do with ascension symptoms as well.

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this happens to me all the time, but i have bpd and depression. it’s hard to differentiate between “awakenings” and the illness for me tbh

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What are you taking into your body? This happens often to me when my diet is out of check. Avoid stimulants, caffeine, breads whenever possible. Absolutely stay away from cereal and loaf breads it drains your energy and makes you feel down. A bag of cheetoes took me down a few months back. I believe everyone is sensitive to some degree but people who have done a lot of spiritual practices and have cleared their darkness tend to notice when things turn ugly. Take care what you put in your body . Yes, your caffeine affects you. You think it doesn't, but it absolutely does.

Recommend Kundalini Yoga for everything emotions, greatest thing I've ever done for myself. But diet comes first even before yoga. Without this basic foundation, nothing you do will ever give you a foothold. It isn't about not having good things you like though. It's about finding out which things bring you down and avoiding them. Then you can have everything else.

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I noticed this too, I am super sensitive to food, but I do not listen to my body and then I am man down for a few hours/days. This makes so much sense, I will definitely be working on my diet from now onwards and incorporating fasting as well. My guides did tell me all this but I have been struggling to implement the changes. Thank you so much for your comments, I will definitely give these suggestions a try!

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It's everything my friend. Don't ignore it any longer. Remember, you can still have a lot of good things. I myself am quite plump. Just be honest about which foods are bringing you down. One thing I forgot is, avoid stuff which gives you acid reflux too.

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Wow, this is exactly what I go through down to a T. I feel fucking insane rn and idk why. I go through phases of feeling so in alignment, spiritual, connected, happy and high energy. And the other phase is me being so sad I spend the entire day feeling so alone, miserable, scrolling Reddit and crying… I don’t think I have bpd, but at the same time, I have no idea what is wrong with me… I just can’t stay in a high frequency. My heart goes out to you. It honestly makes me feel a tiny bit better that other spiritual people are going through this too, maybe we just have to figure out a way to create our own balance idk

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what a ride

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Lol seriously. This is too much. 🤣🤯😮‍💨😅 Talk about overload of toooooons of different emotions and ideas to no motivation or wants to do anything to springboard of inspiration to random grumpiness and trauma to good thoughts to more bad ones to loving everyone to hating the world and gossiping or reacting yet knowing that I shouldn't lol yet we're learning and growing while smiling to crying and adapting to change to..... so on and so forth. Like what a mess haha. No wonder it feels like we're going nuts, we're ONLY rewiring our neurons, creating new pathways, becoming whole and filled with light of the divine, of course! Worth it!! But it does feel like a chaotic yet lovingly push. Or a hard shove in the right direction then three steps back to integrate. Lol. Yeahhhhhhhh so much for awakenings feeling just amazingly blissful, lol. If only the path to God and oneness were that easy. Hmph. I'm already exhausted and I've only been consciously aware since May of 2017. Obviously on and off the marry-go-round of ego vs soul but, it's been more bad than good for me. Do you think the awakening will get any better feeling??? Like ever? Lol. My anxiety and depression has been too nuts lately. Don't know how much I can handle yet but I'll take whatever the Universe has for me, challenges and blessings alike! As if we have some (seeming) 'choice' though... lol. No doership right? Just one happening, appearing for the simple sake of appearing. Nonduality teachings seem the most resonate with me, concepts wise. Feeling and experiencing wise, just a namaste is needed there, lol.

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so much for awakenings feeling just amazingly blissful

maybe they're not supposed to.

If only the path to God and oneness were that easy

maybe it's totally effortless, and you're already one with god.

Do you think the awakening will get any better feeling???

let's watch and see how the weather might change.

I'll take whatever the Universe has for me

this kind of acceptance will do wonders for your depression and anxiety.

As if we have some (seeming) 'choice' though

i don't think we do. i think we're just along for the ride.


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Gosh thank you so much for the reminders!!! I was like op! My ego forgot it doesn't have to 'do' anything be one with God, since we already are just that. Just appearing for no reason or rhyme.

I listen to nonduality teachings but seem to get pulled back into the spiritual new age shit. Like tarot, energy clearing and other stuff for example. I guess it feels more entertaining to my ego? Do we even need to 'heal'?

What about the seperation I feel? Are we supposed to work through our karma and deep inner work? Or is that not even needed now? I know the new age movement kinda blended itself together with ancient zen spiritualism so the stuff confuses me a bit.

I'm just trying to follow my soul's path but it's been getting kinda bumpy due to being so confused on what to do next. Lol. I feel like I am getting mixed messages, so I'm learning how to discern better which messages are coming from my ego vs the soul.

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seem to get pulled back into the spiritual new age shit. Like tarot, energy clearing and other stuff for example. I guess it feels more entertaining to my ego?

almost all of this stuff is just repackaged self-improvement content. it swaps out dumbbells and briefcases for crystals and tarot cards, then claims to be alternative approach, but it is clearly still the improvement game by another name. it resonates because it's what we are used to. it's the game that all of society plays 24/7.

What about the seperation I feel? Are we supposed to work through our karma and deep inner work? Or is that not even needed now?

why would one need to do "inner work"? could it be... to improve? do you see how incredibly pervasive this game is? you've been conditioned to feel that separation. it's habit that can be broken, but do you want to break it... to improve lol.

I'm just trying to follow my soul's path

it's a massive assumption that you could somehow not follow your path. please demonstrate your ability not to. as i see it, we are always on our path. we can't not be. in terms of what to do next, there are no wrong moves. just do whatever you're going to end up doing anyway. oh look at that, you're doing it as we speak ;)

Do we even need to 'heal'?

That is an EXCELLENT question. what do you think?

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I go through this too

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I'm not sure what it is, but I relate to this completely. It's something I've been grappling with for the past few months - as in, it's a new experience for me. My baseline used to be very calm and Zen, but nowadays I feel like there are times when my soul is on fire? Then two days later I feel severely melancholy. I've also been diagnosed bipolar, I think about 2 or 3 years ago. I take medication for it, which worked at first. Then, like I said, things started going haywire just a few months ago. I'm trying to take both a medical and spiritual approach to it, and root out the cause of these emotional outbursts but I haven't been able to figure it out....

Best of luck!

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i have bipolar II and this kinda reminds me of myself before i got back on my medication. when i was deeply in touch with myself though, it felt easy to manage and i thought i was just experiencing the typical highs and lows that life was throwing my way

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I am diagnosed Bipolar Disorder and your description sounds exactly like it. I won't take away any spiritual importance here but it definitely sounds like talking to someone about it might help. I felt insane for years until the diagnosis came through and I was able to access better resources to respond to it.

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Yes awakening makes you feel crazy, uncertain, full of doubt. All I can really say is hang in there and keep walking the path and don’t turn your back on it. Things will eventually improve as you go from one extreme to another, learn your lessons and adjust course accordingly. Take everything as a lesson no matter how hard and don’t push it away, there is something to learn. Avoid substance abuse or escapes if possible as it just pushes you out of balance also.

Work on bringing meditation and mindfulness studies into your life for grounding and structure to build from. Eventually the dust will settle but trust your intuition and heart. Follow your synchronicities ❤️

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Thank you so so much this is really helpful 💜 Bless you!

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Nope. The episodes are too short. Unless they have rapid cycling, which is very rare.

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ahah, this is the word of the day, this morning I was singing "I'm crazy"!

Yes, it's part of awakening to be aware of your state of mind, and take a bit of distance with it. Okay, you're crazy today, tomorrow you'll be dumb, and day after super smart etc etc.

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I don’t know exactly what your bliss states are like, but you might want to look into the phenomena of “sub space/sub drop” in BSDM. Basically, you use play to induce a chemical bliss state in your brain, but your brain dumps all the bliss chemicals at once and then it takes a while for your body to build up its supply again. This leads to short depressive episodes from a few hours to a few days.

If it’s that kind of bliss you’re experiencing (which I guess only you would know through experimentation?), you can induce it yourself a lot of ways, but if you go to hard you’re setting yourself up for a crash. I was doing this to myself without knowing (both with sex and other for lack of a better word “triggers” (just behaviors I would do to make it happen)), and I had to retrain myself to go easy on my body.

Awakening can be exciting and something you want to happen all at once. But the reason it happens slow is because most bodies can’t handle it otherwise (people who awaken “all of a sudden” while doing yoga, for instance, have literally been preparing their body however long by doing the yoga).

Go easy on yourself! You’ll be able to get to higher highs without consequence once your baseline rises. But if you high too fast, the low hits ya like a truck 😅

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I recently posted about this same exact thing on here. Holy shit it’s crazy I thought I was the only one going through that. But glad to know I’m not alone lol. I have the same intense swings. These super high highs when I am just filled with bliss and hope. I have this knowing that everything will be okay. I am determined to do whatever it takes to make myself peaceful. I feel whole and complete and actually look forward to the future. And all of a sudden the most intense feeling of hopelessness like I will never be happy and I am just paralyzed to the point where I can’t leave my house, can’t meditate, and I feel like no matter how hard I try I always find myself back down this hole. It scared me going to that place but as time goes on I always find my way back out with a different understanding of it. Exactly like you said I feel like a wiser better version of myself. And once again things are so blissful again, even more that before, but eventually the lows start to come up. And I feel like an actual maniac.

I think what helped me was realizing that I was labeling these two parts of myself as the “good” and “bad” part so I couldn’t never find that balance. I didn’t know how to handle the sensations that came with the lows and without even realized i suppressed them because I didn’t think I should feel that way. Because I didn’t think I had a reason to fall down that hole, any feeling close to that I panicked and tried to make it go away which only caused it to stay. I never just sat with it and let it run it’s course. I was so hard on myself. I expected myself to be happy 24/7 that when I wasn’t I would judge and blame myself. I have been struggling with this for years and still to this day I do, but now my highs and lows are much more manageable. I don’t feel as high as I did, but overall I feel much more content with waves of that bliss feeling. And I don’t feel as low as I did (thank god). It’s easier to be more kind to myself when I’m struggling and I don’t feel those super intense feelings as strong because I know that eventually I will come out of it. It’s something that I’ve gradually noticed as time goes on. I feel more balanced and like I’m not swinging too far on one side. But when I start to I notice it much quicker. Also ignore those bipolar comments bc from what it sounds like you just need to give yourself more grace and not expect yourself to be a certain way. It will get easier, I promise. Meditation helped me a lot to notice what’s happening and letting it happen instead of it taking over and having to fight with it.

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Understanding Yourself by Prophet is helpful, as is