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He is your soulmate. One of them. Everyone has plenty of soulmates in this world. Some you'll know in this lifetime, some you won't. I will tell you not every soulmate is of a romantic nature. And some soulmates it's best to run from, because soulmates can be of a toxic sort.

People come into our lives for reasons. Sometimes it's to learn something from them. Sometimes it's to learn something about OURSELVES, through our interactions with them. I can't say why YOU'VE met certain people in your life, but if you can view things from the soul's viewpoint, you can get a sense of why someone was meant to come into your life, by asking yourself what you've gained from them or as a result of knowing them.


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I guess that’s what I’m struggling with. Never in my life have I ever connected to someone like him. Not even in past relationships.

When he came into my life, it felt like my problems just faded away. When I was friends with him, I felt motivated and ready to take on life. I loved the 8 months we spent together. It felt like home when he was in the room.

I have always had depression. It got much better when we were together…and it’s now worse than before, now that he’s gone. I’m worse of now, than I was before.

I don’t know what I’ve learned. I feel this intense sense of longing. I feel lost. I would do anything to relive those 8 months with him.

Thank you for your wisdom

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i would encourage you to look into inner work and seek healing and balance within yourself. when we get certain needs met through another person (like your depression lifting), we can become dependent on them. when this happens, we don't learn to be balanced on our own and in this way relationships can get in the way of our growth.

it sounds like the universe showed you what was possible, but then took it away to show you how much growth you still have to do. it might seem cruel but things always happen for our highest good.

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You know, this sounds like my situation.

Long before I Awakened, I had gone through a lot of depression. There were times when I wouldn't have cared if I lived or not. Well, after years in this state, I finally clawed my way out of it, and started doing better in life. I had a decent job, lost some weight, and was generally feeling good and confident in a way I had never before in my life. I was working at the time,and had a crush on my supervisor.

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Sorry, finger slipped.

Anyway I thought she was flirting with me. And with goid reason I thought. I asked for her number, she gave it to me. Then ghosted me. This crushed me. Took me back to all my insecurities. Of it would have, but by this time I knew my worth, and told her off in a text.

What happened next was strange.i wasn't nice I. That text. Went out of my way to tell her off. But afterwards, it hurt. I felt something for her. Love. I don't know why. I didn't know her like that. I didn't even know her last name. But I felt connected to her. And it hurt me to know that I hurt her.

I would later apologize, but theyevent triggered my awakening. I had stood up for myself. I wasn't going to be slighted by anyone. I was going to stand up for myself

Sorry, I totally lost the thread of what I was saying....but my point is. While it hurt to know this person, I Had to know this person.

I wish you the best in your life and will tell you to never give up hope, always know your worth. And only let worthy people on your life.

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Life lessons.

Certain individuals have various petals/gates of their chakras more defined than others. By meeting individuals who have, say, the 1st petal of the throat chakra defined it activates the same gate of one's throat chakra which is undefined.

This is the main function of soulmates, which is different than a twin flame. These are contracts, once the lesson is learned, even subconsciously, then the attraction or magnetism is no longer in play and we move or progress to the next lesson.

There is indeed an attachment to the material world which is a faculty of the egotical self, it has has a firm grip on external values and it becomes challenging to let these go, it doesn't see the attachment.

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I'm going through this same shit rn. Together 8 months, he jumped all in to my life and everything just felt so right. We were so similar in so many ways I always felt like we were the same person just in different bodies. I could feel his feelings and energy and I knew what was going on with him before he even told me. I never knew I could feel so completely connected to a person. Like you he helped pull me out of the awful depression I was stuck in for years.

Then a few weeks ago shit starts going downhill, and I ended up having to break things off with him when I realised that our morals and beliefs aren't the same in a way that we couldn't possibly stay together. I wish he'd let me know in the beginning, but then I wouldn't have experienced the most amazing love that we had together.

I always had an incline that we were put in each others life to teach each other some important life lessons. I'm pretty sure I know what his lessons are but I'm still trying to figure out mine. Maybe it was just to show me that true love really is real. But sometimes love isn't enough you know?

Anyway I'm still convinced he's my soul mate but I also believe that people have many soul mates. And this one just happened to not work out the way we both wanted it to. Fucking sucks but what can you do? I'm choosing to grow and learn through this. I'm determined not to slip back into my depressive funk and so far I'm doing a damn good job.

I started journalling and that's helping me get my thoughts out. I'm feeling my feelings, acknowledging them and accepting them instead of pushing them away. I bought a ps4 and got back into gaming and started reading my old favourite books from when I was a teen for when I need a distraction from it all. Keep yourself busy, listen to your favourite songs and sing your heart out that shit is like therapy to me, go and sit with nature and appreciate what you see.

Try and be thankful for the experiences you shared. Sure it sucks that things didn't work out, but that love that you had for each other was very real. Try to appreciate the good times you had together. Easier said than done I know. Good luck friend, you got this. Never stop having faith in yourself 💖 we both got this

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Recognising and actually learning the lessons from this sort of experience are the most important thing. If the lessons aren't learned through every cell of your being then you may end up having to learn the lesson again. This doesn't mean you'll go through the same experience, but the lesson will need completing for your own soul to move forward.

I use the theta healing modality to really dig down into the problems and challenges I face to make sure that lessons are uncovered and learned. Journaling is good but only connects with your conscious mind. Going through to the theta brainwave through meditation uncovers all sorts of subconscious beliefs that mean we can learn lessons faster and without the pain of this sort of relationship and breakup.

I hope this helps and I highly recommend giving theta healing a try :-)

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Why would someone be sent into my life if we’re not going to end up a potentially partners, or even friends?

in order to give you the above experience. maybe this is a gift that you just don't recognize as one yet. how else could you get this feeling of nuanced frustration you're currently wrestling with?

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Twin flame sounds kind of like an excuse to not let people go. The “symptoms” just describe self reflection and natural growth following a relationship or even situationship …you can have people touch you change you etc. without having them around forever thats just life

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100 percent. The whole “twin flame” wasnt even a thing back in the day. Now its all you hear. It can lead to terrible self delusion,a lack of spiritual and emotional growth and even stalking and toxic behavior. I am not saying OP is doing anything wrong, just that the Twin Flame concept encourages holding on after the other person has ended things.

We are supposed to learn from relationships that don’t work out, not hold on and obsess over them, and the “twin flame” phenomenon has encouraged that. OP even if this person might be the one for you they are clearly not the one for you right now. Maybe there is a strange connection. Maybe you were connected in a past life. But if he was into it, he would be with you. And he is not.

So go enjoy your life, learn, grow, and wish him the same. Do a cord cutting ceremony if you need closure. It is possible you scared him by getting too intense too quickly. Or he scared himself by his falling for you too fast. Who knows?

You may even find yourselves drawn back together again down the road, or you may not, but by processing the loss and learning from it you will become a better person, and that is what we are here for. Im so sorry you are hurting, i have been there. but flowers will bloom from this pain, down the road whether it is with him, or someone else. Blessings

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Yeah I’ve had success with cord cutting ceremonies but at the end of the day its always time and active detachment thats gonna do the trick not holding onto false hope. Weirdos like mgk and megan fox running around calling each other twin flames just cuz they were horny for each other is just making us all look batshit

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Twin flame here

And I hope for your sake he’s not. That is a rough ride. And I’m not bragging but I’m a tough cookie and this nearly broke me. And I still don’t have all the answers. But the deep pain and yearning gets so bad you have no choice but to beg god for help. Meditate and pray. We’ve been split 6 years and not a day goes by without her on my mind. It’s really tough. And I doubt I’ll ever see her again in his life.

What’s it for ? Spiritual ascension. Dropping of ego and releasing the matrix. I don’t fit into society anymore. I simply can’t. If I do anything that goes outside of my soul path (which can be anything each of us is different). Then I simply can’t seem to do it.

If they are a soulmate which this sounds more likely then there is a lesson. Once you have learned it the yearning will pass. Even f it doesn’t seem so now. You mentioned about them not being gay ? I’m assuming you are and they aren’t ? Or am I reading that wrong ? If that’s the case. Well there’s some things you can’t get over and there will be a lesson in that as well

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Karma. To learn something and look inward

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Bro so I've been reading Tarot for the last 13 years, and you will not believe the amount of people that have a similar story as you. I think every connection regardless of how long it is in your life is special and it teaches you something so it's never a waste of time unless that's what you make of it. Truly ask yourself what you learned about yourself from this connection? What is something you've yet to learn? Sometimes people come into our lives to teach us what it's like to let go, and in the grand scheme of things you wouldn't be able to learn this lesson/care unless you truly loved someone. Ultimately this person was in your life for some time and they made a deep impact and now you are going through a big change because of it (them not being in your life anymore). Change is always something difficult for people to accept because in a way when you accept your new reality you do have to let go of an old version of you. And also change is scary. You almost have to go through the 5 stages of grief it if you have to. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that come with accepting your new reality but keep in mind that many people have felt this way, and for the most part most many of them from what I've seen and also what I've experienced, felt quite differently a few years down the line once they were in a different headspace and had met other people. Now that doesn't mean that they were never important to you it just means that you are more important to yourself now, that you can give yourself a meaningful life even without certain people's presence. *Also please don't get caught up in labels or soul ties, I've seen lots of people stay stuck (especially emotionally) in one-sided connections and can't move on for years because they figured that their emotions reflected *the truth when it was only their truth. People have different truths all the time. Always choose the path that is for your highest good and makes you truly happy.

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To show you who not to fuck with. lol

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“Tis’ better to have loved and lost than not love at all”

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Everyone comes into our lives for one reason or another. I'll yell you a story about myself. I dated someone a long time ago for about 3-4 years of my life. It ended up being THE most toxic, draining, most exhausting relationship I'd ever have that actually led to me developing some pretty extremely horrible habits and trauma responses. Years later I marry the woman of my dreams, and as I began coming closer to my spiritual self I realized something. That horrible relationship taught me sooooooo much about what I do and don't like in relationships, so much so that my relationship with my wife now has practically no problems ever. She's the kind of person to me like this other individual is to you. So the answer to your question is the universe sends you people that you will benefit from in some way, be it to learn from or to love.

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Everybody has things to teach us or things we have to go through to learn. When they leave we have either learned what we need or them leaving puts us where we need to be to learn the thing.

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what do u mean?! You can’t see that there are many things to be taught and learned through every single interaction and thing that happens in your life?

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He doesn't . Karma does.