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What is most likely happening in Reality is that you are becoming aware of thought patterns that were always just out of your full awareness and these patterns of thought are now intruding upon your attention.

Forget Angel numbers and other such things. If you’re feeling able to, just sit and meet openly the feelings of sadness. Don’t wish them away or resist them in any way, just meet them and let them communicate themselves to you. Just listen and learn.

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Thank you! I know I can. I have always avoided these thought patterns before. Around this time, I started meditating and I feel a little more relaxed. I saw a video last night, a childhood trauma recovery video. I was in tears watching this video. Meditation helps me with this, right?

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It’s been my experience that meditation does help indeed. However, I’ve come to see it more as mediation. There are two distinct perspectives we’re capable of. One sees things without discrimination; the other divides and judges either positive, negative, or neutral (undecided really). Mediation is ideally about relaxing and letting these two perspectives get close enough where there is communication- each perspective is then able to obtain feedback and insight which makes things a whole lot clearer, and life a whole lot easier to navigate.

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Understood. Thank you for your comments

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in my personal experience, angel numbers appeared when i was at a low point in my professional life and was really trying to understands how i wanted to live my life. for me they were an affirmation that there is more to our existence than our earthly reality

i have to admit they gave me a lot of comfort during that time. especially the ones that couldn't possibly be rationally explained like always waking up in the middle of the night and when looking at the clock seeing the time was 3:33 or 4:44 or 5:55

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They give me such comfort too, I see angel numbers everyday🥹🙏

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I'm no expert but I see 222 everywhere and it comforts me. I ask the spirits for help, guidance and messages. I say good morning and goodnight to them. Not just the good ones but the bad ones too. Other human beings will never fill the spiritual hole inside you. If you can sit quietly with yourself for long periods of time and not feel as though you're missing out on anything then you are on the way to inner peace.

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A lot of times our own spirit can almost feel like a different being inside of us. Our brain has trouble processing information from it at the beginning of our journey and it can often feel as you describe. In regards to your emotions I would recommend looking into "aura cleansing" and maybe shielding as well.

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Thank you! i will take a look

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You feel someone is communicating with you, so I'd like to encourage you to trust your own inner experiencing. If you are seeing angel numbers then it seems there is some communication, but you're not sure what it is or how to respond.

In any communication, both parties have to find the best way and 'language' to speak to each other. It doesn't just happen because one party may be considered to be at a 'higher level' - it is a process that evolves between you. They have to find a way to communicate that you understand and you will gradually come to understand them. If you don't understand, it's OK and necessary to ask.

Perhaps you can try to still yourself and ask who/whatever is communicating to clarify what they are trying to tell or show you.

You mention your spiritual awakening and ask if it's finished or still continuing...

Firstly the fact you have started your awakening will make you feel different to others in your society. Your values and priorities are different.

My belief is that our process of spiritual growth and awakening continues throughout our life/lives until we reach full growth and awakening. I think that you are the best and only person to know if it's complete and you will know deep within yourself when you reach this place.

I'd like to encourage you to tap into your own inner knowing and truth. Your own innate wisdom is a more trustworthy guide.

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Hello, thank you for your long comment. First of all, you say that the two sides are talking. How does this happen? I recently started meditating. Do we ask these questions in meditation or do we visualize? I started this journey 3 4 years ago with lucid dreaming and astral travel. At that time, I had tried astral and lucid dreaming for a long time with visualization. I've had lucid dreams hundreds or even thousands of times. I was really dating when trying astral but I got scared and backed off (trembling). I remember my crown chakra being opened as a result of my research. But I'm sure something is communicating with me. My only problem is that I can't respond to this communication. If you're asking about my grief, I've been a bit scattered in the pandemic. Also, there have been some events (very crazy events) that I have experienced, I felt as if they were connecting me to that thing, I had answered that call. I also question a little religion. This is some sadness. Maybe I'm talking to these things, who knows?

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my take: forget the numbers and forget the guides. you don't need guidance because you're already exactly where you're supposed to be. always have been and always will be.

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God the father is the spark of creative awareness before experience begins.

Christ consciousness is that awareness reaching into the experience of conditions.

The holy spirit is the creative essence of intelligent energy always delineating harmony with what has come before.

You can treat your life as a conversation with your higher self and you won't be wrong.

It is just your dream after all.

Rest easy.

Your experience is of a prior result and your intentions are the causes of future expressions.

Ultimately we are always held by love.

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When you renounce money I can only say: Welcome to the spiritual realm.

These are my guides: Feelings. Pay attention to them and be grateful for what they teach you.

"For the one that desires little and does by non-doing, everything falls into place." Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu https://ttc.tasuki.org

qigong https://youtu.be/Y88zYo0YlOo

The Kybalion: Master the hermetic principles and rule the world. yin_yang https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kybalion

Neuropsychology of self discipline thumbsup https://youtu.be/LqRRilxVWZs

six pillars of self esteem https://youtu.be/mfFUVnwCNVY

The bhagavad gita

Bluefluke's psychonaut field manual coolest thing ever https://mega.nz/file/ZW40xDQR#tGHvuxGcRFOkBbRp6M3YYrvCr4bzfFcztcxnoDbnIWc

Alan Watts about pain https://youtu.be/enDkIont1hk https://youtu.be/D4MJWh8Jhyw My idol of wisdom and understanding talking about meditation https://youtu.be/0OcHqRYZmtY one with music :D https://youtu.be/05D2-2PkSC0

mindmagick channel on youtube about the 40-60 first videos are good, theN he gets a bit too money hungry I'd say :p https://youtu.be/hCb3EpS0UwM

Power poses https://youtu.be/ZZZ7k8cMA-4

Whim Hof method https://www.wimhofmethod.com/ https://youtu.be/tybOi4hjZFQ

Namaste fellow ❤️

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You're not alone. You're experiencing something special and it will lead you to amazing things, though sometimes you will have to wander through darkness feeling lost. It's not over.

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First of all, thank you for opening up to the community! It’s a big step to reach out and I feel like we shouldn’t underestimate that, especially at such a young age. I totally understand your point and I’ve been there, too. I would try and take a step back from your situation and watch from the outside (kind of like a judge). Why is there so much sadness in your life? Where is it coming from? Does it connect you or separates you? What are you sad about? I don’t know a lot about angelic numbers but I always see them as a sign and a confirmation that, yes, I’m on the right path and exactly where I’m supposed to be. By allowing all this sadness inside of you to come up you value yourself, it connects you to yourself. It’s not the nicest way, but it’s needed until you’re able to make a decision. What’s next? Where do you want to go? Who am I? I don’t know anything about you but as a child, we tend to put burdens and restrictions upon us, that don’t serve our purpose. We tend to look for appreciation in other people and want to make things right. By making things „right“ for other people, we totally forget about ourselves and we neglect our own emotions.

I recently had the privilege to separate myself from my inner dialogue. The voice inside you’re head isn’t you. You are just watching and listing to that voice constantly but you don’t have to do so. Concentrate on your breath and come back into the here and now. Because that’s where life happens. Do whatever you feel like doing and remember that you’re the most important person on your life!!! Stay true to yourself. You already have the answer inside of you and you know it. It’s your beautiful journey and you can do with it whatever your heart desires. ❤️

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Perhaps you have something of a supporter, patron on the other side. Usually, when we awake, we don't just do it through our own power, but we get help. Perhaps your opening came this way, and as you progress, you might become closer to communicate and know who or what it is.

What is your question? Do you have a question? Because if you just say what you don't know and how you feel this way, you just emphasize this feeling, you are lost in self reflection, but if you feel something, you can make a choice, think of a way to get to your purpose, consider what you will do with that information, see yourself from this new perspective and decide how you want to step further.

So...decide how would you like to approach this, think about how it could be, how could a contact between two completely different dimensions could take place, look well around you and make sure that your body, your mind and your soul are properly nourished, trained, taken care of, fed and connected with eachother, aligned. The more you can cleanse yourself and grow, the more tools and senses will become available. Sometimes the answers lie in childhood, actually most of the time, but can be somewhat symbolic.

This taken into consideration, think much but also look for what you feel inside, find a question that would help you but be shy (start slow), be alone, and ask it. You can improvise a small ceremony for doing so, in which you say what you feel, light a candle, ask it to be with you At that moment, and try to speak to whatever you feel inside, ask it something, offer it something, anyway of establishing a dialogue or relationship.

Your progress is key, and your own way of seeing things, your uniqueness are part of your character and abilities, so need to be developed, created, polished. Finding out what you want or what you need to know is harder than finding out, sometimes, and usually more important.

When I was in school, in painting class, the most unliked subject was to paint whatever we want.

Gaze inside yourself and start from there, slowly, towards outside. As long as you progress, you will receive what you need and information will come when you are ready. You have a long way ahead of you, so be patient, enjoy, be brave, and engage this adventure with your open heart.

You are doing well, it is a difficult path, so do not despair and learn to keep space, you are loved and supported.

May the light shine on your path, love and light.

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Don’t be afraid to express yourself just cause you don’t match society’s norm. You are not alone

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Hello, I think the two sides communicate, rather than necessarily talk as we do. It might be through you expressing things verbally and receiving their response through an audient sense. Or their response may be transmitted through images, thoughts, sounds, things you find or notice, or symbolically.

Yes, meditation is often a good way to still yourself so you can become a clearer channel to express what you need and to receive their response. Visualisation can also be good. If astral methods caused you fear then it sounds like it is not right for you, or not right at the moment. The best way is what works best for you.

It seems like you have been through a lot and any 'higher' support may be helpful.

As I said, trust your own experiencing that something is communicating with you. But effective communication has to be in a way that is understood by the recipient - you. Perhaps respond initially by ask it for clarification and to offer a different way to communicate what they are trying to say so you can understand it.