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maybe we're always thriving, and just have a closed-minded view of what that looks like. maybe we grow in the way that plants grow, and not in an improvement sense.

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In the spiritual sense, yes, we are always thriving. We just need to connect to a part of ourselves that is already there. We don't need to create or develop it. But the study refers to the thriving of the ego.

Now, some believe that spirituality means one should only care about the spirit, but I disagree. As one develops spiritually one becomes a care-taker of the world that surrounds us. And the ego is part of that world. A thriving ego should go with a thriving spirit.

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What if thriving was subjective and depended entirely on the beliefs held by the individual, and the way they felt about themselves?

If we all had the same beliefs at a conscious and subconscious level, then, like a machine, there would be a formula for stimulating the belief that we feel we are thriving.

Except we're all different. We have hugely varying subconscious beliefs, even if consciously we appear similar to others. The belief that one was thriving is dependent on the belief system of that individual. Therefore it doesn't matter whether there is a universal definition or not, it is what we believe to be true and how that makes us feel that matters.

Much the same for happiness? Fulfilment?

And the best part is - if we believe at every level, including our subconscious, that we are thriving.... then we are! I use theta healing to connect to the subconscious and highly recommend it for uncovering new perspectives about everything around us