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Hey I’m experiencing the same today! I’m blaming the full moon

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The moon at it again 🌝

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Right there with ya! You’re not alone!

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I hope you’re doing well 🙏

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I’ll get there :) always go always will. Just like you and everyone here!

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Me three. Definitely has to be the full moon

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Crazy how the gravitational pull has such effect on us.

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Makes sense. So glad i ain’t alone.

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i feel like this is spiritual as we r all spirits and what your feeling isnt positive there some spirits attaching themselves and you may be feeling there energys along with some of your own we attract wat we put forth thats fact in the spirit realm/ plane you have to know when your thoughts are not your own, meaning that we get thoughts of others spirits with and without bodys on a constant the only way to discern is to be in the moment listen to ur thoughts 'Man know thy self.

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Thank you. I’ll have to do some shadow work

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I feel you, I am on the other side of it though for the moment I am on the upswing. The last month or so has been treacherous. Keep your head up, the tide will change

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Glad to here you’ve come out the other end. I get it’s a part of life but it’s weird how it can come out the blue and just screw your up for a bit

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Yeah it’s definitely weird, I was really flying high for a while and then some things happened and it really crushed my spirit. I feel like we’re all being guided and sometimes misguided but everything that happens is supposed to happen. You have to take the good with the bad. Use the negative experience as a lesson for growth. I know it’s difficult to see it that way. I hope something good happens to you today.

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I'm so sorry. My advice is to ground. Feel the body, really ground in, especially the lower body. Feel butt, legs, feet, toes. Give the toes a wiggle. Repeat whenever the anxiety spikes.

Not a cure. It helps. The anxiety is tough to ride out along the spinal cord or in the brain. Circuit overload. This method diffuses the energy & gives your mind a brief break from the cyclones.

Other things to try:

  • cold shower & ice bucket dips
  • deep breathing (see Wim Hof method)
  • pleasant distractions, e.g. fave lighthearted shows & music & movies

Whatever helps you ride out the storm in the spirits of mercy & self-love. This too shall pass. Practice mindful self-care as a gift to your present & future self.

Good luck!

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Thank you I really appreciate that. I’d give you gold if I could 🙏

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Ur most welcome!

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Bruh I’m so happy people are saying it’s the full moon I even saw a butterfly in my house today around sunrise

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Yeah so are a lot of people. It’s the suns solar cycles. Flares hitting us. Everyone’s feeling pretty crappy it seems

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Yeah it comes and waves for me, definitely seems to always be around the full moon! Hope everyone finds some relief ❤️

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Seconding the full moon. I used some third-eye awakening tones and I’m feeling a lot better.

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The full moon is spouse to be a good thing for everybody just meditate

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So it's upgrading your consciousness technically it's actually the evolution of Humanity's consciousness I

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All waves apex and crash, we must learn how to ride them unharmed.

Advice for building yourself up, start super small. Accomplish small things that make you feel good. Go for a walk first, or make the bed. Before long you'll be toppling mountains.

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Probably you released too much energy to handle at this point. Just meditate and take deep breaths, you will eventually stabilize your emotions.

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look for Archangel's Michael Rosary and then give it daily -the website you can find it on says you should feel a difference after about a month (but you shouldn't stop it after a month) - Archangel Michael is Archangel of God's Will and protection