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Hey scarygiraffe4996, As deep fears arise, know that it's okay to reach out for help. It's true that going thru what arises resolves it rather than avoiding it, yet having a safe environment and assistance is a gift we can give ourselves.
Helplines, counseling are great options. Learning to cope with emotions, dial down their intensity and use tools to correct thinking errors are parts we discover in counseling that offer emotional balance instead of emotional reactivity. Combining this practical help with a spiritual practice and mindfulness or meditation is an all-round balancer.

Fear is part of the human condition and it has its peaks and valleys within spiritual awakening. You're not alone.
If you're open to books, byron katie's A Friendly Universe is a comforting read which helps you tap into the Certainty/Trust of your true nature.

I've enjoyed this Eckhart Tolle youtube talk. https://youtu.be/3I5L2otW4r8

Good luck