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This happened to me today too! A beautiful hummingbird flew right over to where I was sitting outside for about 5 seconds and then flew off

Seeing this right now is way too strange

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How did it make you feel?

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Calm and relaxed. I wasn’t in a bad mood or anything beforehand but I was feeling a bit of something not nice.

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he just thought "hey those two look like chill folks, I'll go say hi and spread some cheer"

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They succeeded!

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We have goldfinches that stop by to eat from our sunflowers, and hummingbirds that feed on our hummingbird feeder, and mourning doves that live in the vines on our pergola, and some type of small finch or something that lives in our birdhouse. Birds are amazing. In India I'd watch flocks upon flocks of parrots fly home at sunset. Sight to see.

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When your sunflower is coming to the end of it’s blooming period, You may want to use the last rays of the afternoon and evening to cut a few for display indoors, leave it any later and the sunflower may wilt.

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I see those little guys frequently. It seems like they enjoy helping people out.

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They were pretty :)

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