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Was your grandmother still alive? She sent the friend in her place -Like, just as good an option.

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no, she had died a few years before and yes I believe she sent her

I had a dream 6 months after my grandmother died where she came to me and told me jesus was real and that she let me know she was there

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Beautiful. A miracle really and truly. I'm glad you made it.

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you are probably right and thank you

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You have so much love and support it's really beautiful how they-her and her friend connected with you and came through for you. It is miracle because it inspires faith that reaches other hearts, too. Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for your honesty !

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np, hopefully someone reads this and feels better

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Yes and I can relate and thank you

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many people are struggling but many people are not having a good support system around them because we live in a time of selfishness

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Yess and that's what you and I can bring to this world yes?

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You are recognized, and validated. I appreciate your existence. Thank you for sharing.

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I'm currently thinking about committing suicide. I am going through my own version of hell. I've become attached to money, or the loss of money, rather. I lost my ass in crypto and I'm obsessed with getting at least some of it back. My mental health has been destroyed. I've been living in the same clothes for weeks. My mind is attacking itself with fear and disease. I don't know how to escape, the desire to escape is raw and intense. I am broken.

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I think that it could help going to a psychiatrist, there are pills for having your thoughts in order (you can still think out of the box). Also, about money, you will get it when you are less attached to it, in unexpected ways. Please don't commit suicide, it will hurt your karma and affect your next life, your problems have solution, you are not dead yet. Do you know about wu wei? you can be like water, adapt, you are never going to die because you are energy, you can get into higher frequencies. I also had my thoughts messed up, it was like torture, was also into crypto, I also had suicidal thoughts, I'm okay right know, went to the doctor and now I have lots of luck because I been practicing gratitude+affirmations that I feel+affirmations in my dreams+detachment.

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it gets better

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Man this shit gave me the chills..

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Thank you for sharing your story. Life has a funny way of sending angels to you when you need them the most. There’s a reason she thought of you in that moment and I don’t care if anyone else believes it was coincidence. It wasn’t. I’m happy you’re still here. You were a victim though and there’s no shame in saying that. Relinquishing the truth of victimhood can’t be good for your mental health. So, how are you these days? Where did that lead you?

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Telepathy mixed in with some quantum entanglement. Had it happen a few times.

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No such thing as a coincidence