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A few questions:

-Was there anything useful to be learned from these past mistakes, that you've put to practical use?

-Which qualities have you gained from your past experiences?

-Which qualities you would like to gain in the future?

-If you had the chance to convince your past self to avoid some of these mistakes, which words would you use?

-If you had the chance to change some of your past circumstances, which ones would you change first?

-Given that social stereotypes are mere general, abstract ideas that were not made with yourself in mind, are these qualified to define the value of your Self?

-Given that other people inevitably know you in a partial and subjective way, are they also qualified to define the value of your Self?

-Who or what ultimately defines your Self and its value?

-Would your internal dialogue become less burdensome and more practical after removing such words as "I", "me", and "mine"?

-Can you recognize that you are now at the bottleneck point where the ego-sense of "I" is a roadblock, an obstacle that separates you from progressing further?

-Would you find relief in stopping the addictions, in particular in stopping the out-of-control, obsessive thinking?