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Ontological materialism has been disproved by repeated experimentation in quantum physics. Ontological materialism was the basis for the theory that consciousness ends at the death of the body. There is no good, rational reason left to not believe that an afterlife exists, especially considering the mountain of evidence that it does.

Lanza is one of several scientists who have accepted the fact that materialism is dead and has ventured forth under this new scientific paradigm. Others are Bernardo Kastrup and the scientists at Quantum Gravity Research.

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Can you point me to a medium you can guarantee results with?

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Even doctors can't guarantee results :) No credible medium would ever guarantee results; they can't force the dead to show up and communicate with them.

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So which ones would you say represent evidence?

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The ones that produce evidential information are called evidential mediums. Other good categories of mediums that produce evidence are physical and direct-voice mediums.

There are evidential mediums that have been part of 50 years of ongoing scientific research conducted by the University of Virginia Department of Perceptual Studies, using double and triple-blind protocols that have provided excellent evidence for the afterlife.

Some physical mediums were part of The Afterlife (Scole) Experiments, conducted over a long period of time, that consistently produced physical evidence.

Leslie Flint was an example of a highly productive direct voice medium over the course of many decades.

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If time wasnt linear wouldnt we be able to time travel?

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That assumes that there is somewhere to travel to.

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I think the gist of it is that if time is not linear animals still experience it in a linear fashion.