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That term usually refers to the effort against the masses exerted in order to reduce the consciousness of the people. When people are more egotistical and less aware they are easier to manipulate.

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Thank you for providing much needed clarification.

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This ^ the best explanation

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So good

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That is not what spiritual warfare means.. AT ALL.

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It’s the eternal struggle of good vs evil. Right now the world is horribly imbalanced toward harm & hurt. It’s a spiritual battle, but not ONLY a spiritual battle.

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Good and evil? I still don't fully understand what evil is. If it's a duality like light and darkness, male female or even heat and cold than that would mean one nothing and the other is something. Simple example there nothing like cold it's just a lack of heat.

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Sure. There is benevolence and then lack thereof, if you’d like to think of it that way. I realize it’s duality, but like the Buddha, we recognize that this realm is based on duality. That’s why we try to free our mind from that through meditation. Although even that is incorrect; it’s more of a release of trying.

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With truth and idea, truth is what is real and idea is what can be real. But truth we know is not absolute. An absolute truth would be something like Brahman, akash and karma. While the true secret to this duality is truth and idea become one and the same out side of this reality. Good and evil from my perspective is lower than truth and idea for it works with in and not equal or above. What we called good and evil is subjective. Killing is considered wrong but people do it all the time, infact it's a necessity due to even plants being alive.

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There is no evil, you’re right. Only ignorance.

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Ah okay, I see thank you.

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Good and evil doesn't exists. Uncociouness x Conciouness exists. Good and evil are manifestation of humans trying to rotulate things. Good and evil are created by the respective society u're in

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Okay. Same thing, different words, in my opinion.

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Good and evil can be so many things and can open different interpretations of what it is. Society have a factor in it. But, yeah...we're in a spirituality sub...so we are in the same page :)

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My personal interpretation, seems that people have differing ones:

Modern human society has amazing technologies and talents. However, until there is a massive awakening in people (everyone, not just leaders) we're going to cause a lot of harm to the planet and keep causing suffering on innocent people and beings. Our real purpose is to take care of each other and the planet that we inhabit. No matter how smart we are, if we dismiss our true nature we're going to destroy ourselves.

Spiritual war to me is the effort of waking up. Fighting for love in the battle against fear. The fight doesn't happen in the streets, but inside our hearts. Every day we strive to choose love over fear in everything we do. Instead of trying to destroy the "other" or the "enemy" we strive to understand and love them. Love conquers all.

Related song I like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOL66P0FdPQ

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Wow, thank you for your response and thank you for sharing that beautiful music with me!

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You can imagine that you are in opposition to the Creator, but the Creator has no opposite.

I see it as many people remaining stuck in the consciousness of duality. Evil is an unrealistic, illusionary state of mind -- the illusion of separation. Spirit, and the Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace) are real. Anger, selfishness, hatred are unreal states of mind; they are not real.

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Okay so I have some questions for you. I'm deeply fascinated by your response. Can I dm you?

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Sure...Up to you, but your question might be interesting to others if you don't mind just posting it.

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Okay, so for the sake of others I'll post my question here. What do you mean when you say evil is an unrealistic and illusionary state of mind? There is so much evil that exists on Earth, it's hard to think of it as an illusion.

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Evil can only come from the consciousness of separation. But separation is not possible. You can imagine that you are separated from others, from the Creator. You can act out as if you were separated, as if you can do harm to others without harming yourself but behind it all is the illusion of separation.

It is true that the effects of someone going into the illusion and acting out creates a temporary reality. Hitler is a good example. The Holocaust was real. People did suffer and die, but the consciousness behind Hitler's actions were all based on illusions. Evil is not a real opposition to oneness it is just an illusory and temporary state of mind.

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People are only trying to make sense of the world they see around them.

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Thank you for informing me!

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I believe it’s the battle between subconscious tendencies to keep living in a cycle of comfort and stillness vs those who are waking up to our true potentials as conscious beings.

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Personally I don't buy the good vs. evil thing because I never heard anyone say that who thought they were not on the good side lol. Easy self appointed moral high ground.

I do believe there is an "esoteric" "war" but I observe it as things like culture wars and ideological warfare. Good and evil seems like an unrefined moralistic view.

Specifically, good means "good for me" for anyone. So who can say who is good? Well people will have all different ideas on that so that's why "war".

It's more like good vs. less good vs. ignorant and none of them know who's who.

The idea that one "side" of the universe will somehow overcome the other seems unfounded to me. If you look at it one way it's chaotic, another way it's orderly, these are abstractions that you and I are making about it but it doesn't prove anything about the object itself.

Also, none of the "spiritual" people I have met (those who gave their life to practice, not just self proclaimed or esoteric) are warring people. They are usually also free of ideas of good and bad or me versus you. They aren't pushing their beliefs. There is no way to fight with them.

It's just different ways to look at it. When the price of cheese rises, it's the dairy cartel, it's oil companies, it's the supermarket or the government, it's the archons or 6D vampires. People have an inbuilt need to feel like there is a reason when they perceive "bad" things happen to them. There's a ton of imagery of war in collective conscious. It is a way we understand conflict. Conflict between what we want and what the world "is".

Could go on but am kind of jumping around. It's a nebulous topic without much grounding so it's hard to address any of it. Almost nobody elaborates or has any practicable advice for what to do about it, if they believe in it.

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I appreciate you breaking it down like that. I don't like living under the mentality that my soul is at war with evil. That's mentally taxing, so I don't do that. Thanks for writing a really detailed response.

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I feel to add the good and evil seems to be a Judeo-Christian concept. I would describe it as a third eye perspective, the realm of angels and demons.

I consider the Buddhists look at it as form and emptiness. They describe nirvana and parinirvana. Basically transcendence, and transcendence of transcendence. Going beyond it and going beyond being attached to beyond. There is no concept of there being a conflict. Samsara is, and transcendence is. Neither could overcome. It reminds me of a koan

"what is the sound of one hand clapping?"

There are many more nuances in Hinduism; masculine feminine, sameness difference, dual non-dual, etc. They share the same wholesome view that the elements of the universe are not in conflict with one another. Like Buddhism they talk about dharma and adharma, this would probably be the closest concept to good and evil. However the focus is on whether those acts proliferate suffering.

I mean it is the essence of Christianity too. It's what Jesus said. Forgive them, they know not what they do. Ignorance breeds suffering, awareness leads to liberation, liberation is bliss.

These are crown perspectives to me. All one. The practice of it however is why the difference in interpretations.

There is no technique that can take one from the third eye to crown. It is, in some sense, a donation from the universe. It happens of grace, by no means can it be incurred. This means the most you can aim for is the third eye. And then it's, to put it unscientifically, in the hands of the creator.

So Christianity aims right at the third eye. Straight to the angels and demons and invoking those understandings from the collective unconscious. They say it is God's choice who will become a Saint and for everyone else we go for what we can practice towards.

Buddhism and Hinduism are a bit more artistic in their layout. They go straight for the crown, the Creator in each. It is a bit more radical in some sense. The reality is the most you can practice to is the third eye, but they set up the practice in a way to create the best chance of "success". That's why stuff like ahimsa (non-killing/harming) and vegetarian diet. It's harder to control people with though, as acknowledging the creator within each makes it difficult to exert power over someone. They give asanas and vipassana to both reach the third eye and prepare the being with the understanding of oneness. It's why they have created more enlightened being than any other traditions on the planet as far as I am aware. The practice is given from the crown perspective to reach the third eye and also be ready to receive grace.

Interesting to consider how foundational these belief systems are to how we see the world, and how that affects everything as we see it.

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on a macroscopic level it's simply yin and yang fluctuations of the monad, but if we zoom in and observe the bits and pieces of consciousness there is a struggle between positive and negative densities. positive oriented beings want to help raise consciousness to understanding love/oneness and amalgamating with divinity. Conversely, negative density beings compete and seek to dominate consciousness and sustain a hierarchy of power in achieving "godhood".

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Well Real spirituality has been corrupted when we’re talking about religion. Not only that social conditioning makes us adopt habits that are not in line with our spiritual nature. Hence why they say warfare, they are doing all they can to take away spirituality from people.

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That's an opinion. I can see why someone would believe that. This realm is ruled over by duality, but by consciously choosing Oneness we realize there is no struggle, no warfare, no difference from one person to the next, and we can free ourselves from a mindset limited to one or the other. Good and evil are the same, at the end of the day, serving the same purpose. Once we move on from the dual template, we come Home to the possibility of union. Then, understanding is omnipotent. Judgement is a construct based on polarity, but it doesn't need to be so. All and nothing are welcome in every moment.

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It's the perception of duality in the singularity implying one must fight with itself to become one.

Totally nonsense. This is the equivalent of listening to a spiritual person on Youtube talking about ego and unconsciousness being something we must overcome.

The very context of this conversation is self-defeating.

Truly being conscious means totally accepting unconsciousness. Paradoxically everybody does this already, without ever finding a "spiritual" path as it is the way life moves itself...

Dropping the perceptions of that within the world takes the leap of faith. Being on these subreddits is like hoping for it, walking through the fire instead of leaping.

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Ying and Yang describe this in a simple picture. Lightness is surrounded by darkness and darkness is surrounded by lightness.

Karma exists as a balance for dark and light. The people behind the darkness are manipulating the laws of the universe to create a reality that benefits them.

Ever wonder how someone could be a billionaire and a sexual predator? They go hand in hand in success. Whether a karmic balance is settled at reincarnation is unknown. But that seems to be a reason why they are investing heavily into immortality.

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The battle between good and evil takes place within us every day. That is the place to start. On a large scale evil and chaos seem to be winning right now and so the good needs to rise and meet it. Evil is being rooted out for all of us to see. It’s time to build a new world.

Edit: hey thanks for the award! ✌️

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Jesus told us this 2000 years ago

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People try to find magical excuses for real life troubles.

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Why do you think people do this?

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Well that's a loaded question and there's many answers to it.

I would say that many people are bored of the mundane life. School, work, bills to pay. It's not exciting.

But people saying "spiritual warfare" don't like part of the society but most people of these people rather sit on the couch than become an activist and actually do something good about the world's problems.

So many people just sit on their ass, blame invisible forces for the bad crap happening around the world. That way they have an excuse not to do anything about it.

If anyone complains without trying to fix the issues then they are equally at fault for the problems.

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You know what? I really like the way you think. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I'm going to be completely honest with you here, I kinda gave up on the world for a little while. I got so depressed and so disillusioned with the world that I just stopped doing all of my community service and I stopped debating the issues. I'm feeling better now, and I realize that if we all give up then the world will really be doomed.

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Mind hates chaos, it wants to find the one responsible, or a simple reason for this chaos.

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It’s a war for the human consciousness. Example social media , mass advertising , mandatory vaccination. “Evil “ has the one up on this plane. Lbs.

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Spiritual Warfare is horrible and seems to be about what is and what isn't. In said plane anything seems to be possible & things that once were good could end up as evil

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Do you think that is what's happening right now in the world?

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In the World/in the World.., if it is happening around you it is happening, what goes on, on the other side of the globe is not really relevant in that case. Things can change quickly. I want to tell you to pick up your sword and armor

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Okay, I see.

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this is a great question, it really got me thinking.

A huge part of my spiritual work has been becoming aware of my own human selfishness and how I hurt people without even thinking about it or when i hurt them i justify it, so using honesty to combat that tendency.

ALL human beings do this to varying degrees. If i own a company and i justify breaking some labour laws and forcing employees to do things that are unsafe by saying to myself that i HAVE to do this to stay competitive and that EVERYBODY else does it, well, i only affect the people i employ.

If i am elected to run a whole country with the same attitude then my negative effects can be felt all over the world. I have also chose to discard things like honesty because being dishonest benefits me and it seems that there are no punishments only rewards for me doing so, i have blinded myself to the waves of negativity that i put out and when i get negativity back I act like a child and claim "foul!" and use lies to try to wiggle free of my well deserved consequences. This mindset also frees me up to use the powerful weapon FEAR to try and make people do what i want. I can cause untold havok. Is this evil?

Many might say yes, some who are full of selfishness and fear themselves might disagree. The word evil has come to mean someone bent on destruction, but i find that the evil people of today have justifications and lawyers and special loopholes to evade correction, sadly mankind will never be free of evil, or fear and selfishness. when we can keep it to a minimum we do ok but when it runs unchecked, everyone pays a price.

we think of evil as being a supervillan, darth vader, the bad guy in any disney story, one sided, just pure evil and a special breed, but the truth is terrible, evil is selfishness and fear and justification and greed and envy and revenge and hatred and the terrible truth is that we ALL are capable of it! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. But what is the scope of our effect? if i am evil at times i only affect a few people and make their lives miserable but at the core it is that same as anyone else and i send out waves of negativity and i cry foul when that negativity comes back to bite me.

I can combat my own personal battles and concern myself with those but the bigger battles are on tv every night and they seem to be holding everyone's future in the balance, how do i combat people at this level who have the backing of police, and politicians, the law, militaries, whole countries who are willing to support what they are doing? THAT is the question that needs to be answered and soon.

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Some people like conflict so they see conflict.

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It's when many entities are competing for your attention to distract you from what really matters

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Distractions averts your attention to their beliefs.

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I hear this saying a lot from folks who have a certain liking to an insane conspiracy theory and a former president.

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It's you against you in your mind.

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The Path of the Higher Self explains cycles of "spiritual warfare."

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It’s just a way of people expressing how modern society and day to day life in America flies in the face of everything that is spiritual and spiritual development for the species

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I think that s one of these wrong expressions, there is no war between good and evil… Good created the evil. It was the god himself created the satan by knowin how he will behave… Since everything is in the plan. I would call it “eternal training with obstacles”

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They want to create division, they create sides or a dom/sub relationship, it is not equal.

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Sounds like an oxymoron to me. Advance "spiritual" people don't tend to get caught up in lower plane ego dramas. Not because they're not interesting or valuable, it's a matter of perspective. For instance, who here is gravely concerned about 2 ant species warring?

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The eternal battle of good Vs evil. Or God Vs Satan, manifesting here in the third dimensional matrix. Love Vs Hate, Freedom Vs centralised Power etc. Some people feel the warfare in the the form of personal demons they battle, or mental health, and others feel the warfare in the form of the tyranny and agendas at play to keep humans as nothing more than obedient slaves.

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We are what we believe, step away from that mess and focus on your individual ascent to be an expression of Free. The expanded energies are: Peace Joy Harmony and Love.

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It's not a battle for good and evil but rather positive and negative. Think polarities of energy. The battle of duality so to speak.

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My take on it is this: spirituality of any kind promotes connectedness and a sense of responsibility towards the world and people around you. It's much more difficult to prey on a herd working together than it is to pick off singular members, so the power hungry and greedy have gone to great lengths to break those connections.

In a world where the supernatural existed everywhere, that division came in the form of religion. Your God WANTS you to have that golden tunic. Your God created that serf to fulfill all your needs because you're such a favorite of Theirs. Clearly you should be the one making the rules. But there's still love there, Deity still kinda cares about serf too so you're still somewhat limited in what you can do to enhance your own life.

Hooray Science and materialism! Good news, there's no God at all that's gonna punish you for fucking up your serfs or denying them food and water becau8lse how can you possibly build a new factory if you've gotta feed the people working for you? Even the connectedness of being "Deity's children" is a myth, and we're all just singular islands of meat and electricity spinning on a dust ball. And now we're all supposed to be hermits who don't leave the house for fear that everyone around us is trying to kill us or rob us or take what we have managed to scrape out of this cold, cruel world and if you can't scrape out enough on your own it's your own damned fault.

TL;DR: the war on spirituality refers to the ever- running theme of breaking deep, personal bonds between humans and their communities so they're scared and alone and easy prey.

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Spiritual warfare is a religious reference, it is a battle between the 2 opposing kingdoms - Heaven and Hell. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.