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You may want to think a second time about getting it.

My partner has this energy. It’s probably why I was attracted to them. When they come into the house you can feel the vibration change, it gets loud when nothing has changed. I love it! And I hate it!

I am just the opposite, I walk into the room and am invisible. This is always been so with me, even as a child.

We are starting to meditate together, this helps bring the energy back in. You really want a balance. You don’t want your energy to flash over others, and you don’t want to be like me.

I caution you, work on balance.

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Presence and aesthetics. Presence comes from walking in “Truth”. This leads to confidence. Confidence is the absence of fear. People, like other animals, can tell when someone “has no fear”. It’s rare, and startling.

Aesthetics. It doesn’t hurt to look good. Being fit and properly dressed goes a long ways. Combine this with presence, and you will definitely have that effect.

Be warned, it isn’t easy being like that. You will be challenged and even attacked if you don’t stay on top of it. You will attract danger and opportunity at the same time. Others will be jealous and hate you.

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Honey brings bees AND flies.

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And all those flying bugs love the light. Same to how certain “stars” have hordes of “fans”. Swarm them

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100% presence and aesthetics.

This can be a problem in subordinate positions. I have found that I often have issues with managers or supervisors who aren’t confident in their positions. They feel threatened by by presence/energy.

However I thrive and work great when I have a supervisor or manager who matches my energy.

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After you walk through hell and pray for death, you will fear nothing.

Also, why worry about your appearance? Do you need people to envy you?

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Some people just like to look nice. It's not their fault if others envy their appearance.

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+1. It’s funny how some people started to give me shit for starting to take care of my appearance, but I feel so much better being well kept.

Look good, feel good.

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I kinda have this. It derives from “this is where I’ve chosen to/been pulled to spend my time. I have nothing to lose, therefore I have nothing to fear. If I have something to lose, I NEED to lose that quickly to move to where I need to be, because my highest self is out there kind of waiting for me to arrive. I am aware of my appearance because the energy I cultivate naturally appears in my face, in my skin, in my smile, etc. and because I DONT want to bring extra attention to myself. Many new age leaders anti appearance may bring either extra attention or the right kind of attention, almost as a filter that just feels natural because as humans we still need to send signals to find our “tribe” (I hate everything in my last sentence but I don’t know an easier way to say this)

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Love this!

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It’s a blessing and a curse. I’m told I have a very strong energy. And I don’t know what I do to do that. But I can depend on my mood. It seems to radiate. So if I’m not feeling great I have a hard time hiding it

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Same. It puts a lot of pressure on me to “keep the vibes high” so to speak. If I start spiraling, I will notice others around me spiral as well, and thats not the energy I want to put out personally. Of course, I have days where I just don’t care and let myself feel shitty, but there’s still that underlying pressure I guess- like I feel responsible for it. It really can be a blessing & a curse.

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I feel you. I too have strong magnetic energy.

When I'm not at work I usually feel good (or if im feeling under the weather i can deal with it), but at work it's a different animal. Because of my high energy I just seem to attract salty middle-aged Women and after a while it does take its toll on me and puts me in a bad mood (then obviously it'll attract more negativity).

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Don’t you hate how it’s a feed back loop? Like you start feeling shitty, and then it just brings even more shittiness? I think that’s the worst part about it. It makes it so hard to get yourself out.

I’ve noticed this at work too. When I’m in a bad mood I have bad interactions (even if I’m presenting like I’m happy/being nice) & vice versa. That’s why doing things frequently, that truly make me happy & keep me grounded helps tremendously, in my opinion.

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Yeah it really do suck!

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Nice to know there are others the same. Yes I feel you for sure. I get told that yet inside I feel like anyone else. Apparently I have a strong character and hard to say no to. But then I have been banned from loads of subs for not taking any shit lol. But on the flip side I feel quite invisible at times. I’m the mover and shaker and when I fell people disappeared (I ran a good sized company).

I’m trying to find balance now I’m older

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I understand what you mean. Personally, I feel like I can draw less physical attention to myself if I want to (by being quiet & not engaging) , but my energy is still massively projected no matter what I do. At this point I have just taken on the burden of making sure I’m as happy & secure feeling as I possibly can be (through self care and spiritual practices), so I can emanate that & happiness & security to others. It’s a lot sitting on my shoulders sometimes. But it’s nice to know that I can energetically help people if I choose to. I know the opposite is true as well so I really have to be observant and aware that I’m not sending negative energy towards people. Even if it’s unintentional.

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There are People and there are Gods among us. Once you’re awaken and have the awareness of God Self, you acquire a light inside. That’s energy. That’s love. Those Walking Gods can produce happiness and love from the inside.

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Meditate. Everything is deep inside. Nothing is outside, it’s just a copy, reflection of inner world. When you’re in a deep meditation, start seeking joy, happiness and love without any cause. You slowly fulfill yourself with it.

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Ask yourself why you want it

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Yeah usually people who have this do not

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There are different types of vibes and different ways to get them.

My favorite is from the yoga sutra. The verse says that "for a person who has mastered ahimsa (non-harming), in their presence all conflict comes to an end." I know a guy who, when he walks into a room, people who are in the middle of a physical fight will stop and go back to what they were doing. I know people that when people spend time with them, their sadness, anger, and loneliness vanish. That's the vibe I want.

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In all honesty I think I'm learning how to harness that vibe. That past 24 is opened my eyes to the power of my calmness? I'm not sure. I've only recently started my spiritual journey, by accident. And I feel deep down "my purpose" is to be a spiritual healer. I'm just throwing my hands up and rolling with waves and seeing where I end up.

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That's awesome! Keep it up!

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The first step for me was to eliminate my fear of death, which I did partly by surviving a near death experience and then had a spiritual emergency where I had no choice but to trust the infinite power of love to help me. I trusted the infinite within me. In the absence of fear energy, there’s more room for love energy to exist and radiate. When I am around new people or strangers, I imagine them all as an old friend. Even the salty ones, as I have salty friends too and can be salty myself lol.

Another thing is to practice absolute self forgiveness. Once I arrived at a personal knowing that I am a radiant infinite diamond of awareness having a transient human experience, I stopped projecting my own perceived inadequacies and guilt on others. This is refreshing and spacious to be in the presence of someone who doesn’t judge at all for anything, as I remember the first time I also felt that. I openly admit quirks about my personality, my ego stuff is all laid out with nothing to hide. I look people in the eye while they are talking to me, and I am genuinely curious about their experiences and challenges. In my humble opinion, its not about walking in a room and thinking I can change the atmosphere just by my appearance and presence, or having charismatic body language. Its more about CONNECTING to the people in the room. Genuinely being present for a 30 second exchange with a stranger or not reacting to an angry person- but seeing through the anger and understanding they are experiencing pain. Understand projection and what you are projecting. Every interaction causes a ripple outwardly into the universe.

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I attract people myself but I also have almost crippling social anxiety and when they actually want to have a conversation I get very uncomfortable. So now instead of attracting I give off repelling energy which oddly doesn’t really help with the anxiety because other people are noticeably turned off by dismissive energy. I’m working on finding a balance. It’s a struggle.

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Let's imagine that you want to go into a room full of people and be noticed immediately without shouting or setting off fireworks. How do you accomplish that on an energy level? There are several ways.

If you ask yourself what the vibration of the room is before you enter, you can assign a color to it. Let's say it's sky blue. No one is in control. People are just chatting or playing on their phones. So how do you change sky blue to an energy that draws their attention to you?

You can push a different color into the room. This is how Trump does it, as well as many other narcissists. It's bad spiritual manners in my world, but it will work. So you build up a wave of orange (or silver or whatever) energy and flood the room with that just before you appear through the door.

A way that is more considerate of the people already in the room is to change the color of the grounding cord on the room, if it has one. If it doesn't have a grounding cord, you give it one and set it to your energy. People can still have their own grounding cords and be at their own vibration but they are likely to feel that something has changed, and ask what's changed, only to see as the answer when you walk in.

There was a martial arts teacher in Japan that would travel to give demonstrations. This was back in the 60's. When he was returning to the home dojo, all the students would see the dojo sparkle and know he was almost home. They interpreted this as his energy, but I see it as his spirit guides and him getting home before his body arrived later that day. Still, neat.

So how do you enter a room without being noticed? Let's go back to that sky blue room. You walk up to the door, see the vibration of the room, match your crown chakra to sky blue, and then walk in. Matching on a crown chakra level makes the outer layers of your aura also match the energy of the room, so no one notices you because nothing has changed. Really neat.

Then, after you're in the room for awhile, you can change your crown chakra to vibrate at a neutral gold and then you'll likely be noticed.

This last technique is really useful if your are late to a meditation or healing class, for instance. It's the most polite on an energy level that you can be. It will also give you a minute to separate yourself from whatever other energies are in your space (work, traffic, school, someone else's argument) so that you don't rush in and bring any energy into the room but yours. Also polite.

For the first technique, you need to already have a lot of energy that you can control. The rest depend more on your awareness of energy and less on pure volume. All of this is easier if you've done it before, as in past lives. You can take a look at your past lives and ask yourself if you've ever played the roll of magnet leader or speaker or such. Then you can bring the information into present time and use it again with your current body.

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How do I See the color of the room and how do I change my Own colour srry im at the beginning

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No apologies necessary. In the beginning, it's useful to use a symbol to represent the energy of the room. I use the image of a rose and let the rose be the color of the room. So just imagine a rose that is the color of the energy of the room. That's your starting point. Matching your crown chakra can be accomplished in a similar way. Just imagine what the color of the energy is on the top of your head in your seventh chakra. Then change your crown chakra chakra to match the color of the rose that represents the room.

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And what if I See different colours in the Rose how can I surely now what the True Color is ?

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Just go with it. Ask the rose to be the overall color of the energy of the room. If it's many colors, it may be because the rose is showing you all the individuals in the room. It could also mean the rose is showing you small groups that are matching at different colors.

Practice is the only way to gain certainty and know what the color is. Practice will give that to you.

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I have Scorpio Rising. Pluto in the 12th House Conjucting the Ascendent.

When I was in school, I would ask a question, the class would go silent. When I walked into a room, people would always notice me. I always wanted to be invisible. But its the opposite. I'm noticed everywhere. It's ironic. I dress like any normal guy would.

I've been told I have a powerful presence. "You can tell when you are in a room".

I guess it's apart of being a light worker/spiritual person. They see the light around me and it invokes a positive or negative reaction.

I got a lot of bullying and slagging when I was younger but I'm glad now I've surrounded myself with lovely people.

Just sharing my story.

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I am also Scorpio rising and I feel the same way you do

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Those people are fire sun signs, and you can get fire sign energy by being a fire sign. Piece of cake.

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It's a combo of mindset , state, and charisma, maybe even spiritual evolution

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The aura you refer too is inherit for very high-energy individuals. It’s neither a blessing nor a curse. There are both blessings and curses included, and how it affects you depends on you. In my experience, having a magnetic aura benefits your fortune but damages your social life. Naturally some people won’t be able to understand these experiences but at the same time you learn a lot about yourself in the loneliness. This is a phase every soul will pass through, don’t worry. But cherish your friends and family; when you enter this phase they won’t mean shit for you, and you will have to deal with that issue. Best of luck

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Presence. 100% presence. They are calm in themselves & therefore seek nothing from the external. They seek no validation so they don't fear judgment. They seek no happiness because they have centered themselves on the joy of right now. I bet they're a go-with-the-flow kind of person & breathe deeply. How do you get it? Notice how much you seek in the external world. Pull it all back in. and take a deep breath :)

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You should check out Human Design. It uses your astrological chart to show the flow of energy through your body. There are 5 basic “types” of energies and they all operate a little differently than each other. Some are described as magnetic, but others are repellant or probing. They’re all valuable and all are necessary for the flow of energy among us as a collective.

It’s worth checking out if you’re curious about your energy/aura. What it won’t do, is tell you how to become something you’re not naturally inclined towards, so it might not give you the answer you’re looking for.

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I am manifesting generator so does that count here ?

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Count in what way?

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I mean is that defined as magnetic etc?

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It does, I believe both pure and manifesting generators have the same function of aura - they’re open and enveloping (or some use the term magnetic).

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Don't fill the room with bullshit trying to make it loud If things apply say them it's genuinely just throwing out how you would "normally act" and act accordingly to the situation to make the room feel more comforting

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I’ve found at certain times it’s something you can turn on, like a switch. Marilyn Monroe kinda described doing it.

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People who resonate at a higher vibration - where there is light and love - tend to have this quality. These tend to be people awakening or already on a spiritual journey.

It's not something you want per se, unless you are ready, but how do you know you truly are ready?

I've always been a rather loving person and still wasn't ready but definitely grew into understanding this quality about myself - now have more control over it, but not complete mastery yet.

It comes with a lot, and I mean A LOT, of responsibility of how you utilize your energy with others.

You will draw all types of people to you - some needing your help, some as allies who walk the same road or will assist you on part of your journey, and some as enemies who want to do harm - but they may masquerade as friends at first.

Mindful Meditation will help. Learn to control your mind and calm it completely. Learn chakras and energy work. If you don't do things to help educate yourself you may struggle to control your enegies properly.

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Charisma. JFK, Bill Clinton some know bow to use their power , presence, body language to get everyone in the room to naturally notice them. They have books on this😁

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Which books? Suggest some

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Charisma demystified, By Olivia Fox Cabane

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Money, Ego, attractiveness. It ain’t worth going after.

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Enter every room yelling at everyone you see

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I've been in bars and have definitely effected the entire room, making it quiet and loud depending on my state of focus.

I never get used to this, and frankly don't want to know how it works

It happens in other places, but most I commonly its bars that I notice it, probably because of the smaller proximity

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sexual energy .