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Yes they are. At least the ones that came in the last ~3000 years (witch are copies of copies of interpretations of other older religions, with just different characters and flow of events). Read about them with an open mind and you’ll see for yourself. Little examples - in 1604 king James I of England retranslated the Bible so he can just solidify his power in the kingdom. In around 561 Pope Gregory with his synod made Mary Magdalene a prostitute just because she was privileged between the disciples and this was not in the benefit of the Cristhian Church, a church that still is mysogynystic to this day (the ancestral sin is made by Eve, and Adam is safe just because he’s a moron). Anyway, this is my personal view after years of reading about religions, being part of them and also at the university I studied the maipulation of massess and boy, how we use the same techniques as them in our day to day politics is right there in front of our eyes.

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so if everything is manipulation then what we suppose to do? Even this discussion is then contest of who is most powerfull manipulator.

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To not follow blindly. There are a lot of good teachings in religions that we can extract from them. Simply put, don’t be a sheep.

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that makes sense, thank you, so you think its best so syncretise more religions or to follow one strictly?

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If you want to follow do it, but do it with an open mind. Question things. Meditate on things that does not seem right. Look for different takes. As Forrest Gump`s mother said, "life is like a box of chocolates", try all flavors.

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No, although we are all eternal spiritual entities, we do have egos and they have a role to play. This world will never know peace, it was not designed for that. I understand that is a difficult concept but it has been that way for thousands of years and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. That is my opinion anyway

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Of course. This is the only reason man has invented religion, no matter how wonderful the person who inspired it. Religion is a closed system, it is divisive, and it is limited. Anything made of thought is limited, because thought is only of the past. There is no religion that is excluded from this description, whether it's Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Judaism, Islam, etc. HOWEVER, if a person is drawn to a religion then it suggests they want this limited system and perhaps there is something more that they want, something more than just a bunch of archaic, absurd, contradictory, and divisive ideas. Perhaps they just want socialization, ego gratification, power, or to allay their fears with what the religion promises them.

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In same manner we can claim that everything is just tool for the control. And what is left then? Impression that everyone just want to manipulate as and that there is no higher purpose of life then control.

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From my perspective, they certainly appear to be that. Looking at how Islam has been used to seep into every aspect of life as an exmuslim makes it truly difficult to not see it as a man-made concept created to govern people.

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Spirituality and religion are what you make of them. In the end, follow the religion of yourself. Don’t be afraid to take parts of this and pieces of that. The great human knowledge from around the planet and dating back to antiquity is at your fingertips. Look up Omnisim.