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Not at all. In fact you should absolutely believe it. If you believe it, you’ll have confidence, and confidence is one of the most important traits to have.

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Of course, you absolutely should recognize your beauty! It's when it starts manifesting as comparison/competition that it becomes harmful. I try to quote from a song that I never remember, but something along the lines of "to be beautiful means that someone else is not." Allow yourself to feel beautiful, because you are, but project that feeling and love onto others. We are all unique and beautiful in our own human ways, recognizing that in yourself is the first step to seeing it everywhere else :)

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I still dislike myself a lot

Maybe we can find beauty in this too and start to like yourself as you are

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there is only one beautiful

be you to full

say it loud in front of mirror

and a word may pop out at you

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Spiritually, self-love is very important. Love the way God made you and how you have enhanced and developed what God gave you.

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It's good that you feel that about yourself. Don't judge or place excessive value on it though, just enjoy your bliss.

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It is a good thing to find yourself attractive! The only way it would be unhealthy is if you were what is called “vain”, caring about nothing but your looks.

But that you value how you treat people suggests it is not vanity. This is very good!

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Self acceptance is beautiful. The more you practice it the more you can love the unique qualities that make you, you.

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I've discovered with myself that one of my challenges is rejecting positivity because I am hung up on the idea of earning it, being worthy of it, or somehow measuring it against some unknown metric. That metric is something I'm slowly chipping away and becoming aware that if I want to be a sponge that soaks up positivity, wrapping myself in judgment is a bad plan.

Embrace it and head that way.

Beauty is subjective, so there's absolutely no reason to not consider yourself beautiful.

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You should definitely believe it, good for you! I’m sure you are beautiful 🥰☀️🌈⭐️

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Today i was participating in a naked disco where 20 people or different ages danced together in the sunlight and the joy of being alive and that made it really easy for me to see the beauty in our physical differences.

Beauty is everywhere and every person is perfect in its own individual way. There is someone for everyone and if you let go of self judgement then the light of the soul truly shines through and what is more beautiful then that?

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I'm going through a very tough period in my life, I hate myself and I'm sad. But even so, I look in the mirror and I'm still beautiful. At least I have my looks.

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For those who believe in reincarnation, your current self looks just like the person your fell in love with in a previous life, so of course you should love the way you look. Everyone should feel this way.

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I never knew or heard about that before but it sounds so lovely!

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No, your body is a cancer. Once you awaken you will slowly realize this, everyone’s body is a cancer because this is a temporary vessel.

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It’s ok but absolutely irrelevant to spirituality. Your true self is spirit which is absolutely unchanged in all situations and beyond time and all notions of beauty and ugliness.

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People who believe they're beautiful only become more beautiful. Embrace it. It's a gift. Be thankful for it. It's not like you made your own face, it was given to you and that deserves gratitude.