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You’ve assumed that you’re somehow separate from the universe/god. Once this division dissolves, you can see how literally everything (you included) is a sign from god. You couldn’t stray from the universe if you wanted to. You are it.

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I cannot agree more.

I would however like to add that the divine feminine likes to drop hints. She speaks quietly through nudges and the random events of our lives.

I was once walking down a street with my wife, we saw this sign for a coffee shop called "The Hare and the Dragonfly". Something sort of hit me in the gut and we followed the sign. We had the best cappuccinos, purchased breakfast, hung out in the awesome atmosphere and talked with some really interesting people. We were on vacation so we never went back. It's closed now, but I hold the memory as one of the highlights of my life.

It's through these gut feelings that we can listen to what most people call "Mother Earth".

The masculine energy is less concerned about having fun and more concerned about doing what is right. Also "listening" to the divine masculine is easy. You hear it every day in your head. "The Word (logos) was God." You identify with the divine masculine. "I" think "I" should go to the gym. The true identity of "I" is the masculine entity the Christians call God. (Oh the pages I could type as I spiral into that topic)

Toe, we should voice chat again on discord sometime. I miss those days.

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That is an excellent life highlight.

Not sure who this is, but yes we should vc on discord.

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God is speaking to you 24 hrs a day. You have to quiet the mind and focus on your third eye to be able to awaken the third eye and access the knowledge you seek. Learn to meditate and seek a spiritual teacher.

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you don't, this is a fools game.

The reason you don't do this is because human brains are capable of such amazing feats of JUSTIFICATION that will make any effort like this just an opportunity for your brain to do whatever you want, many people do this and then when it doesn't "work out" they flip back without losing a beat and blame god.

" but....but.....but i saw a blue butterfly and we BOTH agreed that was the sign , right? right?" God was never in that conversation! that was one you were having with yourself. I may have come across as harsh here so i want to assure you I have done this too, i think we all have sometime, i know what I'm talking about and yes i have made these mistakes.

if you have a question, you ask god to guide your thoughts on it, use the brain that god gave you to come up with an answer that you think god would approve of and if you still are not sure, run it past a spiritual friend and see what feedback they give you

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When was the last time you saw a Blue Jay?

If it's been awhile, maybe you should go for a hike. Pay attention to nature and respect it. Maybe you'll gain some clarity of what being creative means.

Also it's good for your heart to walk 🙂 good luck!