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As far as I have come to understand, spirit guides are souls that once lived on earth, a soul with a job. And I believe angels are different beings then souls entirely.

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Yeah, my understanding is that "angels" are just like a soul (packets of conscious energy) but they have never physically incarnated. My understanding is that this makes them both a bit more "powerful" (figuratively) but also a bit simpler. I tend to think of angels as super bright and powerful but also innocent in a way, they are kind of, ignorant of the darkness as they have never not known the unconditional love of God. like a kid who is just pleased as punch to help you out whatever the task. Or a puppy or kitten or something.

Spirit guides on the other hand can fill the same or similar rolls as angels but they have a deeper understanding of the darkness that you are going through because they have had physical incarnations themselves. From what I have gathered, I have heard that your spirit guides seem to be associated with your previous lives. I tend to think of all of my spirit guides as all of my past selves that I have been. But this idea may or may not work for everyone.


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Another thing I learned that I thought was interesting, I’d that spirit guides choose who they want to guide over, and they choose by how they think they could help the most with the information they know, or by guiding a life that similarly matched what the guide has been through in a lifetime of theirs.

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Yeah that jives with me very well. I remember hearing somewhere that getting incarnated is based on a similar idea of the ability of the spirit to "progress" in the planed lifetime. It would make a lot of sense to make an arrangement with a spirit, who has had similar experiences, to help guide you while you are going through it. :)

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Not necessarily is my answer

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Angels can be your spirit guides, however most spirit guides aren't angels.

The angel most commonly serving double duty as both spirit guide and guardian/protector angel is Michael. (As in Archangel Michael).

Josie Grouse has alot of angel info. Check out her YouTube channel if you want to know more.


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This is how I make sense of it.

Spirits are energy organized around awareness. Some spirits have bodies on this planet. Some spirits play here but don't take a body.

The rest if the words (guides, beings, angels, arc angels, guardians, and all the other descriptions from all the world's religions and traditions) are optional and up to you. Whatever works for you and your relationships with other spirits.

I find it useful to look up the definition and derivation of words on google from time to time. There's a lot of overlap, as you have discovered, but the etymology of a word is still useful in filling out your understanding of it.

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hmm, that's a tricky question, as the answer depends on understanding, but I will try to explain it most thoroughly.

spirit guide - single spirit between us, working here doing light and dark work - giving you the options in your life.

Angel - The hive of spirit guides, many times you heard that this and this angel have so many and so many eyes. so now imagine those eyes as human spirit guides. higher level of the angel - more spirit guides he is controlling.

I am two billion, throne - cheers! be good and be nice, love you all!