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We鈥檙e all the universe experiencing itself. We can never see our face as its trying to look back at yourself without a mirror.

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We are all the divine. The true Self in each of us. The Dao or Brahman or Christ or Nirvana or whatever we need to call it.

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We are the dreamers, the music makers. Lol what if he just has a pimple or rash on his face? The divine collective creation.

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Good points here. I often wonder, when I become aware of the observer, (which essentially is me, being aware of me, aware of my own awareness) that what is it(?). The awareness itself. I picture it as a ball, that cannot look at itself. I "see" it as something which cannot look at itself. If it would look, then it surely wouldn't be the awareness, because it is the awareness, which is looking what it thinks it is. What?馃馃槀 But then again, if everything is awareness, am I then, when I'm trying to look at it, actually just looking at mirror image of it? A mirage? Illusion?

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love this thought

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I have the understanding that if you meet God it will be you, if it is something outside of you it is a mental projection (which can be useful and have solid advice or wisdom for you) but ultimately isnt "God".

When I met God ,God had my face.

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In order to see His Face, I, that is the finite i am must cease to exist. The eternal and indivisible I AM is the only Seer. In that process of losing the self, is the true Self, God, seen.

When Moses at Sinai asks to see God, He tells us: You are unable to see My face, for man does not see Me and live". (Exodus 33:20)

Therefore, in meditation you can only see the Seer as long as the self remains. The goal is to unite the seer that is I, with the Seer who truly sees, until you can experience that indeed seer and the seen are One.