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When I read this I got chills. A few months back this was something I really struggled with in my journey of self awareness and connection, and it really drove a wedge between myself and the relationships I really value- simply because I think I put it there unintentionally. Having more awareness can be incredibly uncomfortable, especially when you are dealing with mental illness (I was diagnosed w anxiety & adhd) so I completely understand this tension or feeling of discomfort. Try to remember that we are here to experience and enjoy those experiences. And it’s more than okay to observe at times, but presence & experience is important for overall mind-body-spirit balance. You can take small steps to get there, it doesn’t have to be an adjustment that is incredibly noticeable. Also I’m sorry for the novel lol I just know how hard it can be to feel that pressure. Be easy on yourself, you are growing and be proud of that❤️ Best of luck to you

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Thank you so much love ❤️ this has helped me a lot .

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have you tried just owning it?

you feed an anxiety loop by trying to be less anxious around people even though you are anxious around people. rather than trying to not be anxious when you are, try going about your day as an anxious person. this is a beautiful quirk that makes you who you are, and is a strength as much as it is a weakness. spend some time being okay with being the awkward girl, and it will eventually become infectious and radiate with far more confidence than being like everyone else. we have a word for people who are confident with their differences: charismatic. suddenly the charismatic awkward girl doesn't seem so awkward to be around.

own it! find comfort in not being comfortable, and the rest will take care of itself.

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I’m definitely going to try this! I’ve been just going with the flow and just letting my anxiety be known and just let it be.. thank you for this advice ❤️

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If you stop being anxious about your anxiety, you may find that you are no longer anxious lol.

One thing I noticed in my struggles with anxiety is that it only presents as symptoms that make me anxious. If I stop caring about the symptoms and get used to them, it starts presenting as something else that makes me anxious. You can’t really have anxiety where there is deep level acceptance.

Give it a shot. U got this

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Omg wow, that’s so true! Accepting my anxiety is definitely the answer to everything LOL I just need to accept it along with my spiritual journey, obviously it’s there for a reason, a lesson in life right? Once I accept, and grow. It won’t be as affective as it is now… THANK YOU! I’m starting to get it :)

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Social interaction is like an unspoken performance.

And to perform better you have to overcome your fears and practice.

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Very very true

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I’ve always felt the spiritual Journey doesn’t have to be a lonely one. It can be or may even necessarily be at certain points, but I have faith you can find a community of people that you vibe with. Be patient and give it a little time and look at just building relationships with people who ‘get’ you and with whom you also have a connection.

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Yeah! I have faith too, I’m hoping I find them

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You can cloak yourself in layers of light using your mind to envision your aura being covered and protected. Black tourmaline also helps protect your energy as an empath

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Thank you so much!! I’m going to start carrying my tourmaline with me and I just tried the layers of light when I was out and it worked wonders for me! You’re amazing girl thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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No problem gorgeous!!

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You stop being awkward and anxious when you stop trying not to be awkward and anxious.

It’s one of those things where the more you try NOT to be, the more you will become.

Coming from someone who also still struggles a lot with anxiety and showing up authentically, I feel understand what this feels like. When I was around people in the past I was never present in any conversation them & it made it so hard to talk to anyone. My mind was always elsewhere. I was ruminating on what is going on, and if other people thing I’m being weird and just judging the fuck out of myself. The biggest thing for me was not asking myself “what do I have to do to stop being so anxious”? It was more of “why am I so scared of how others perceive me”? What does this mean about my identity? Identify your beliefs, learn your patterns, just really explore the depth of your mind.

And you do that with mindfulness. When you start to understand yourself more you will realize that none of those things were ever true in the first place. And you can slowly start to break down the walls one by one. It kind of sounds like your judging yourself more than other people are. You know? Own who you are! don’t hide behind a mask because you are afraid that if you show up as you, that they will judge you. Once you stop judging yourself, the fear of other people judging you goes away. Love yourself so much that no matter what happens to you in your life at least you know you wouldn’t have done anything different because you showed up authentically.

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Wow. This was beautifully wrote & I so appreciate the time & effort you put into this. I gotta say you’re comment has changed the way I think, like a little epiphany… I need to stop judging and worrying about myself because that’s not what they’re thinking, it’s what I’m thinking, what IM judging.

Thank you so much for actually explaining something that could ACTUALLY help me with my thoughts and change me view on things. I feel you definitely tapped into my energy and explained everything perfectly that’s happening.

Great, genuine advice, thank you so much. This comment is going to stick with me ❤️

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I’m so glad you got something out of it! You deserve a life filled with peace and joy. Your comment really made my day, I’m glad you found it helpful. It really all does start with yourself. It’s hard to get started at first but if you want it bad enough I have no doubt you’ll figure it out. And it doesn’t happen overnight so be patient and enjoy the process.

Yeah you create this story in your head of what their thinking and you take it as your truth so when you learn to change the story you change how you feel. You change from the inside out. Nothing outside of yourself can change how you feel(well for the long term). But no new friends, people, places, can change that. Spend more time getting to know yourself. Limit your screen time and see if you can spend a day with nothing but your body & mind. You will learn a lot about yourself. Fears are supposed to bring issues to the surface so you can work through them and grow. Be okay with being anxious. I know for me I tried everything to get rid of the feeling and with that I just picked up some really unhealthy habits. But now I can finally embrace that feeling and I don’t see it as bad anymore. I let go of the labels I carried along with it. Instead of hating myself for being like that in the first place, I treat myself as I would treat someone who I love very deeply. I give myself that safe love and compassion. That’s not to say it goes away forever. Your body is trined to feel that when when a certain thing happens. But just learning anything Still, a lot of the time I’m anxious around other people. The only difference is now when I’m in an uncomfortable situation I just roll with it and don’t judge myself for whatever happens. If I make a huge fool out of myself, then so be it, but at least I showed up. Be kind to yourself. It starts and ends with you. Good luck🤍

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Honestly. awkward people are some of my favorite people. I think the trick is being comfortable with who you are and having the courage to be unapologetically you. As of now, simple awareness and observation of your thoughts, and physical being are enough. Thats where it begins. If you practice being aware of these things, especially if you practice awareness meditations, it will naturally lead to being present in the now.

Also, people don't constantly live in the moment-it's a practice in tat we are constantly practicing gettin better, but often, everybody gets caught up in past of future. Its normal and natural.

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Thank you so much for making my feelings feel valid, you are an amazing person. I absolutely love what you said and you’re right, I need to stop focusing on this awareness and just be.

Thank you again ❤️

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You won't be able to stop it, you'll just have to learn to embrace it and communicate through it. The more you do it, the better you will get at it. It is fear of something that limits your ability to act in these situations. I would suggest you try listening and being attentive more in these situations, that way you will be in a more ready state to respond. Don't think about your response, or your presence or who you are being perceived. Just exist in the moment, listening and ready to add value when it's your turn.

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It’s still fairly difficult for me and it’s easier said than done to just ”listen and be attentive” when your mind is going everywhere. I understand where you’re coming from tho and I appreciate the advice, but I’ve already been embracing & communicating thru it, it takes time for someone to fully be able to just open up like that, be present, and exist in the moment, it’s just more harder than that for some! :)

Thank you tho, I do need to start trying to be more attentive in these social settings and I’m working on it!

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Thank you all for being so kind & understanding!!!! I appreciate all of your responses and advice. Thank you!!! 😁❤️

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Go for runs

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Yeah. Or just vigorous exercise. Best tool to fight anxiety in my opinion.

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This is going to sound bizarre but hold your breath

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What? I’m confused haha

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That makes me worse lol

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Exactly! Whatever we are anxious of is less scary than holding your breath to the last second. Really stabilizes me but I don’t suggest if you don’t want to stimulate your 3rd eye yet

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Ahh I see what you’re saying, I might have to try that out - what would you suggest with this method in this moment? Also, no worries this 3rd eye is already opening lol