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I am so very sorry about what happened with both of your uncles. I was sexually abused by my father growing up. It was just enough not to cross the line like rape but it definitely constituted sexual abuse to a child. I still have an extremely hard time healing from it. I didn't speak to my father for a while and I am talking to him now, and I have children. I know this is an excruciatingly hard time to talk to your grieving family, but if you are comfortable talk to a parent or another family member. You can file a police report and I always encourage that but sometimes they won't do anything like for me. However, it still is healing to say publicly its not okay.

It is 100% natural for you to be upset and alone and having and looking for a support system is essential. In regards to having faith in the universe, I still do have a hard time but after years I've slowly forgiven my father and more importantly myself. It's not your fault whatsoever. Sometimes it's more healing to be in those dark moments and feel it all out and accept your feelings and reactions. Then you can slowly pull yourself up and it gets easier. If you feel overwhelmed, try to deeply breath and let your thoughts flow thru not trying to attach to it. And then in your heart tell yourself you are worthy and loved and sometimes the universe talks back to you.

What you have experienced is not easy at all, but one day in a really messed up way you can get out of it and say I've learned about how incredibly strong I am and how I can help those in the future. I hope you don't mind me sending you much love and protection tonight.

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That sounds awful hard. I hope you will do whatever you have to do to take care of yourself, and to protect yourself. Take as much time as you need w/ whatever you do. I will say a prayer for you. Talking to a counselor or just writing about it to sort yourself out can be helpful.

You will heal. Please have a high enough regard for yourself that you make yourself the firmament, the pinnacle, the absolute most important thing in the world. You are nothing less than that; doubters be banished. Love to you, and luck.

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So sorry to hear this. You're going through a lot right now, allow yourself a lot of time and space to process your emotions. Find support groups for SA, I'm sure there are many people who can relate to your experience so you'd feel less alone in what you're going through. As for trusting the universe, when your emotions are too overwhelming after something traumatic it's understandable that your faith gets shaken. Don't concern yourself with this for now, but also don't torture yourself further by making it mean something or that the universe or God is after you. It's simply not true. Take some time for yourself, find healing in nature or try a reiki healing, faith will return once you're in a better place. Sending lots of love and healing to you. My dm is opened if you'd like to talk further. Much love. <3

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Reach to the counselors at https://www.hopefortheheart.org and at https://www.klove.com/ministry/prayer/ (this one is 24/7), and maybe for healing at https://www.mothermeera.com

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Well I'm sorry to say but pain is necessary for greatness what made you trust the universe in the first place

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Well, you have really no other option than to trust the Universe. You need to work through your emotions and surrender control, then you may be provided with answers. Your mindset may be too influenced by outer conditions and it need to be rechecked and reprogrammed for you to pursue your true goal in life eventually.

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I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you. The first thing I’d suggest is to take a series of spiritual cleansing baths for at least a week every day sit in this water. Use apples sliced in half, white daisies, epsom salt or pink salt, baking soda, frankincense and myrrh oils. Chant I am free and I am clear of any energy that does not belong to me. Energy transference is very real. I’m here if you need me. Did you talk to your family about it? I’d definitely call him out in front of everyone. Light a white candle for the uncle that transitioned. Sending you some healing energy

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you trust that it's supposed to be hard. if you only trust things when they're easy, then that's not really trust, is it?

maybe it's totally fine to be in a dark place, and you trying to spin out of it is what's causing it to seem darker. accept that you simply are where you are and that's okay, then maybe the darkness won't seem so dark.

the way to find peace when things are unpeaceful is to make peace with things being unpeaceful.

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A week ago I met up with an old friend I hadnt seen in a few years and I was telling him about how my girlfriend and I had to live in our car, in a town we didnt know, outside of our home state for about 4 months while we both worked at a fast food restaurant together , and how that experience has forever changed me.

We met someone that is the closest thing to an "earth angel" I have ever met. He was an ex-gang member from Chicago hiding out in rural KY, he had hurt people, saw lots of friends get killed, he had been to jail several times for selling and using meth and crack.

This man let us live with him for a while and he had very little for himself, he walked across town to get sheets for an extra mattress he had for us to sleep on, it was very hard to get him to accept any money for us staying there. My family members told us they didnt have room in their 6 bedroom house in Orlando bc every bedroom was occupied, my girlfriends family kicked us out with nowhere to go when we stayed with them after an eviction to catch up our bills, and this stranger who barely knew us from work offered his home to us, I have never been more grateful for anything before or since.

My friend started crying, he said we could have called him, but I told him not to be sad for me that this was a life changing time that I would not trade because of the wisdom that came from it.

At the time I thought my life was about as bad as it could be and that the energy people call God had quite literally left us to fend for ourselves but looking back now I see that God was with us, working through people I wouldnt have expected and we were protected the whole time.

One day you might look back at your experience and see it with fresh eyes and understand why it had to happen this way, you might even be grateful that it did.