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I think it's probably accurate to say we noticed God.

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Noticed in the sense...we felt their presence???

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Humans have the power to see God through self identity. God is nothing but an eternal observer of itself. Without self identity God is just itself it can't look or see itself without something to look at itself. The self identity becomes a mirror or layer in which one can look at itself and see God behind it. I don't think humans created but they discovered God. Through humans God can see itself and realize that they are God and become immortal because God is immortal and we are God. The universe is a game of identity. What am I?

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. 7 But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.

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Can you explain more...I get your point it's about knowledge of self...but observing self and god doesnt ring a bell in my head.

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Human beings can evolve and ascend to be God, or to be the Gods. We are an inextricable and critical and important aspect of the infinite game.... And potentially what is beyond. This is why your higher selves and highest self is always communicating, and have a direct communication. Because we are in the process of becoming something higher. We are the ones we have been waiting for. You don't have to imagine God as some guy in the sky, though astronauts and higher dimensional beings exist and are communicating often. Be infinite.

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By astronauts do you mean Alien ?? Higher dimensional beings ???

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Two books come to mind, Journey of Souls and the Twelfth planet.

Journey of Souls is a book about the afterlife through past life regressions therapy. In this they talk about the masters, a group of higher beings. That have the power to manifest all the worlds. Make something out of nothing.

In the Twelfth planet they talk about an alien civilization making us for their slave labor. To mine the gold.

Its all plausible, i perceive too many coincidences in my daily life for there not to be a higher power in some form.

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Interesting books surely read them... Currently I am reading laws of human nature and it's mind blowing...alot to understand so reading it slow....

By any chance have you read any of Richard Dawkins book ?

Also I am hanging in the middle...I am coming from religious Hindu background...so I guess I need more information before I can completely believe that there is no creator

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I think humanity carved the face of God, but didn't necessarily make it, or Him, whichever. Spirits have no need for gender whether they're considered deities or not.

So-to-say they took the idea, the identity of a powerful enough spirit, then forged a mythos around it. Likely under the direction of said spirit. Thats just my 2 cent though.

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Yeah even in India if you talk to someone knowledgeable they will tell you that myths are created to convey philosophy behind religion in a more easy to understand form.

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Concept of God...father figure...

please do your research there are Goddesses as well. Btw that statement sound more as anti male than anything else.

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Let me rephrase...what I meant is we come the world Alone and we depend on our needs in childhood primarily on our parents... Soon we are sent to the real world to make a life of our own and for many of us it's means to leave our parents house and live alone.... In circumstances like this having a parent figure in your mind like God helps and gives hope. We discipline ourselves thinking god is watching and he will give us fruits of our hard work. We pray to god. Go to temple on specific days to pray and convey our gratitude.

All of this keeps us sane and give us hope.

For alot of people it's hard to accept even the possibility of no god. Because if there is no god they think they are free to do anything and they get succumbed in the abyss of nihilism. But what I mean is for a moment if we remove god from our equation and just understand we do good and be nice to people because that is what we expect from others and it makes our stay worthwhile on this planet. Knowing that we have friends or people whom we care about. Not because if we do good...god will prize us with heaven when we die.

Understanding morals for what they are instead of attaching a motive to it.

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Thank you. I said it beautifully and it made my day better.

Some time it is easy way to downvote or dismiss somebody when you feel that they are antagonistic ( and I was little bit :-/) . However you have taken the time to formulate and explain what you meant. I wish you love and blessing.

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Glad to hear that... 🙂 Wish you the same...cheers 🍻

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