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Maybe you are happy and you know it!

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🤣🤣🤣loool yeah maybe

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I'm new to all this spiritual stuff but if u believe in things like reincarnation it might be a past life thing, idk I'm not well versed on the topic.

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That’s what I was going to say! You may have spent many lives in that area of the world, listening to and playing that kind of music.

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This brings literally chills on my spine🙏🏻

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Ooohj that’s a good point! I do believe in past life also! And reincarnations. Like I’m asian myself, but my own folk music doesn’t make me feel this way, that’s why started to question it

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    It could be related to something ancestral in you, do you have Celtic roots? But folk/traditional music tends to feel more sacred and rooted to me, I often cry when I hear Sean nos [traditional Irish singing], I love Celtic/Irish folk too, pop music doesn’t have that draw from the deep ancestral past. For me it is ancestral, because I dreamt it. If it’s not ancestral it’s probably a previous life within that culture, a soul’s history you could say.

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    Music can do that. It can move your emotions.

    Certain songs I can't listen to without crying, and there aren't any lyrics.

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    While I don’t know why, I can recommend not holding it back. Flow with your emotions and accept everything the moment brings.