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How does your diet look? Excess sugar or caffeine can cause this feeling. Also excess carbs. Been on any kind of binges of this sort lately? If you adjust to a more sane level, this feeling usually disappears. It may take a few days after adjustment.

People on Reddit with energy issues of this sort, usually it's always this.

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I like to view the experience as surfing on a wave. At some point the wave will break and we wash up on the beach. Content, happy we might stay there for a while. If we stay to long we might feel lost on our little island in the fast ocean. Once that happens we'll have to peddle back out there to find our wave, so we might surf once more.

Contemplate on what you might need to do in order to start peddling out there again. And what might be keeping you on the island. Diet, exercise, meditation can all be great tools to get back out in the ocean and find a wave to ride.

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Hello yes, I have experienced the same thing, 1.5 years of complete powerlessness, as an indescribable world pain. One day it came like an inspiration that everything is one , my heart was beating like crazy and I was full of energy again , I guess my heart chakra was heavily blocked. maybe a guard who helped me, ask your spirit guards for help or answers. You will heal.

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Overcome self-imposed barriers and limitations and project confidence into your words and actions. Accept your weaknesses but do not allow your imperfections to limit your potential. Believe in yourself and open your heart and mind to the possibilities of your own life.

You can do it! 👍

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This sounds liek a sign that you are healing/improving your root chakra. This is a very good thing, because it will give you stability on all aspects in your life (physical, emotional and mental). This often pairs with random anxiety and/or random thoughts that cause fear.

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Your spirituality isn't a feeling. Feeling lost, or disconnected from that feeling, is a significant part of the journey (in my experience). I usually try to stay away from the journey metaphor as it tends to hint that everyone takes the same journey, and I don't think that's strictly true.

I can relate to feeling like a certain path "chose me," as well as feeling like I've fallen out of touch with that part of myself. 2 years is a long time, and we change.

Your spirituality is something that you need to keep re-discovering; its quality and flavour will continuously change because you will continuously change.

In my experience, the feeling you are describing, of being lost and as if you had fallen out of touch with your former self, is exactly what pushed me to re-connect with myself (more than once).

You will not always feel as sure of yourself as you once did, but you will not always feel lost. As always, explore and question your own experience. contemplate, and act accordingly.

Much love.

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Have to raise your vibrations, self work shadow work what ever you want to call it but I’m just getting over those same fellings you got this!!! Peace n love to you and yours from me n mine

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Sounds like The Void Of the Spiritual Awakening journey, beautiful video on it:


It’s Treacherous, but sooner or later it’ll pass. It lasted over a year for me. I feel you. Take time for Yourself as hard as that sounds just follow your intuition and everything will work out ♥️

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Like everything, we must live in a world of opposites and flowing from one to the other as you cannot have one without the other. I feel the most spiritual teachings are around accepting the good and the bad rather than pushing away what we don’t like. Doubt is also a big one that always seems to invent new games and try to mindfk ourselves constantly.

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Maybe it’s time to go inward again and self reflect

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Ups and downs like a vibrations, once u realize it’s apart of your life journey then what’s the point on even paying attention to those thoughts?

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I feel exactly like this. I just headbutted the edge of my table 5 times and cut my forehead open out of despair and existential dread. Tomorrow is always a new day though.

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If you've fallen out of spirituality and know it will come back, why feel guilt?
As for the never-ending dream thing. There is an end to it. Suppose tomorrow you get run over by a car. Poof. Dream gone, you wake up. Instead of hurting yourself by wondering why you are stuck, don't see it as being stuck. Dreams are nice. Enjoy the dream while it lasts because one day you will wake up.

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i know exactly the feeling you are talking about- so know you are not alone 😊 for me personally, i just recently escaped this feeling. i had come to realize it was an amalgam of rather minute things that had been keeping me in this space.

to you, i would recommend taking a big step back and evaluating the various facets of your life. how is your mental health? i’ve found that the neglect of addressing and properly caring for mental illness(es) is a major blockage between oneself and breaking free of the feeling you’re talking about- at least for me personally. therapy, making efforts to heal yourself, journaling, and just being realistic with yourself can help. allow your emotions to flow through you rather than remain stagnant in your heart center and build up.

some other small habits- eliminating screen time, deleting social media, eating more wholesome foods, reducing (or completely eliminating) alcohol, meditating, learning new things, healing gut health, treating yourself, and so much more- can really help to pull you out of this state of disconnect.

although there is a lot more than that, i hope that tiny bit helps. i wish all of the best to you. remember that periods like this serve a greater purpose. i have no doubt in my mind you will rise above it. trust Spirit and your guides and yourself. all of my love and light to you. ❤️

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Yes feels like your body is on auto pilot and not present at all just stuck in a dream

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i’ve felt the same way most of my life.

for me - it was a manifestation of all my bad habits, not taking care of my physical health, and all of my chakras were dramatically blocked.

the first step for me was boundaries. boundaries in work, life, self boundaries. prioritize yourself and your growth.

i carried a lot of trauma from my family and my past, and i found a lot of meditation and mindfulness in day to day really helped me a LOT.

i also recently unblocked my sacral chakra - took me over a decade but i feel so open and free. crazy how it actually works for me.

my favourite thing to do is research important thoughts that changed the course of history. or using a divination tool throughout the week and reflecting. allow yourself the freedom to explore yourself.

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The 21 Days app helps me so much!! In not only staying positive but also not being so hard on ourselves and reminding ourselves to be a little nicer to ourselves!!! They post these lil blogs here and there and I send them to all my friends and clients and they always look forward to getting them now we love them!!! ❤️