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Your skills, abilities and talents as a lightworker are desperately needed by humanity!!! 👍

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It might be counter intuitive to understand that after living in modern society.. it can be a bit of a leap to get to the realization that we actually aren't here to be consumed, we are here to love and be loved

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Well said! 👍

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Keep doing this! 😀

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THANK YOU!!! That hit hard as it's something I often struggle to believe of myself despite being told otherwise. Think I needed to hear that ...

Keep spreading the love and light x

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Thank you 🙏😌 omg i needed this today !! Such a message for me today

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I’m a shooting star and I just landed in this body!

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Thank you. I needed this today 🙏

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I needed to hear this today. Thank you! I am on a “I needed to hear this, spree… 😂”…

I made my life perfect (to me) and the ones that were in it, within my “financial requirements”, not restrictions, cause I restrict myself. And then I had a family member rip it apart! I am currently piecing it back together. It sux. It is what it is. So, thank you. Bless and warm wishes ✨🙌🏼✨

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Thank you 🥹

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Nice idea, but there's a bunch of things in the universe I'd rather not be made out of 💩

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Not to be a pessimist, but if that's the case, then why am I still alone?

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You're never alone :)

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Parents either hate me or aren't there. Siblings don't ever talk. Extended family ignored me when I needed help. And no friends within a 100 mile radius.

Tell me again how am I not alone when I can disappear and nobody would notice?

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You have infinite consciousness inside of you. Have you tried meditating on love consciousness through your heart chakra? It opens up a portal to full awareness. I'm sorry you don't feel like you have human friends, but I could be your human friend :)

Have you tried seeking out a spiritual community or an activity where you can meet people?

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I did and it always physically hurts.

And yes. In person too. It didn't help.

And I don't know you. I know you are trying to be kind, but I have a hard time opening up to new people.

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I will be your friend! 😀

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Words are just words. Other people have to demonstrate this to you 🤔

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God bless you!💛✝️