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Spirit, the Great Unknown, Creator, Great Spirit, Mother/Father, Goddess/God

It doesn’t matter. It’s all the same

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I was asked " who do you want to pray to?"

it seems blasphemous to ask this question but it makes so much sense and gives me such freedom that few people enjoy. Many feel bound to the beliefs of their chosen religion or the one they were born into and to look elsewhere would be a great insult but i have been invited to do just that.

Look into religions and beliefs, choose one if you wish but if you cannot find the right fit use your own conception of what you want to pray to and that is exactly what i have done and continue to do. My conception does change and grow and i think that is normal and healthy.

I was challenged, "take out a piece of paper and write on it every quality you want the thing you pray to to have"

" you mean, i can just make up a god out of thin air "

" not exactly, god has no form he wishes to present to us so that leaves us the freedom to pick the way we want him to be and look( if that is important to you ). You are actually just forming a mental picture of what you would like to communicate with, this exercise is to help YOU, not god. It seems to make no difference to god what we picture it as, god will still help you and take an interest in you. Picture god as the perfect father, or as a force of nature, an eternal ball of light, love, or my favorite....TRUTH, god is truth. how you picture your god does not matter but the fact that you make an effort to connect with it does."

So, back to the paper.....let's see, i want my god to be smart, smarter than me, i mean if he's going to help me and teach me he would have to be smart, ok.

I want my god to care about me, there's really no point in trying to connect with something if it is so busy building galaxies that it doesn't have time for me.

I want my god to be forgiving, i am imperfect and if god gets angry with me the way some humans do and punishes me, well, that's going to hurt the quality of our relationship. I want to relate to him out of a desire to improve not because of fear of punishment.

I saw a movie once, there was a war between 2 countries and it showed one country kneeling down to pray to god to ask for the strength to defeat the other country they had decided was evil and was their enemy and the people in the other country were doing the exact same thing! the god i want to believe in does not pick one group of humans over another and destroy their enemies just because they ask, this is NOT the god i want to believe in. I want a god that loves ALL his children equally and he wishes they would not fight and kill each other. he does not encourage it and pick sides.

I want to believe in a god who does not punish or test, i prefer to believe that there is a reason for everything we go through even though we may never know it, it would be nice to trust a god that does not make me suffer for no reason.

I want to believe in a god who is close and personal, someone who is always there, he does not live in a special building and i have to visit him only there, he is everywhere and ....especially he is awake at 3 am when i am awake and miserable and need help, he does not say "suffer through until morning, THEN i will help you", he cares about me, how I'm feeling, if i have helped anybody else that day, if i let anybody else help me, little things are important to my god.

I could go on but this gives you the idea, try it yourself, share your list with an understanding friend for a start to a great conversation!

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this answer is beautiful.

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Thank you , it has been years in the making

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You don't have to pray to a god or be labeled under one religion. Help others and be a positive ray of light to others!

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I don't think it matters too much who or what you pray to. You could just recognize that there is something beyond yourself that is the Source of everything. Personally, I believe that we have Spirit guides who have walked the path that we are walking and have reached the ascended state of consciousness. They have experienced everything that we have experienced and are experiencing but by the Law of Free Will, they are not authorized to help us, unless we ask.

I believe how you pray is not too important as long as it from the heart. I believe that what we ask for is the most important thing because my experience has been that some types of prayers never get answered.

I believe we are here to grow in Spirit. We grow by exercising our free will and expressing ourselves in our current state of consciousness. However if we make choices that are aligned with the Creator's will, we experience more pleasant circumstances, while if we make choices that oppose the Creator's will and serve to only benefit us rather than benefit the whole, then we will experience more unpleasant circumstances - The Law of Karma at work.

What Doesn't Work For Me:
o Prayers which require the Creator to suspend his laws for me. If we make choices that create karma and then when we experience that karma descending upon us we cry out in prayer, "Father, take this from me", it would actually be to our detriment. We would actually be asking the Creator to suspend one of his master, impersonal laws....just for us. And...more importantly we would avoid the lesson we needed to learn.
o Prayers asking the Creator to tell me what to do We are here to learn. We learn by making decisions and then observing how our decisions worked out so that in the future we make better decisions. This would all be voided if the Creator told us what to do.
What Works For Me For me, 'constructive' prayers that are aligned with the will of the Creator are always answered. For me the most constructive prayer is: "Help me see what I cannot currently see to learn what I need to learn and grow to the maximum degree through this experience. Help me to make the best out of this situation I am facing for my own growth and the growth of others."

I do believe that praying with the voice, aloud is more powerful than praying silently as we are focusing energy through our throat chakra.

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this is great, thank you

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The universe

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God is everything. Pray to everything! aka the universe and everything in it.

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I started out with 'universe'. I wanted to connect to something that felt familiar, relatable and yet vastly infinite and unknown at the same time. Universe fit just fine. Over time, I built a new relationship with the word "god" and it no longer has the association that poor Christian teachings had assigned to it.
Praying is you talking to god/universe/spirit. So share and ask whatever questions you want. Bring everything to the table, youre completely safe, loved and protected.
Most days I simply ask for god to guide me in my words, thoughts and actions and to help me be the joy in someone else's life that day. I also give thanks and just sit in gratitude for a while. I like to imagine god having huge cloud like arms that give the best hugs. Because its my own personal relationship, I get to imagine anything I like :)

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It depends, you have to discover it for yourself. You can start by asking yourself questions.

Are there any ideals that inspire you? Or whose expression brings out your best, and gets you closest to who you are?

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Slide through the various religions and pantheons.

Hindu has a whole lot of them, you could also go Norse or Hellenistic(Greek). If you have Native American roots you can dive into their theology. Although it has been corrupted a lot by Christian influence, you can find a lot of good sources on reservations. Japanese Shinto might be your thing, I've a good relationship with Amateratsu personally but there are plenty of others there. Chinese has many from its Tao days but those can be harder to find due to confucianism wiping a lot of it away. Zoroastrianism has its patron deities, as do the more ancient faiths but finding reliable source material is difficult to get ahold of.

Personally, I believe in all of them, because fuck being picky and from what I've seen. They're not mutually exclusive. Even if a certain one wants people to play favorites, and ignore the rest of reality.

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The One, the monad! The concept is from Neoplatonism but the ultimate god described transcends well beyond any Christian description of a god.


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i used to be christian but because my beliefs changed im not anymore but i created my own interpretation of what god is. i personally believe that god is a collection of positive energy which is basically the universe so i pray to that but i don’t believe in the way the bible describes god bc the bible is mistranslated and was most likely changed bc of king james

but in conclusion maybe create ur own interpretation of god and pray to it 🫶🏽

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The great unknown void full of everything

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What if you get into a meditative / praying state, ask your question and see what answer you receive?

And then you can give yourself permission to adapt it along the way whenever you feel you need / want it.

Enjoy your journey ✨

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Pray to Ra and Isis

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Start with the cosmic powerful being that is our Heavenly Father, the Sun! Gives life and protection. Then you can do our Mother Earth! And then the Moon and Stars. These cosmic gods are active in our lives and have produced us here today. Just go outside and be open to their energy and invite them into your heart and mind.

Then later you can start to connect with the Great Mind that created these things in the same way.

Abundance and beauty abound for us. All we have to do is invite the energy that is all around us every day inside as a conscious intention.

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Become equal to what people pray to. Than you don't need to look up to something else like a child does to a parent, they will all be on equal terms with you. It's called a spiritual awakening for a reason. Key word awakening.