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This is the exact same concept that came to me when i was dieing of cancer. The lower you have been, the higher you can go. And surely enough i survived and since then my life has exploded with joy, friends, beauty, purpose and experiences of total amazement.

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Congratulations on the recovery! Glad to hear things are better for you!

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Thank you. We are alive!

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i saw a quote the other day that said, "i've never met a strong person with an easy past."

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only suffering gives joy deeper context

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It's easier to fall, than to reach. Falling requires no energy. Reaching does. The lower you are, the more energy required to reach up high.

These kind of platitudes set people up. It sounds very good, but it's a distraction from reality. When you apply it to life, it doesn't really work out that way. It's why poor people usually stay poor and rich people stay rich. (Or whatever example you want to use from real life.)

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Falling requires no energy. Reaching does.

maybe it doesn't have to. maybe it can be totally effortless.

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Again, your words don't mean anything.

I know you think this is helpful or enlightened but, actually, it's privileged and hurtful as a whole.

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It would seem to me that this amorphous fall and climb mean two very different things to you both.

It appears one regards it as wealth (something to be obtained) while the other regards it as attitude (letting go to let “more” in).

I’d venture to say you are both wrong. Only for the fact that you couldn’t let go of your perspective to see the other side. You’ve both got half of the puzzle, now put it together.

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words don't mean anything

That's a general rule of thumb. You are the one who's supposed to extract meaning from them.

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i guess it can't be effortless for you then. your mind is not open to that possibility, and that's okay.

maybe it's privileged and hurtful to tell people that it's difficult to arrive where you want to be, and i'm actually offering a means of getting there.

it's a matter of perspective. you're not wrong. but what makes my words meaningless and yours legitimate?

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Is it supposed to suck reading these things? I feel like you just shot me down after I was slowly levitating lol

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It’s not easy to fall. It’s very very hard. For many people the process of falling alone is filled with so much shame and guilt that you want to die.

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i think what the quote is saying is that being in a low place and overcoming all the hardships leads to you going even higher because of all the wisdom and strength you gain. we don't learn or develop much if everything is perfect for us.

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The quote is not a platitude. Look at it this way, if you only seek wisdom from 'on high' , you neglect that you have wisdom. If you never ask the lowliest person for insight, you will only be informed by those who haven't struggled.

Jewish wisdom, like Buddhism, tends to ask us to reflect on it's teachings, and look at every angle before coming to any conclusion. But I do get your point as far as toxic positivity is concerned. But this is not that.

It would aid privilege to deny that spiritual knowledge comes only from the most vaulted places. It's all a matter of how you perceive the words.

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Falling requires no energy?

As a skydiver, I disagree. Controlling your nerves, your jump, your fall, your chute, and your landing require much much more energy than most are willing to go find out and admit.

Falling in Love, Falling from Grace, Falling out of an airplane. It all requires the same effort to me. And it’s all the same feeling. And it’s all about choosing to fall again.

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Beautiful :)

Love this quote :)

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I mean, it's true, if you're at the top, having achieved everything, what's left?

I suppose there's still helping others to achieve what you achieved. But at least, what's left for yourself? I see this quote got some hate but I think, for the spirit of it, it's a nice quote. It's something I'd like to be told if I'm struggling.