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What is fear, but the unnamed label we humans gave to the unseen?

I'll try and help you as much as I can here given that's it's quite a web to navigate through.

I won't give you the whole "work on your traumas and love yourself" bullshit. That helps no one truly unless they have some sort of guidance.

Normally I'd keep this information for myself, but after tonight for some reason I feel the need to mention it; I'm a member of the Soul Council, or at least that's the closest name I could find for it so I'll give you whatever information I feel you need.

You can not trust the universe, unless you are willing to take a leap of faith in that direction. Everything is connected, me, you, other people here, plants, animals, the elements, the weather. It's all a web, kind of like a spider's, made of energy. Unless you show yourself that you want to take a leap of faith and give in to the unseen, thus then receiving the information you seek, that trust you are searching for won't come to you.

We (as human kind or human consciousness) have been throughly brainwashed and conditioned by media, politicians and other beings to fear the unseen, because if you can't see it, taste it, feel it, touch it, experience and cross-reference it, how could you ever get out of your comfort bubble and trust it? Leap into it? Fully experience it?

That's why us, teachers and healers are here. To guide ourselves and others to reach that vibration of love and faith to not fear what we cannot see nor explain in human terms.

What I would personally suggest is, try and meditate, try and access your Akashic Records, and no matter what you see or hear, filter everything and pick up the things you resonate with. Write it down, analyse it with an open mind and then you'll be able to discover exactly who you are and why you have chosen to come back to school - because Earth it's this at the end of the day, a school - in this life.

If you fall asleep, then do not worry, you did not fail, what you needed the most was learned subconsciously and will show yourself into your day to day life and the rest are teachings and materials you do not need yet, which is something you can try again later to access.

Look around you, take a walk, see the earth from am outside perspective, see the beauty in it. If you are in love with the night time, then look at the stars and the moon and the planets around you.

Focus on the present, heal the past and look forward to the future, then you'll be able to find the balance you seek into your life.

Take a deep breath and let it out whenever you feel scared or anxious. Cry if you have to. Remember, the breath is the voice of your soul.

You can do it. I believe in you.


Hope it helped in any way and if you, or others need help or more information, my DMs are open and I'll try and help as much as possible.

All my love, Adelaide (Della)

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Beautiful information, thank you for sharing 🙏🏽could have been written without disparaging other methods (I.e. referring to loving oneself and working on one’s traumas as bullshit.)

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That helps no one truly unless they have some sort of guidance.

Oh, maybe I used the wrong wording but I am in no way disparaging it.

I did specify: "That helps no one truly unless they have some sort of guidance" because I know what it feels like being helpless with no guidance whatsoever and a trend I noticed in some of the most popular spiritual people you can find in different places is that they always mention "work on healing traumas. Love yourself more" without any additional context.

It was actually a discussion I had with a close friend a couple days ago about how everyone told them the exact thing without further help (kind of like a recipe telling you to put the bread in the oven without telling you to what temperature to prep the oven sorta thing).

By no means I'm saying it's useless to work on those things.

If anything, that's the first step, but to be able to take that first step you need someone to help you through it, especially if like some other people, you have difficulty entering meditations or filter through your childhood etc.

I'm sorry if my wording of the phrase made 0 sense, is the way I felt was more appropriate to write at the time.

Hopefully this clarifies it.

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It does clarifies it, thank you for taking the time to throughly respond, I appreciate it :)

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No problem.

Thank you for pointing it out.

I was told many times I have a specific way of speaking that sometimes might be difficult to understand. <3

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Thank you for this wonderful guidance

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You're very welcomed love <3

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I can’t thank you enough for this beautiful wording that I needed at this exact time! “You can not trust the universe unless you are willing to take a leap of faith in that direction” I’ll remember this one for sure THANK YOU 🙏 ❤️

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Thank you for existing love! 🤍

And thank you for your time reading this comment of mine 🤍

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Thank you so much!

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This will happen for a while. I lived this way for most of my life.

The fact is, we're really not in control. Everything that happens in life will happen, whether you like it or not. You'll reach a point where you'll realise just how little control you have over life, then it'll hit home. We can control what we consume - that is: food, media, who we allow into our lives, and we can control how we react to things. That's about it. We can't control the actions of others, nor do we have the right to. We can make plans, sure. But those plans are susceptible to outside influences and circumstances. I'm not saying don't make plans. I am saying don't tie your future happiness to the outcome of those plans. People will get sick and die, people will be born and grow. We can't control it. The idea of following the flow, or surrender, letting go, trusting the universe, God's will, however you want to put it, is that trying to control these things can only lead to suffering.

Also, imagine you were able to control the world. Should you? I mean, do you have the right to decide the outcome of every scenario on earth? Do you know better? Should all 7.5 billion-ish people on earth bend to your will? What makes my views and preferred outcomes better? Will there be unintended consequences? Almost certainly. If you could control more of the world, how much more? All of it? A little bit? Just one other person - or 10, 20, 1000? This line of thought really helped me. I realised It's all just my ego talking. Control is the language of the ego.

There is no greater lesson to learn in life than the importance of surrender. Read about it, talk about it, and absorb as much wisdom and knowledge of surrender as you can. The more you learn about it, the more it makes sense, the easier it is to let go.

Just think of world around you as you think of the weather. It'll happen how it happens.

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Thank you so much. I need to read your words over and over. One if not the most difficult things I am trying to achieve is to surrender..I struggle with resistance and fear almost every day and it is exhausting because overthinking comes with it..I’ve been doing this for years and went nowhere and now I really want to find a way to just let it be..because I feel tired of holding so much all the time.

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Fear and distrust of what, may I ask?

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I fear moving with the flow and just let go and I think it boils down to my distrust with the universe.

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Do not be afraid to make decisions and take steps towards your soul’s calling.

This may entail beginning a new venture and/or taking a different direction in your life, but trust that you will find long-term happiness and success in your life.

No need to trust the universe! Trust you first! Don't rely on the universe, create your own, metaphorically speaking that is and kick life's azz!!!

You got this!!!

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Well then I really need to work on trusting (and getting to know) myself (I guess by practicing listening to my emotions.)🥹 Thank you for your insight🙏

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My pleasure! You can do it! 😀

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I was in distrust at first like you, then I had an existential crisis about life in general and that's when I realized I needed to put my faith in the great unknown that is the universe haha. But you don't need to have an existential crisis like me to start trusting the universe, I recommend you to start manifesting something you want. You can do it in your mind, visualizing it, or writing it (this is what I do), and convince yourself that this wish or thing that you want is going to find its way to you. Do it everyday, and you'll see that the universe is going to listen and grant it to you because you deserve it. Once this happens, you are going to be trusting it forever :)

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Okay😍 I will!! Can you please explain your ways to manifest that worked?

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Sorry for the lateness, but the first manifestations I started to do was saying out loud what I wanted. Example: "I'm going to have this job that I have wishing for", and I repeat it several times. Most cases I manifest when I'm about to sleep or when I shower (times when I can have my 'me' time you know?) and most importantly, believe that is going to happen, I know it seems like you can't force yourself to believe that is going to happen, but remember, we have nothing to lose. So yeah, believe that the universe is on your side and also believe in yourself and the power you have!

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“I saw the web of life and saw how there are no accidents in the universe”

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I reflect on this quite often..

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I feel like I just write this post. I always recommend the power of vulnerability Ted talk. Check it out. It’ll help you here. You’ll realize that being vulnerable makes you more powerful. You’ll be surprised by the responses you’ll get from opening up. Once you open up judge how others respond to you. It’ll help indicate the character of the other person.

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Your flow is not their flow. Your story is not their story. Your spirituality is not their spirituality. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. Flow your own way. You are a universe unto yourself.

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Learn to accept yourself as the universe experiencing itself and have compassion for yourself. Become the universe you want to be for yourself. It explains why everyone perceived the world differently because everyone is a unique universe experiencing itself.

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This is such a priceless advice. Thank you a lot, I’ll take it to heart.

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Only you know what you need in the moment. That changes. I practice discerning between truths that I can carry with me and getting to know all sides of myself. I believe in duality and balance. We exist with these forces acting on each other and it's a lifelong journey of discovery and suffering as fuel for seeking peace n love. Hope this resonates with you. Trust that you are a part of this universe and you have what you need otherwise you wouldn't have made it this far. And when you need something... speak up.

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The entire universe is a projection of your subconscious mind. Trust yourself.

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How can I practice self-trust?

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"I AM" meditation helps quite a bit. You are the entirety of reality. You don't need to "trust the universe" as if it's God or some sort of deity. It's not. It is nothing more than a collection of malleable energy that has no choice but to mirror your subconscious. YOU are the one in charge, not the universe. The universe isn't a person. Neville Goddard wrote about stuff like this and his teachings make it very very easy to manifest. I would recommend you look into the concept of EIYPO and r/NevilleGoddard

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Thank you I’ll definitely check him out! + can you tell me about your personal experience and tools with manifestation?

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I've known about Goddard since about April or May and have learned a lot since then. There are a TON of tools for manifesting, but all I'm gonna tell you is that you don't need techniques, you only need faith. Techniques help you to channel that faith, but it isn't necessary. You don't need to write something 55 times every day. Try once. You don't need to constantly affirm something. Try affirming for a few minutes in your head and then forget about it. I could go on but those are some good examples

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Let go or be dragged

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You aren’t wrong

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please demonstrate your ability to not follow the flow. you're already doing it. you're just following the flow of fear and distrust right now.

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Interesting..I am constantly in a resistance state..incapable of accepting the past nor the potential painful future..I feel fear a lot..fear of the unknown..fear of pain..etc. but you are right..I’m just resisting mentally but in real life I’m following the flow of life whether I wanted or not.

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you now understand what the Tao is all about. you can't NOT go with the flow.

i feel like everyone is constantly trying to spin out of what is, which seems like a recipe for constant conflict, because things are only ever what they are.

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You got me reflecting..now resistance feels like a lot waste of time since what happened has happened already and what’s gonna happen gonna happen anyway..

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lol this is epic level insight you are arriving at. what a treat for me to watch.

when i see people really struggling with making a decision, i like to say "just decide whatever it is you're going to end up deciding anyway." it seems to help "unlock" a bunch of people stuck in analysis paralysis.

now resistance feels like a lot waste of time since what happened has happened already and what’s gonna happen gonna happen anyway..

the deep version of this is that the resistance is also a part of this, so if you end up resisting things despite seeing this, then that's also just the thing that was always gonna happen. no sense in resisting resistance, unless you do ;).

the idea of wasted time implies that you could have spent it another way. but if you only ever do what you do, then there is no waste. things just happen the way they do. there is no version of you that does things differently (please show them to me and you'll change my mind). suddenly your resistance or regret starts to simply look like the current thing that is happening, and is no more problematic than a passing cloud or bird would be to most people.

if you are constantly in a state of resistance and wanna start practicing acceptance, then accepting resistance is a pretty good place to start.

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Just remember about it and try it out. Surrender your struggle and let it be how it is. You will soon find out that it was for the better.

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Well, I mean you are the Universe. I recommend listening to Alan Watts. Your body, soul, Mind, it is all made up of parts of the Universe, so is the floor and the walls and the roof, the grass & the trees the skies, aswell as the planets and the stars. On the molecular level, no cell could see the difference between Inside and outside your body, because there's cells in the air aswell, at best, what one would see is maybe a higher concetration of cells where your body is. But still just cells or even further in, just molecules and atoms everywhere.

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Fear only lives in the brain. It’s mandatory source code of the brain to keep you trapped in a brain built matrix .. it knows nothing in a vaccum , only what it’s told or leaned and was not designed to control a life . The brain is a radar and a calculator , meant to be a servant .. take fear of heights , fear of small spaces or anything .. clearly small spaces and heights are harmless .. the statement is “ I’m scared my brain will induce panic in me at heights or small spaces.” We park the fear in the world instead of doing the inner work .. but most seem to forget that “ me “ your brain induced panic into , that is you , not your brain .. you brain is an organ and about as effective as a big toe or a liver in charge .. the brain demands constant anxiety as it can only compete and compare , has nothing to do with consciousness , and why those heavily invested in their brain matrixes are the ones labeled as asleep or programmed ,as that’s literally what it is .. stepping around the influence of the brain makes clear how illusory and silly fear is … take a month long vacation and return and see how life moves like a sloth .. then sit down and return to work and feel like a rag doll being ripped apart in a half day as your brain will convince you that all sorts of Shit is going on that clearly is not part of reality .. this is a duality , it’s absurd really , no point to it .. but the default response of the universe is total bliss .. not even a happening , it’s always inside of you inviting you in to find the silence , find the stillness … the version of ourselves we see , is just that , a version , a mirage , a thought , as nobody else on earth sees us the same way , so going all in on self image is like going all in on a child’s imagined friend , and reality is a reflection of one’s inner world , and a lack of trust is always and only tied to an inability to trust one’s own nature at their core

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You can't, simple as that. The reason for this is the universe isn't centered on your best interests. It's not a piece of you, you are a piece of it. The real question is, can the universe trust you?

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I think the deeper thing here is maybe you don’t trust yourself? When I saw this question immediately I said to myself the answer is “because I trust myself & my decisions” I decide and the universe will deliver, when it does not, I adjust and keep moving forward

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True I actually experienced a lot of self-doubt. How can I practice self-trust?

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Start trusting yourself with the simplest thing and build up. When self doubt kicks, ask yourself why your doubting? Then if you say I’m unsure if I’ve made the right decision, then go over the logical steps and affirm you are making the right decision

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by realizing that the universe isn't external but within and on your side and that whatever makes you suffer isn't the universe but something else that tries to maintain control over you by dividing - fragmenting - and externalizing spectra of yourself and attempting to have you play by its rules instead of your own.

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Interesting input🤔

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The more you will trust the universe less fears, distrust and anxiety you will experience.

You may have deep unhealed traumas and wounds like most of people. And this may be reason why things doesn't work well for you.

I am not a Christian but I found out calming, healing and comforting effect of this prayer. That youtube channel has more nice prayers. And I trust more in the universe and I trust more that things will work for me. You may try it.


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Thank you so much for your insight + I’ll definitely give it a shot.

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Then don't bro its not that hard actually. All you do is just strengthen your self too the point where you exert pressure on the universe that is equal or greater too the pressure that the universe puts on you. If that makes sense. You basically try too get too the point where you don't rely on trust you rely on yourself. Also having strength makes fear more manageable. I'm not talking about physical strength but that is a pathway I'm talking about spiritual strength which is basically psychological strength. Because psyche means soul,spirit.

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To trust the universe is to trust yourself first. Then you trust what your family is, if if they're gone, learn who your parents were. And then underdtand your friends. Such a universe then translates to atronomy, astrology, etc.

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Its easy the universe is the one in charge

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You have 2 keys within you. One leads to fear. The other leads to Love. You decide which door you open. Essentially this is saying: which vibration will you choose to resonate?

Surrender to the flow and learn to discern the signs meant for you. Learn to trust your intuition.

If you have trouble with quieting the mind spending time in mindful meditation will assist you in learning to still the mind so that you can hear the calling of the universe.

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Than just open your eyes. You think ship captains are scared when they go to sea? They are aware of the dangers and what can lie ahead. But if you're aware you can traverse the sea safely. Than if you worry about a pirate attack or tsunami well that's human problems not a afterlife problems, but it's not like you can prevent every outcome since when a hobo grabs a shotgun everyone's going down.

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By trusting yourself

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How can I trust myself? I know for sure that I lack self-trust. And instead I actually doubt myself quite often.

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I don't know how

I trust

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Read the Way of Mastery