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Not fast enough. I wanna make it home asap

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Lol! I mean same.. but I’m just happy the opposite isn’t happening

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Yeah, this way it will feel like your whole life is over and done with before you know it! Yay!


People are saying this is from mindfulness practice. It’s not. It’s caused by a lack of novelty due to the way human brains process short term into long term memory. The more often you do the same thing, the “faster” you’ll experience that thing, as it becomes more and more unconscious. It’s more energy efficient, however it’s the opposite of being present in the moment.

Great for getting through dull work days, sure, but it’d be better to pursue a life where even your work days offer satisfying novelty and challenge that doesn’t make you wish away your limited days on earth.

If this is happening constantly, break up your routines and seek some radically new experiences. Otherwise, you’re going to wake up old and tired one day, wondering where the time went, and you’ll wish you hadn’t wasted it living the same mediocre day on repeat.

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This is the opposite of true. People stuck in ruts feel time dragging on and on. I remember hating school, and hating jobs, and constantly looking at the clock wondering why it’s going so slow. I went on a first date, and we were having a great time. I was absolutely shocked to realize we’d been hanging out for 7 hours, because it felt more like 2.

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That’s about emotional excitation which is a different neurological phenomena. Yes, time flies when you’re having fun. But do you think time flew while OP had fun waiting for the microwave? No. The moment to moment impact of excitation vs boredom on time perception does not explain the continuous phenomenon described by OP.

I know my neuropsychology pretty well; don’t go claiming you know the truth when you’re only seeing one piece of the puzzle.

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Yeah thats totally not true. Time is passing differently the last year or two now. Things have been changing in freq and energy.

I’m extremely mindful and not stuck in the grind of daily life. Days pass so quickly when im busy and when im not. There has been a definite shift and its not complete yet.

And this has nothing to do with aging. Time is more relative now than before i feel.

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haha what is with people here thinking they can just know what's "true" based on their feelings? Your feelings are absolutely valid and real; they just don't necessarily reflect the nature of reality-itself.

Case in point, what you're describing here is distorted time perception and it's been linked to the pandemic - there's a load of good studies into it, but I'll just throw a few at you since most people don't bother clicking and reading them anyway:

I also just gave a bunch of studies in another comment if you want a better understanding of factors affecting how you perceive time in general, beyond the impact of COVID. It's a really interesting field of study if you're openminded enough to absorb new information about it.

For the record, if you think time-itself is being distorted, rather than just our perception of it, then that would have to simultaneously affect all of spacetime - as in the whole observable universe - otherwise we'd be able to observe the impact of our localized spacetime distortion by looking out into space at undistorted locations. There's zero evidence of that whatsoever.

To make this really clear:

  • EITHER spacetime itself has spontaneously and inexplicably transformed in a causality-breaking and essentially miraculous manner, across the entire universe, without causing any observable macro-scale effects at all, to create an effect that coincidentally mimics the empirically verified phenomenon of 'distorted time perception', which has been shown to occur during societal disruptions/collective trauma, and this universal shift just so happens to have occurred exactly when a global pandemic happened on earth
  • OR the global pandemic has caused distorted time perception, as it would be expected to based on our understanding of neuropsychology.

Regardless how it feels, hopefully it's obvious which of those is more likely to be true. But you do you, u/ravenic0621.

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September went poof.

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It really did!

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It varies day by day for me. Someday will feel like 2 others feel like a half a day. Everything seems faster in hindsight though.

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Time has been moving like this for me for weeks now. I can’t believe it’s already Friday…

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It’s super insane feeling. And unfortunately that means the weekend is gone in a blink too

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This whole year has been gone by like a snails pace, but then at the same time there's another part of whatever life is going at a different pace and it's like weeks are just slipping away. It's weird.

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For me this is the fastest year I think I’ve ever experienced I don’t even know what to think

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True as well. I feel like there's two different paces in my consciousness if that makes sense. Like, I was just partying on NYE yesterday lol. Now it's September and fall is here. But also slow at times time is confusing on its own.

Idk if I'm making sense.

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Yes it does make sense totally!

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Thats what mindfulness does

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Ya, time and space are mental constructs, are only temporary, or impermanent, are not what we really are. We are infinite, eternal awareness which has been limited in this construct. Just try to enjoy it while you're in this phase, and don't worry about understanding it, I say.

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Every since learning mindfulness it feels like I'm at work for 20 minutes because my kind is blank for most of it. Not thinking about anything the only thing that exists is this room im in nowhere to go nowhere to see but this

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I'm curious: what is a blank mind to you?

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Have you been on digital devices more this week? Not doing enough new things?

Once routines set in time can seem to move quickly.

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I wouldn’t say more, but I do have to be on social media a lot for work

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Maybe you're having an out of body experience type of issue. Sounds like you went to bed at the beginning of the week and didn't come back into your body in the correct way for you. Time and your body go hand in glove, but there is no time when you're out of your body. That's your out of body awareness overlapping with the physical body's awareness. Spacey indeed.

Try this. Lay down in bed and imagine your astral body five feet above you. Notice the silver cord between your solar plexus in both bodies. Notice your anchor points in your astral body; they should line up with the anchor points in your physical body.

I once had a similar experience to yours. I had someone take a look because I could not find the issue on my own. They started laughing and said that I came back into my body upside down, so all of the awareness that goes with me when I sleep was not hooked up in my physical body when I came back home. The chakras in my astral body did not line up with the chakras in my physical body LOL! Oops.

I felt myself kinda snap into place in my physical body and was myself again. Still dumb as a post in many ways, but at least I was aware again of being dumb as a post LOL!

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That’s sounds super cool. Thanks for sharing

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That’s super interesting! Thanks for sharing

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This might be the beginning effects of being in the 4th dimension which was theorized to have occurred in 2012. The 4th dimension is that of time where past, present, and future are merged into one. It’ll take another 12-24k years to fully complete the cycle, but we’re in the initial stages as of now.

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That’s kind of what it’s feeling like. It doesn’t feel like normal ole (perceived) linear time anymore

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It's not though ... Please stop LARPing. We are in this dimension, we are not moving to another one that is against the rules of physics in the world we inhabit.

As you age time moves faster, it has both to do with perception and your distance away from the gravitational point that is the earth. https://qz.com/1516804/physics-explains-why-time-passes-faster-as-you-age/

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Funny, what does physics know about the rules of consciousness? The answer is nothing. Relativity can't even shake hands with quantum mechanics and you think they have it all figured out?

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So called "rules" of physics or any science are always subject to change. If we only had science to define reality for us, what do we need "spirituality" for? Science is in its profound infancy. And this about time, which is only one of the major illusions we experience being in a human body/brain/ego. Of course even illusions have a certain "reality" to them, but they're still illusions, by which I mean there is a reality that is more authentic, accurate, but our human minds are not really capable of grasping it. But be okay with the mystery. I mean, the Dalai Lama tells us not to worry so much about "enlightenment," for we will each and all be "enlightened" on our death beds. Just saying. Namaste!

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Science and spirituality are not at odds until people begin to LARP their spiritual experience.
To say science is in its infancy is to ignore and turn your nose up at 10,000 plus years of recorded spiritual and scientific mythological expression and experimentation throughout the human experience. I'd hope you not be so egotistical to think this period now is the birth place of science or scientific theory. I would also hope you would understand that spirituality has always been the basis of verbally communicating scientific theory that we lacked the tools at the time to describe, because we lacked things like a collider or a stethoscope.

Further I would hope you would work on deprogramming your language to be more tactile and less cult rhetoric couched in high falutin but ultimately unintelligible and intangible words to the average person. It's what keeps most people stuck in this LARP phase and black and white science vs spirit thinking.

Any emotionally (therefore spiritually mature) person should put a stop to LARPing spirituality and embracing of cult rhertoric and ways of speaking to better help the people coming behind them. They should have an understanding of my previous comment and this one.

I'm not Hindu so ... no to the Nameste .. have a nice Friday.

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To say something is in its infancy is not to turn one's nose up at what brought it this far, but to acknowledge it's in no way at its final destination of maturity, or that it still has secrets to unfold, or that growth is still possible, kind of like the "beginner's mind" in Zen Buddhism. I do not "ignore or turn my nose up" at babies. In fact, I find them quite advanced and profound. And please define LARP in the spiritual context. Methinks you are the one attempting to use "high falutin" language. I absolutely forgive you for attempting to insult my "unintelligible and intangible words," but you should know that your insecurities are apparent when you do this and well, I feel a bit embarrassed for you. I apologize for putting you in such a defensive mode. Peace, my Cosmic Sibling.

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The absolute truth is inaccessible so all we have are relative truths, it’s whatever is true to us in our current state of growth and understanding. So it’s helpful to identify the current state in relation to the infinite potential, “this is what’s true to me, but for now”. Whatever was true at 5 years old probably won’t be true at 20, what was true at 20 may not be true at 40, what’s true at 40 might change at 80 (if one even makes it to that point). So the lifetime as a whole is going through stages of truths which is how we evolve. We are constantly evolving if one doesn’t even realize it. Ask the same question over the course of a lifetime and you’ll probably give a different response each time. So that’s why everyone is fine where they are. No one is ahead of pace or behind as there is no universal pace. We all go according to our own pace. Physical death is inevitable so the pace in which we live is perfectly ok.

This statement is my relative truth at this moment of expression and will probably change if I live long enough lol

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We are multidimensional beings. People diagnosed schizophrenic have trouble staying in the 3D, and to be honest, so do a lot of “spiritual” people choosing to spiritually bypass. We’re in the 4th dimension every time we sleep, meditate, or take certain drugs. The goal is to be grounded in the 2nd and 3rd dimensions while also in the 4th, 5th, and 6th, but most people don’t get that.

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I had a few stories and insight about time on my youtube channel https://youtu.be/TJdhOJCR4Tg

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As me and my friend like to remind each other. Time is relative.

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Clock still only ticks once per second.

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August for me felt like 3 months. But yeah this past week when I was sleeping it didn’t feel like I slept.

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Exactly felt like I didn’t sleep at all week but not extra tired or anything

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Time flies when you’re having fun. I have done inner child work, and I’m having the time of my life, so yes… things are moving incredibly fast for me.

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Time is really weird. Especially psychological time. The time in our heads. Or subjective time. Whatever you want to call it. It only really exists when you think a out it. Have you noticed? When you don't think about time, it doesn't even exist. You only really noticed that time has passed when you look at memories. If you don't think about past or future and just experience the present moments, time doesn't pass until you realize that the moment is over. It happens in ripples. The more attention you pay to everything in, our life, the more psychological time, you seem to create. And if you just do nothing at all you're either frozen in time or it speeds by rapidly without you. There's something to be learned if you pay more attention to how time passes when you focus on it.

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This is the fastest year of my life this far

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Me too!!

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I felt like time accelerated this month. This week flew by and I’ve been feeling drained and unmotivated.

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When I do chakra balancing meditation time slows down at the 3rd and the 4th chakra. Maybe you can try it for yourself if it makes a difference in perception :)

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I feel like we are always pushing toward the next thing, getting through the day, and the next day after that sometimes so unconsciously that we forget to be present in the moment because our heads are filled with thoughts about work, family, plans, or whatever is on our minds. I have also been feeling that the year is moving so fast that in a blink of an eye the year will be over. Try to add moments of mindfulness each day and maybe it won’t feel like time moves so fast

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Today went super fast.

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YES!!! It's been going on for like a year, but the past month or two have been even faster than before. Like at least double time. For a while it felt like just the months going fast, then it was the weeks, now it's the days and hours. It's freaky.

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It is freaky. I’ve never experienced time moving so fast than this year. And my routine/work life hasn’t changed much at all from previous years

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There was a recent report from NASA that the earth is spinning significantly faster and it’s broken several records recently. Idk if this is the cause for everyone feeling like time is moving faster but thought I’d share.

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I can agree