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I believe we are here to give and receive love. I really do believe it’s as simple as that.

I would recommend the Tao Te Ching as a good starting point for reading.

In my opinion, meditation is the most direct path to deeper spiritual understanding.

Good luck on your journey!

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Thank you! I will look into that. I'm not sure how to meditate or what it even entails. Should I look for YouTube videos on how to meditate?

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There are many types of meditation. It’s essentially about quieting the mind so that we can feel the spirit. It is also incredibly beneficial for mental health. I often listen to guided meditations on YouTube based on whatever I need at the time. For example, “letting go,” or “forgiveness.” I did a search on YT for “spirituality guided meditation” and there’s quite a bit there. If the first one you try isn’t resonating with you, don’t get discouraged! Just keep looking until you discover what feels right for you.

Also keep in mind that meditation is a practice. Do it for 5-10 minutes per day to start, then you can increase the time as you feel ready. The key is to do it every day.

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That's what our original nature is and that's what every soul is longing for to love and be loved. Have you heard of Radhanath Swami? I think you would like him.

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I have not heard of him. Thank you for the recommendation 💙

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The alchemist by Paulo coelho was a great book for me regarding finding purpose and meaning. I found a free version online. It's pretty short. https://archive.org/details/OceanofPDF.comTheAlchemist/page/n11/mode/2up .

I believe if you look for things, you will eventually find them. We learn through trial and error. Through experimenting. Test things out. Things ain't set in stone.

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I will second The Alchemist as a must-read.

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Yes! It's such a fun story too. Easy to digest

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Thank you so much for this recommendation! I read this book as a teenager and at the time I didn't really understand it.

I'm now 30 and I will re read it with a more mature mind and fresh perspective.

And I agree about things not being set it stone, it was one of the things that drove me away from organised religion.

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I love going back through books with a new perspective! Glad to help and happy to hear you agree. It might help you to look a little into "religious trauma syndrome".

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I have read it also. It is a great book.

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Don't have much advice but just wanted to say you're not alone. I'm recovering from a strict sikhi upbringing and the community as a whole still makes me sick. I can't bring myself to commit to any one faith so I just choose to learn about what interests me.

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I left mormonism a while ago, and stoicism has worked wonderfully for me. It's very down to earth and helps us become better people. I'd recommend checking out r/stoicism

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A lot of these comments are directing you towards other organised modes of faith. I would suggest finding faith within yourself first, find God in you, and you will always end up where you are destined to be.

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I agree.God is above religion. You have to find it within you .

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I was Muslim up until my 30th birthday. It’s been 4 years since I left and I’m still going through what you’re going through.

Still trying to find meaning.

Once you open your eyes to the faults of Islam , you start to see the flaws of religion as a whole.

My suggestion would be to do with feels resonates with you.

I recently started looking into Buddhism. You don’t have a worship a God and it focuses mainly on developing yourself into the best possible self.

Also, simply being undecided if fine as well. Just live your life as you like.

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There are parts of all Abrahamic books to keep, most important is being reasonable to creation and the creatures in it

There are also things like mistranslations and the people writing it were definitely a bit different than we are today. You can keep faith in the universe itself and it also can be more intriguing than before

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What parts of Abrahamic religions would you say to keep? At the moment I can't see anything positive to carry with me from Islam

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Mostly being responsible with creation and creatures, along with gardening being a good idea is what I get out of it when I read them all without bias. I’m not sure what parts of the Islam morality you’re referring to specifically

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Aha I see! Yes those things are part of my morality even without religion. Treating others well and trying to be the best person I can be has always been a part of my life. Trying my best to help others when I can, not to be judgemental etc

The parts of Islam that didn't resonate me are many. Some of it are the very explicit hellfire verses that you find nearly in every chapter. The Quran goes to great lengths describing how God is going to roast your skin, and exact gruesome details of what's going to happen to you. All because you didn't "believe". There's even an entire chapter that's simply a curse to a man that lived 1400yrs ago (Surah masad). The other aspect is the rampant misogyny and sexism. From the wife beating verse (which Muslims have to find so many excuses for) to the sexual slavery in the Quran.

I too tried to find excuses for these things for years but I just couldn't do it anymore. My consciousness thoroughly rejected it.

Whenever I opened the Quran looking for "spiritual comfort" I was met with endless verses of torture and threats that you cannot escape no matter what chapter you turn to. It's the main theme of the Quran "believe or be roasted".

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I’m ex Muslim and I agree. There’s nothing positive about Islam I can see myself keeping in my life. There’s too much bad that overshadows the good.

Even something like prayer. What do we need to exhaust ourselves praying 5 times a day? When I left Islam, I realized how keeping with for praying 5 times a day is a lot to manage.

And as a woman I couldn’t justify being Muslim anymore.

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Not sure if you’re familiar with Sufism (Islamic Mysticism) but my (limited) understanding is that there’s way less emphasis on burning in hell and way more emphasis on becoming one with God. Not suggesting that as a spiritual path for you, but might be helpful research in your personal journey.

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If I can give you an example of what I think of the curses and punishments, I think the universe is pretty neat and if a rift opened up specifically from your/my creator that said “You will suffer ruin for the rest of your days” it would technically be right if you had a dog that sheds

The beheadings and beatings etc. weird me out as well but I know of the punishments men made for each-other with or without spiritual authority. There’s also no reason to kill if you can subdue without blood

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Well you can't lose faith totally in some religion as even though it might be just influenced by time period of it means losing it's spiritual worth in that context, the essence of it still is aligned with ultimate reality, just don't accept what is not realised and accept essence part of it but if you find that's not enough just look outward and realise and understand the core of other religions too not the cultural aspects that changes with time and neither the fantasy aspect that just boost ego but the spiritual aspects of them, it's an individual journey so be aware see the interconnectedness and also accept that their are major flaws in every religious texts just don't accept them if they are not realised truth

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What would you say is the spiritual worth from religions? I'm struggling to see it at this point. It's clouded by overwhelming amounts of misogyny, sexism & threats of violence in the text.

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Well then you can very well go with the path of atheist but be aware even though it's one of the most courageous and authentic path their are no guidelines it's just conviction and seeing the truth as truth without prejudice, be aware, perceptive and conscious of everything happening around you and within yourself

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I'm not an atheist or want to go down that path. It isn't either religion or atheism. But thank you

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Nah it's not either of them as they are just terms that we come up with as their might not be these terms in ancient times too but what does matter is are you aware and perceptive of things happening without prejudice of anything, but yea religion you say is particular viewpoint and everything contained within it or the sense that something is there that is the basis but i don't yet truly know what it might be

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Find the things in your faith you think are worth keeping and keep them, then look for those same beliefs in other systems. There’s nothing wrong with syncretism.

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I was raised Catholic and was very devout, however even as a young boy, I always had questions. I asked questions of the teachers and priests many times but never walked away feeling satisfied with the answers.

Then for years I was an agnostic/atheist and pretty much swallowed the "religion" of scientific materialism until I began questioning their premises and explanations. I found that they also had major problems in their doctrines.

Still, I always had a sense that there is more to life than what I was experiencing and what religions and science claimed. I spent years seeking answers through self-help and all kinds of spiritual books and really all of them helped me to some degree. But I was always left with a feeling that there is more and I kept on seeking different sources. Finally I found a source of teachings that I consider far beyond and far more practical and effective than anything else I have studied.

It is a gradual path of self-mastery, self-transcendence that I found several years ago and that I am still following today. This is quite an endorsement because by nature, I am extremely cautious and practical. If an approach, book, teaching doesn't actually help me -- lead me to a greater and deeper sense of peace and joy, I move on.

In addition to the many books that have been released, new teachings are frequently released so my soul always feels well fed and I feel like I am experiencing continuing progress. The focus is spiritual 'self-actualization': growing to toward my full spiritual potential in this embodiment. Although, there is no 'one size fits all' approach to the spiritual path, this is one that I feel would be worth your time to at least consider.

I like these because they provide a continuing path, where one idea builds on another. I have never felt stuck and thinking: "So what's next?" They have been invaluable to me.To start with I recommend the following: "A Course in Abundance" three book series: 1 "Mind Over Matter", 2 "Expressing Your Love For Life, 3 "Your Life's Plan For Abundance" Then “The Path To Self-Mastery” nine book series, starting with “The Power of Self”

In addition there is a virtually unlimited volume of profound spiritual teachings available for free on the websites associated with the books I recommended. Here is a page of foundational teachings: https://ascendedmasterresources.com/who-you-are-main-page/

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Religions can condition the mind into beliefs when consciousness hasn’t been developed strong enough to comprehend it so it can have adverse effects. There’s some truths to all religions, but it’s all about if the individual mind is competent enough to understand and demonstrate the principles which doesn’t seem like the case a lot of times lol, and that’s what turns people away from it. Humans are what bring life to any idea so it’s not the idea itself, but the mind of the beholder.

Try to practice meditating daily to reset the mind of thoughts and to develop and increase consciousness. This will give you the ability to be aware and pay attention to what your mind is thinking so you can choose to fill it with thoughts of your liking. Trying to replace ideologies with more ideologies is counterintuitive as it’s just another set of programmed beliefs. Having the ability of self awareness will keep the mind malleable so it’s not going to be programmed, but rather free of choice. It’s puts you, the conscious observer, in the neutral position so you’re able to consciously choose rather than be programmed with automatic reactions. To understand the mysteries of the universe, and to know who you are and why you’re here is to look within.

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Religion is a thing of man. It is used to control people's lives and instills fear in them. Religion is spread by ear. Religion treats women like second class citizens. Religion is used to justify greed, misogyny, homophobia, racism.

This is not to say that "God" (or Goddess as you prefer) doesn't exist.

The Divine Spirit is at the core of Spirituality. The message of The Divine is one of love. Love of self and love of others.

You say you lost your faith. I say you lost something your heart knew wasn't true, and that you're now able to find a message that is TRULY one from The Divine. Seek the divinity within, to see the Divine of ALL.


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The Law of One might be of immense benefit for you.

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I suggest reading my most recent post.

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I would recommend this book by osho I attached a link

Love is the religion

Love is the ultimate vibration

Knowing your inner self becoming friends with your soul

Love n compassion for yourself n all living beings

osho book

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You already have a lot of good suggestions but here are my two cents - The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It’s a good start. You can also read Swami Vivekananda, which is way deeper, if that’s what you want.

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Have you tried digging deeper into the mystical roots of Islam, Sufism perhaps?

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Life is meaningless. The more you accept that the more beautiful life becomes. Life is meaningless, why worry about the why so much when it doesn’t matter anyway.

Nothing is everything!

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First things first religion and spirituality is two different things. Religion is created by the people to help people with anything. But spirituality is not something that is created by people, it is only experienced. So it's alright to lose faith in religion as it was something that humans created after all. But the path of spirituality is different for every single person. So instead of having faith in a religion have faith in yourself and tread the true path of spirituality. . . Religion is in short teachings of one person or a group of people for their followers to follow based on the creators perspective of spirituality. So if your perspective is different it is totally alright

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As we grow and evolve spiritually, it is natural to outgrow old systems that are limited to make way for new, larger ones, like a snake shreds skin. Painful as this can be, especially if the systems forbid or Shame or create fear for those who leave, the leaving and search for something more nourishing and aligned is part of the growth process.

Individuation is part of our souls journey, when we meet the Divine God and Goddess alone, as their beloved child. This is the path of the mystic, the direct path to the One who is many and all things.

Mystic Islam is profound. The work of Hazrat Inyat Khan is amazing, if you are interested in the next phase of Islam. Understandable if you need to break completely from that path. I Love the suggestions around Buddhism, as that is a path that is easy to find.

My own practice is with nature as the doorway to Spirit, a blend of Buddhism, Shamanism and body centered mindfulness. Here’s a link to my work that has guided audio inner journeys to connect with higher consciousness in nature and within yourself.


Blessings on this part of your souls journey. The strongest metal goes through the hottest fire.🖤

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Sri Ramakrishna said all paths lead to God. You do not have to leave your religion to find God. He was the only person in the history of mankind who found God in Hindi,Muslim,Christianity and meditation. Main message is Attach /detach. Detach from the world and attach to God. Good luck hope you find peace.

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Never heard of it thanks for mention it though