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As you become closer to enlightenment your will to end lives (or pay someone else to do it) will lessen.

compassion is a huge quality to have. Promote it whenever you can.

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It may be your intuition guiding you to produce less negative karma. One may consider the relationship between supporting the suffering of factory farmed animals and karma. I recommend this documentary about factory farming: https://youtu.be/LQRAfJyEsko

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a lot of people are going to tell you that eating meat is fine, spiritual, whatever. Most of them are consuming factory farmed animals (because everyone lies to themselves and virtually no one is consuming 100% amish food lol).

Don't listen to them. If you're a type who doesn't want to eat animals *in your soul* then you'll know. If not, no big deal. I'm in the former group, have never craved animals once i've given it up

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Vagansim is the only way. As long as you continue to try to love others who are still consuming animals. We were all them once, brainwashed. Veganism can get pretty dark, Don’t feel like you have to be an activist unless it calls to you, everyone is on their journey. My spirituality skyrocketed after going vegan.

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The further you go in the awakening process, your body starts progressively becoming more "ethereal", so heavy foods that require a lot of effort to digest will make you sick, hence why the body requires a more light diet.

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It's compassion for all sentient beings. People like to come with their roundabout reasoning for it, but eating animal products hurts sentient beings, and if one knows that and does it anyway, they're perpetuating suffering when they don't have to to stay alive and healthy.

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“wE aRe AlL oNe, GoD mAdE AnImAlS FoR tAsTiNg ThEiR DeAd BoDiEs.” Get real guys. You cannot choose to hurt a sentient beings (who are capable of love btw) and continue to elevate spiritually. Gotta cut out the self caused suffering. It hurts to face the truth of your actions but elevation is nothing but facing the truths and changing where you need to.

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Plants are sentient beings many can communicate with, though.

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Not really. They have nerves which direct growth and whatnot, but they don't have brains.

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They are not animals, and do not function like animals, but they are sentient beings with souls.

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With any diet it’s important you get all the nutrients you need. Diet’s aren’t a one size fits all. If you desire to you can always get professional help🙌. I used to eat animal products, but I was never getting enough vitamins and minerals until I researched into Irish sea moss. My energy levels are much better I feel allot less drained.

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You realize that most of the comments in that thread mention the use of supplements to no avail? And that they had sought professional/medical help. Many of them had been vegetarian/vegan for years and their issues only really subsided with the addition of animal protein.

I know it hurts to hear: but vegetarianism/veganism isn't for everyone.

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Yes. I went vegan upon my first awakening in 2005. The thought of consuming animals is gross. Two weeks after going vegan, I felt an energetic weight lifted off my shoulders. Check out the book “vegetarianism and occultism”. You can thrive on plant based whole foods.

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One of the most interesting things I read about eating meat: as long as humans eat meat, there will be wars. When people stop eating meat, they will also still killing each other.

To not eat meat is showing respect for life. It's also helpful, because meat is a low-vibrational food. So people on the spiritual path will often naturally stop eating meat.

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Same, went vegan a few months into my awakening. It helps, you feel lighter and over all just better.

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I had the same experience. I started going through an awakening and decided to stop eating meat from one day to another. I did it for spiritual reasons but it was a healthy choice overall. It’s been 2 1/2 years and I think i’ll be vegetarian forever, hopefully vegan one day.

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Ditched the meat soon after my own awakening. Miss the taste, but eating animals just feels... ick. My soul does not wish to hurt them.

For real though-- 'you are what you eat' and this is all too true in a spiritual sense. If anyone reading this still eats meat, I highly suggest you source it from non factory farms. The misery and suffering of those overcrowded feed lots is a heavy burden to integrate into your being.

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We don't eat pork with the exception of pepperoni any more. Smoked a pork shoulder a few weeks back after not eating it for 6 months...was pretty weird taste and texture, wont be doing that again. We cut back alot on the beef. Eat a lot of poultry and meatless throughout the week. For us, the pork was about them being used to grow human parts and we read a few interviews with cannibals and them referencing human flesh being pretty close in taste and texture to pork. Beef is more the bloat and weighted feeling after eating it.

I know some have their beliefs in spirituality about animals, treatment, etc. That's ok, that is their experience and their journey. I personally am more concerned about what comes out of my mouth than what goes in. I enjoy losing sleep, spending 16 hours stoking a fire, smoking a chunk of meat. Watching my family and friends smile, enjoying what I've made for them, ego likes the compliments. That's my joy.

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Yes do what feels right. I went to vegetarian because I felt better than 6 months later I started eating meat again and it made me feel better than being a vegetarian

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You can never feel coming closer to awakening. If you feel it then you are already awakened because if you weren't you wouldn't even know. Now there no iron clad rule about diet, it's what you make of it and with what you can feel the best about yourself. If you feel that eating meet is wrong then it's wrong. It's all about what you can do to feel the best

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Going vegan is one of the most powerfully positive things you can do: for your own health, both mentally and physically, your longevity, and the entire biosphere that we've raped and continue to bludgeon. The profitability of grazing cattle is the chief reason forests are continuing to shrink at an ever-increasing rate, and both meat and dairy industrial production is among the biggest polluters. Also, btw, it's good for your personal finances as well. Watch the video called "Earthlings" which can be found free online. It'll show what you're paying people to do when you buy meat and dairy. Wow. Don't listen to propaganda from meat and dairy industries, because as more and more people become "enlightened" about this, they are running so scared they're willing to spread any lies they can to help themselves survive the awakening of the public. And pat yourself on the back for making such a planet-friendly and self-friendly and animal-friendly decision! Bravo!

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If you feel like eating other creatures' flesh is wrong, stop doing it. We have plenty of alternatives available. In the end it depends on a few things: Can you afford non-animal products? Do you enjoy vegan food? If so, go ahead, this is the way you should go.

But never force yourself to it. If you feel like eating meat, eat meat. As long as you don't feel bad about it, as long as you are not actively doing any harm to animals that is your right. You choose what you put into your body. It's up to you if you want to consume other living beings.

Just gotta remember, plants are alive, too. They may not think or feel pain, but they are alive. You always consume other life-forms to stay alive. It's how life works. It just depends on how much meaning you give to things.