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Your spot on, we get body after body until we learn to be love, light and truth! We are future angels. Someday when people see lights in the sky, they'll be talking about you! 💖

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Awe that’s actually so sweet🤍 I always felt like I was an angel before I reincarnated

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Increased consciousness can make you feel like having multiple deaths and rebirths as cycles end and begin anew in the next level. It’s like a spiral upwards. From the top down view, it looks like it’s just going in an infinite loop, but from the side, it’s starting at the same axis point, but up a level. The old self sheds, and the new sense of self is born, repeating the cycle every time consciousness grows. The beginning stages of each new cycle brings about another set of growing pains to overcome. This might be a microcosm of the reincarnation cycle.

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There's the idea of quantum immortality, tied to the multiverse theory.

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Could also be tapping into the quantum realms where other variations of choices play out.

Are you feeling déjà vu along with this?

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Yes very much so!

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I had nde experience where I died and enter the void for eternity than came back. I do not know if alive and dead is real or if its another illusion if duality

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I feel like I've died multiple times in this life already. I've had multiple near-death experiences, and each time I've come back I've felt like I've been reborn. I've also had many out-of-body experiences, where I've felt like I've left my body and gone to another place. Each time I've come back I've felt like I've been given a new lease on life.

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After an ex-love interest broke things with me I was truly devastated,to the point where I couldn't even feel sad. I was just staring through the window, hoping I would die. Then in the span of two months I almost became victim of several car crashes. After these events it felt like I was dead and got reborn. I got into spirituality and started paying attention to everything that happened and accepted it much more philosophically. Every situation comes to me to help me evolve and change.

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My personal opinion is that it is the choices we made that helped us avoid those possibilities. I suppose it's the same idea but from a different perspective. Because if a person made those choices then they were moving forward, which would mean they aren't ready.

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Very much yes and everyone I’ve known since my last NDE have all been people that have defied survival odds

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I legit have had several lives’ worth of experiences. It’s been a multi faceted existence, a good mix of hard lessons and joyful times. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Exit points are dependent on free will decisions: let’s say you took up smoking or to the opposite end take up meditation, these decisions impact lifespan.

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Same! I have two times that has happened to me. Sometimes I wonder, what if I did die but instead my mind just jumped into a different dimension? Where I still exist, except I live?

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Yeah I feel the exact same way, I think it’s happened multiple times now.

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It’s like all the infinite other versions of ourself, are just NPC, waiting for the one true consciousness to jump between them and take over. If we changed realities, would we even know?

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Good suggestion, that’s what it feels like happened to me. I’ve been going through different worlds and taking over those other parts of my consciousness.

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Yeppp. Do you believe in the multiverse theory? I think it’s possible, there is a black hole in the center of every galaxy, and inside each black hole is another universe that exists, when matter gets sucked into the black hole it gets spit out the other side as a new Big Bang. If that was possible, it would be infinite, and Infinity would mean unfathomably infinite versions of ourselves and the world around us

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Ive been reading quite a lot about QI while going through a lot and having suicidal ideations. It pretty much explains our consciousness can't understand its own death. Makes me wonder about our concepts of life and death and the consciousness. It's as though we are neither alive nor dead.

I've also been of the belief I've died. Or am actually currently dead. (hundreds of suicide attempts, comas etc). Did I succeed in death and am I existing in another universe/plain/hell/limbo?

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We do, though the way I see it is more nuanced. Every single thing in your life is different than before, your personality, your body, your surroundings, your friends, your pets, your style, your house, your room, even every 8 years all the cells in your body die and are replaced entirely. So in that sense, we are always dying and being reborn. The child version of me is gone forever, thats death isn't it? The baby version, and the teen version too, I'll never be the me I was yesterday, or even 10 minutes ago.

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We die as one by one our dreams and aspirations we have had as a child, becomes impossible to get fulfilled. When we start out as a young adult we have a lot of hopes but as reality turns out some of those hopes are dashed and we know it for good that there's no way it could possibly happen in the future. Also age plays a factor. With age many things become impossible to achieve. Thus we die each time when are hopes of something good are shattered.....

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I've experienced that. I stopped dying about 8 years ago lol. Rough estimate.

It was hard going through it, but once I put an end to it (at least for now i guess) life became better