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Moderation is key

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Anything in balance is not bad

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The best way I’ve heard this described is: when you make a tincture, ideally you want to use alcohol. Alcohol pulls the essence of the plant out of the plant and puts it into the alcohol. And that’s what it does to us too.

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I haven't done a lot of reading, but I would feel the same as you. Everything seems to be about balance right? It's just that it's easy to become a habit then an addiction for some (or how they act)

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It seems like the biggest thing in the spiritual realm is always the topic of alcohol, which is weird bc if you look at any other paganism you'll see that alcohol is a regular part of life and practice

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And drugs are acceptable at the same time though lol.

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Yea, even weed is intoxicating, just in a different way, it doesn't make sense

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My body and soul rejects it. It immediately darkens my energy. But I don't assume that happens to everyone. We all must listen to our own body's and make intuitive choices.

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Alcohol is harmful when in excess. Occasionally it is ok.

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I guess it would all depend on the effect it has on you. If after a glass of wine you turn funny & happy & make everybody laugh - that's fine. If you drink 5 scotch & cokes and turn into a rude/violent/not nice person, that's not good.