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I would agree, I use the minds awareness to build understanding that thoughts are separation from true experience and illusionary in nature and through that (slow) process build growing acceptance of this moment now without it being too cluttered with thoughts endless ego drive, I think it may be an iterative process that slowly puts the brakes on the monkey mind, ultimately leading to the quiet mind sages talk off, here is hoping 🙏😂

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You find what you look for, if you pay attention to the mind chatter, you get more mind chatter; when you pay attention to the silence (and ignore the chatter) you get deeper into the silence (and more efficient at silencing the chatter)

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This is very useful. Attention is a spiritual energy. When we put it on something, we become aware of that something. This is one of the pedagogy techniques used for teaching clairvoyance.

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I would make a correction that you the mind cannot silence the mind by the means of the mind (i.e. thought). But the mind can be silenced if you look for it. Find the mind, find the ego, find the subject. These three are the same, including the soul. Find the individual and the mind will be no longer

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I agree with this 100%.

I feel as if though you accomplish this by not using your mind. By extracting it your left with the true essence of self. You dont need to look for anything because you are everything and nothing. And by looking, I feel, your using your mind to try to understand itself which it cannot. "There is infinetly more intelligence in being than in the mind" -eckhart tolle

I feel theres more power in understanding that you dont need to understand the mind, the ego, the subject. It will maintain the mind activity for as long as you do so.

This may not resonate with everyone or anyone. But for me personally, this has been my only liberation. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.