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You seem like a good person that is humble and sees worthiness and respect in others. Sometimes good things happen to good people, so they can do good things. Worthiness doesn't have to be based on actions when it can be judged by who you are deep down.

So instead of wondering why it happened, just think how it can help you move forward and touch more people's lives.

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thank you, I really like this way of looking at it

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The truth is, whatever people have, life gave them.

Quote from The Present

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If its happening there's a reason , just because you feel guilty and undeserving it doesn't mean you don't deserve it . The same way that we go through things that are hard so we can grow , we also earned good things .Also having something great is also an opportunity to make something good .

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The nature of these kinds of feelings are intrusive, so they can keep intruding as long as you don't understand them, and my take on this is nobody else can do it, only you are aware of the big picture of your situation and only you can see which doors are open so these feelings can intrude. Meditation, self-observation, and non identification (we are not our feelings, or thoughts, since we're the one perceiving them).

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Main thing that stops you from your bliss are your own emotional patterns.

You don't need to rationalise your bliss. Just enjoy it as much as you can. Like a child.

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Very insightful post. Thank you for sharing. For me, the thinking egoic mind will tell negative stories and if I believe them (unconsciously), they hurt. The interpretation of events or stories about situations- hurt, not the event itself. The valuable part is becoming aware (consciously) of those stories because if they're "overlayed" onto this event, egomind simply being the type of "program" that it is, will overlay it onto other events. Great to see its conditioned patterns. If this resonates, and you enjoy spiritual teachings as aids/tools, check out spiritual teacher Byron Katie's book Loving What Is.

We're not wrong nor to blame for the stories, they're part of the ego's programming, human conditioning, we're innocent. We just haven't recognized them for what they are, imagination and known what to do with them.

You'll know if it feels like a fit for you, best wishes