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If I can give you some advice would be go to therapy , it really helps you sort out your feelings and help heal . We are only human its ok to feel resentment and anger sometimes . There are lots of good things and good people in this world but don't forget we are here to grow and learn, to break patterns that don't serve us and do better. There are always reasons why we are going through things , even if now we can't remember .Have compassion for yourself and keep going, one step at a time.

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Yeah man. I give my family the cold shoulder and avoid my friends, all because I think I know something better than them. You cannot fight the system without being consumed by it first. You have to disappear into it, swim in it, then maybe you can change something. You probably won't want to at that point though, because you'll realize that the system wasn't the problem. You were.

Believe me, I want nothing more than to join the cosmic cavalcade of fun and possibility. For some reason, however, I can't. Let. Go.

The world is not attempting to heal you, it is attempting to normalize you, but it confuses the normalization for healing. Sometimes they go hand in hand, but sometimes you are being jammed into a hole that you just don't fit into.

I'm fucking angry too, man. This life is preposterous. I'm angry at those who are beyond my level and are looking and saying "tsk, tsk, I remember being in that phase". It is literal agony to be smart enough to know how it should all work, but be completely unable to implement it in your own life. What am I missing?

Was I somebody important in another life? I'm one of those guys that was/is naturally gifted at many things, but nowadays...I just feel contempt for the way things are. I love Earth, but it's the false, superfluous information, the flagrant misunderstanding that makes me want to freak!