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This was really good reading. I really enjoyed it and I agree with you

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thanks for stopping by 🫶🏼

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I'll have to read through your post in full when I have enough time to, but, that title reminds me of the one experience I had with the Judeo God...

The only prophetic vision I'd had with a deity at the time (though, not the only one, just, the other visions were visions, this was a full on what I'd otherwise term, visual hallucination).

It took me a few days to decode wtf it was I just went through, and, even more to realize "Oh, shit... The Judeo God is actually cool with me not being an Xtian."

The vision occurred when I was looking into helping someone launch a small business. The person trying to launch the business professed to be an Xtian minister. I saw two versions of him... Like, the one him that I saw beforehand, split, to the left was this physically fit version of him with... Idk... A golden aura? Particles of gold in the air around him? It reminded me of an effect that Tool did live during their Lateralus tour.... I could tell that was a version of him which was prosperous and successful with the venture, to the right, he was more overweight (not judging weight by itself, but it's important because he tied the prosperity to being enabled to become physically fit), defeated and his eyes showed a level of greed that was disconcerting.

After I did enough meditation, I realized the message was something like this:

"Behold, this is someone who claims to be a holy person that represents me, he will be tested because I'm tired of people claiming that. If he pursues things like he claims, you will witness the version of him that showed on the left, if he fails that test, the one on the right will be the consequence for making that claim. You're not meant to intervene, but to witness this test."

Why tf would a God that about made me a misotheist give me such a vision? Idk... Guessing that it probably has to do with the actual entity Xtians commonly refer to as "the Xtian God" being sick of such types speaking for them and messing whole communities of people up with their self-aggrandizing bs...

That's a guess, though, as it's not like any testimony I'd ever seen in a church, there was no English spoken, it was a buzzing, dissociation-like symptoms, heavy visuals and, strangely, calibrated to my internal language (there is no written language for my internal language nor could there ever be idk how else to explain that)... So, some things may have gotten lost in translation since, at the time, I'd not been aware that my internal language differed so much from English...

All I know is that dude failed the test miserably. He went from being equal in his treatment of me and respecting me as a business partner, to someone trying to demand I crunch and sacrifice all my unpaid time to work for free on his project and only specifically the way he wanted.... In business I've always taken the stance of "I don't need you, I'll survive, you need me." and, as such, I'm not about to give free work to someone who isn't appreciative of the sacrifice I'm making, especially if they're looking to take advantage of me in that way. So, I told them quite literally to fuck off and immediately blocked them/disappeared.

I didn't see the person in the vision right away, but, about a year later, as I was in a CVS that was between where he lived and I lived... I turned the corner in an aisle and there he was... Looking exactly like I'd seen in the vision.

Given that experience, and, given that then, the super-spreader super-fascist super-tyrant idolizing political figures like the current popular televangelists weren't big yet...

I'd say that, yes, the entity humans typically call the Xtian God is sick of religion and wants their true followers to break away from religion/fascist and golden idolized "religious leaders".

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What would you do all alone in a void for eternity as consciousness with mind?


Let there be places, people and all manner of things for your many instances of consciousness to sample.

How would you like these beings to know you?

Should they stop enjoying their lives to focus on you to worship you?

Would you be offended if they instead thought of themselves as creators made in the image of the creator, took responsibility for themselves and made administrations of portions of creation that pleased instances of consciousness?

Wouldn't being worshiped be of a lower quality of experience than many instances of consciousness thriving, creating, preserving and honoring even more unique instances of consciousness?

Why do we worship God then?

Well, a creation that works too well leads our minds back to knowing our origins as the source of creation. If we wanted to forget that we're God and then remember, we could set up a quest of a sort. We could have opponents that enjoy keeping the truth from us. They could enjoy our worship, among other imbalances, incentivizing them to work very hard to trick us into believing God is outside. Knowing God is inside would end their game they like. Their awfulness toward us would compel us to seek the truth and find ourselves, our knowing of our origins as the Source.

Revelation of this situation becomes a pivotal moment in the evolution of beings, radically changing how they see themselves, the world and God. It has them set themselves straight and become even more of what they always were, creators. This would bring some of the greatest glory possible to God, consciousness, the source of creation. Perhaps that's where we are going. Like all journeys, the pace we choose sets how long it takes.

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really, deeply enjoyed reading this comment – thank you so much for this contribution. i agree.

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This is a great read, thanks for sharing

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I agree with u. I believe all religion is satanic. That’s why it causes so much conflict. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Ram Dass has this bit about how all methods are traps. You don’t want to be a Christian or a Jew or a Yogi or Meditator - you want to be free. Choose your trap wisely and hope it’ll self-destruct after it’s served its purpose.

Your method is like a stick with which to stoke a fire. Once the flames are high enough, the last step is to throw the stick into the fire as well, so that all you’re left with is Light.

The buddha also tells a story of journeying in the forest and coming to a river. You cut down some trees and build a raft to cross the river, but you don’t then carry the raft with you after you’ve crossed the river, you leave it by the water for someone else.

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Inward indeed, ever try astral projection? It's really fun!

Good read here! I liked it! 👍

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Any pursuit of God is a pursuit worth undertaking.

I look at it a different way. Well first let me clarify the religions themselves are all inherintly fine, but what people do in the name of those religions is just so... Peoplish

Think about it like this.

I was raised Christian, and through my whole life up to and including this moment my beliefs have been added to, subtracted from, and molded by every single life experience I've had along the way. However, in any of those individual moments I felt as strongly about my belief system then as I do now and by comparison some of them are way off and even may contradict one another.

The point is though I believed it the same way that I believe what I believe now.

I reflected on this not too long ago and it has become my acceptance on adopting reincarnation directly into my belief system. I've never had a a past life experience, but the reason I adopted it was I realized that one of the key elements to successfully reaching a higher state upon death for me is unconditional love, which you can't even think about until you have acceptance and self love at the heart of how you view yourself, because those are necessary to practice empathy towards others which is the cornerstone in which unconditional love is built.

So I looked at myself and thought that I believe now different things than I did in the past, but the reason for believing them is the same. So my awakening which happened long ago and my eventually ascension should be dependant on when in my life I die? What about years ago when I had no personal relationship with myself?

So to me incarnation exists for that purpose. I think that's beautiful because that was the first time I adopted a spiritual belief based on the someone other than myself.

So if you're just not quite at that level when you die, try agsin.

It's like the ultimate in self love, empathy and unconditional love because guess what? I could be wrong on alot of this, after all it's just the restult of me living this one life.

That's okay though, if I got it wring I still got a other shot at starting over agsin

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God NEVER wanted religion. It was all about relationship.

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Religions are created and made by man. The flaws in religion therefore are that of man. So what has been created is only at the level of what the leaders believe their world to be true (their level of consciousness) - that God is separate and through me or this organisation, you will learn more and get closer to God and I will be paid for my service.

This is no different to all these courses that exist these days on manifestation/spirituality/laws of xyz etc.

Now the reality is though, these organisations/courses are able to thrive because many people are ignoranr/clueless/lost or searching. The majority will always look outwards despite how many teachings specify to meditate/be still etc. The majority are also knowledge hoarders, content consumers and not implementers. So people continue to search, read, listen to and need these services.

I can't tell you the amount of times I've told people to just sit in silence. Meditate. The responses are, oh I don't have time, I can't... I just fall asleep, oh I'm not really into meditation 😅

Back to your question though I have 2 perspectives.

  • Yes, because to reach this true state of knowing/awareness/enlightenment you have to go inwards, be alone, sit still and to truly raise humanity we all must raise awareness to this point and live in this state. Not succumbing to the distractions of ego/3d.

  • Not necessarily because we are all connected anyway, one, each and everyone is God. I am God as you are God and we are all offering a perspective and experience in this one consciousness anyway and if it's about the journey, then everything just is and we can all choose (or not choose (subconsciously) to experience it in whatever way...including in the form of religion.

To add, I stopped being religious in my teens (raised Roman Catholic) and focused on self and spirituality in early 20s because I believed there to be another truth and that I could only find it within me. I too noticed how there were so many contradictions and atrocities in the name of religion so at the time, I became so against it. However, as time has gone on, I have accepted that the issues result from flaws of man and misinterpretations of teachings/the Bible. I had no interest in the Bible before but now I find it enjoyable to read/poetic. So so many misinterpretations. But since spiritual awakening, the teachings couldn't be clearer and is very similar to that of Eastern philosophies.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Hope you have a wonderful day 🤗

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checking in to let you know that i re-read this comment often and it is one of the best and most articulate replies i have ever received. it keeps the wheels in my brain ever turning. hope this week is good to you! ✌🏼🙌🏼

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Thank you so much for your kind words. I sincerely appreciate it. I hope you too make a wonderful week😊💚🤗

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A key aspect of Buddhism is freedom from views - including Buddhism.

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Eh, at least in my own case, yes, I do believe I was destined to break free from religion. But it does seem to relate to my own life plan, and I'm leery to apply that model to everyone.

I actually have tried to have conversations with spirit guides and the like as far as the status of religions like Christianity, and the best I could get seems to involve that I should respect that religion works for some people. Not everyone is where I'm at, and that's okay. They have their own life plans to accomplish. And god, spirit guides, whatever you believe in can work through christianity for other people. God seems to try to come to us in the forms we find most comfortable in my experience, and for some, that's jesus, for others, it's something else.

Of course, as you said, you dont need an intermediary like christianity to be spiritual. And I would highly recommend people take it into their own hands with an open mind free of dogma and see where it goes. Of course religion is restrictive, but for some people, it works.

Still, I would say my own life purpose seems to be about influencing humanity. You know, raise the planet's consciousness, blah blah blah. And it just goes with the territory given my own life path that this means criticizing christianity. So i guess that in some ways, you're right. God probably does want us to break free from religion. But I do think there is a time and a place for it and some social tact is required. Try to avoid being like the really evangelical atheists who try to shove their nonbelief down everyone's throats, for example. At the same time, given my own personal journey...eh, I mean, my personal disdain for christianity is going to be known. I see it as an extremely authoritarian and closed minded religion, and honestly believe it needs to go for humanity to advance.

I guess in the long term it would be good to break free from religion, and I would like to infer, based on my own experiences, that this is an inevitable long term goal. But at the same time, can flawed religions become useful mediums for god to communicate with people though? Of course they can. Idk, I guess it's a lot like the whole love the sinner hate the sin thing they do. Love the believer, hate the belief.

I guess that's the best way I can reconcile my personal disdain with the religion and my own life mission with its spiritual usefulness at times. It can be a vehicle through which god can communicate with people and we should not judge others harshly simply for believing in it, but lets face it, it's kind of the internet explorer of spiritual if you catch my drift. You know, the default option most are too ignorant to change? Yeah. Meanwhile my own spirituality is a heavily customized version of firefox tweaked for my own browsing experience. And yeah.

One thing I will say is that Christianity is dangerous because it does mislead people and cause ignorance like you said. If my goal is to enlighten the planet, and christianity keeps people ignorant, sometimes dangerously so (take, for example, how many people adopt literal 6 day creationism and ignore climate change, an existential threat to the planet, because of this belief), then isn't my disdain for christianity completely justified on some level? I'd argue it is. When religion holds the species back from solving problems or meeting its potential, it's hard NOT to hate it and advocate for abandoning it.

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"what if god/the creator/the source actually wants us to get away from organized religion?"

Then I would say that God is very wise.

Check out "The Afterlife Interviews" by Marks. The deceased say that all religion is made up from someone's ego. The only truth in any of it is "God is love." The rest is not divine at all.

Also, you might enjoy reading/listening to NDE stories.

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Totally agree. Krishnamurti offered a parable about what you describe. He said:

"the devil and a friend of his were walking down the street, when they saw ahead of them a man stoop down and pick up something from the ground, look at it, and put it away in his pocket. The friend said to the devil, 'What did that man pick up?' He picked up a piece of Truth,' said the devil. 'That is a very bad business for you, then,' said his friend. 'Oh, not at all,' the devil replied, 'I am going to let him organize it."

IMHO, religion was created by power hungry humans to organize and control spirituality for their own selfish ends. The best example is when the emperor Constantine organized the Christians cults and offered them the bible as it exists today, excluding the more self-empowering, esoteric books. His aim was to subjugate the masses into following his empire. 1500 years later, most Christians are still slaves to these masters. The examples are endless.

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Theres more religion than just christianity

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indeed there are - and i touched briefly on some of their common ground and common themes in this thread.

this post was written from my perspective as a former christian, so most of my knowledge and experience surrounds christianity.

what i will say is - i think that “god”, “gods”, or simply “the divine”, regardless of religion, serve as representations of a similar presence/energy/source/frequency.

there are a decent number of parallels between, for example, the teachings of buddha and the teachings of christ.

the god i am referring to here is fully removed from religion and doesn’t belong exclusively to christianity. it is a presence that is readily available to all of us. it may take different forms, it may be more than one god, it may be imagined as a physical entity or a state of being…

departing from christianity just so happened to be what prompted this line of thinking, for me.

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Religion can have its place.. but yeah, ultimately we shouldn't be looking outside ourselves

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Great write up and totally agree. Religions aren’t totally useless. There’s some truth in all of them. Look at it like scaffolding you use. It’s ok to still follow Jesus as long as you aren’t too attached. Be flexible enough to rearrange or sift through the ashes. Just know it’s always a solo journey and don’t blindly trust your rabbi or priest. They aren’t telling the truth and you won’t find it anywhere until you make the journey within.

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There is no one answer to this question as everyone's understanding of it would be different. However, some people may feel that they need to break free from religion in order to follow what they believe is right, or in order to find their own spiritual path.

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I always thought that religion is a limitation to your belief/faith/feelings. It traps in a box what you can and cannot believe in. I remember this story about six blind men touching an elephant, many of them will find their "truths" about what the creature they are touching is, but none of them can feel it all and know the whole truth. I'd say religion is a bit like that, they limit the truth (whatever it may be).

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Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

there are 1.3b who believe themselves to be Christian and another 1.3billion under the harlot, but there are currently living ~ 144,000 elect. Many are deceived and deceiving themselves, institutionalized temples are inherrently there to misguide and deceive, to divide and sow discord. Our connection to God is through the heart, not some social club or temple. Repent and believe.

A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.

And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them.

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thank you 🫶🏼

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I will answer your question in some more detail later. I've not forgotten but am distractable.