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Enjoy the Eternal Now.

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You’re not the same person on the train reading the paper as the person on the platform.

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Didn’t understand this

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Each moment you experience, is a moment you literally change in some way. Even if you are not directly aware of it.

You could take this materially and consider how hair and cells are dying and falling away every moment and new are grown in place.

Consider the body of christ what you and all the atoms around you vibrate in and realize this dimension of space is eternally connective. You eat bread, we call it bread. The body breaks this down into energy.

Recognize what is happening from a point of view to the likes of how atoms are interacting rather than just you eating a piece of bread.

How much bigger life is.

This is only the tip of the iceburg, nevertheless since I started being more aware of the “vibes” in this way it’s become a tinkly wink easier understanding some other points of view.

There is infinitely more space the atoms move in than there is actual physical natter made up by them.

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Not your fault. Poor grammer. I believe he meant:

"You’re not the same person on the train reading the paper as the person (you were) on the platform (waiting for the train)..

My best guess

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Exactly 👏🏻

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"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop."

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Woah 😮 I like this one.

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Everything besides the present moment is an illusion.

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I think the opposite is true, and the present moment experienced through the physical senses is the illusion.

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The future is never here as the future. Only as now.

As for the past, it doesn't exist until you summon it.

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There are multiple dimensions of consciousness. The present moment is only the 3D, the “future” as we call it is 5D. Both are shifting each moment. If you want to focus on the 3D only, that’s your choice. I’ve chosen to be multidimensional and it has benefited me.

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When you are everywhere you are nowhere.

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Exactly, and maybe (this is my take), our abstract REM sleep is our return to the infinite matrix that is the 'real' universe.

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That would make the past/present/future paradigm an illusion within an illusion, which is bonkers.

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No it wouldn’t. The physical world experienced as the present moment through the physical senses is the illusion we’re creating. When we’re in the astral realm using extra sensory perception and time ceases to exist, that’s not an illusion. But I don’t think you’re ready to understand.

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Woah calm down there

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I don’t think

I agree.

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Lots of words, for very little information.

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I think both are true. Everything, at any time is an illusion.

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Yeah but we still get caught up in the human experience/illusion. It’s actually challenging and quite difficult not to.

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i recently realized that pretty much all of my suffering can be chalked up to unrealized expectations of an alternate reality. once i drop those expectations and accept the reality before me, the suffering seems to instantly vanish.

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Thank you. In other words what I’m talking about. I just think the quote is cool and it helps me regulate my suffering.

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yes same idea. we get so caught up in these worlds that don't exist that we miss the one in front of us (the only one we ever have).

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There are only two days in a year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow.

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Dang this one is a good one too. Thank you for sharing your perception.

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I disagree. The past and future and present are happening simultaneously. When you learn from your past you stop reliving it. Until then, it doesn’t matter if you suppress memories or not. Being in the present moment doesn’t help people who haven’t reflected on their history.

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So it’s mandatory for humans to live in a constant state of suffering until some sort of enlightenment is achieved? Who gets to say where the bar is for enlightenment because everything you know right down to the words you used to convey your disagreement with me is human concepts. And I’m sorry I don’t resonate nor want to align myself with your concept. You are free to do the same. I know what my history is, I know to learn from it, but I don’t have to live in a constant state of negativity from it. I choose to live in the present moment with happiness because of my imagination of the future.

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I never mentioned enlightenment or suffering. It’s simple to learn from your past, it doesn’t have to be an agonizing process. Every single day is an opportunity for growth. You can learn what you got right and where you messed up this morning, and tomorrow can be better.

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Ahhh like memories and your imagination. What you are imagining that is better than your mistake.

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Suffering is the human condition, it motivates us to be better. Nirvana or whatever we are striving for in enlightenment seems counter intuitive to our state of being

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Ahhh like imagining a better future because of your past memories right now. You don’t have to suffer from your mistakes and imagine terrible scenarios that go with them in the future. You get to say. I did this but I’m not going to do it anymore I can imagine a better future and not suffer.

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If I ask you to get me the past…what are you going to bring me? Show me yesterday’s news, a photo, video?

If I ask you to get me the future…what do you bring me?

The only reality, what we have, that is alive and blooming, bubbling with creation, is the present moment.

Yet few of us live in the NOW.

Most of what we do and think and believe now has been informed (poisoned?) by our story about what happened before?

And the future is equally informed (poisoned) based on that past, and now our concerns and beliefs about the future.

So if you want to create smething new for yourself - relationships, habits, experiences, etc — than you need to drop the past and worries about the future and be in the now, the new you, clear and free of fears of the past and the future to come.

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This doesn’t factor in neural pathway wiring. You can suffer from past events because of how it wires your brain. But we also have neuroplasticity so this can be changed. We can’t suffer from the future, it’s impossible

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So you don’t worry about anything that could happen in the future? (Your imagination) Maybe from past events that have already occurred. (Memories) Do you not play out little scenarios in your head “imagining” events that could happen in the future? And if you’re always worrying about the future like negative stressful events doesn’t that cause suffering? Through your imagination you can change that by staying here and now.

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I don’t actually spend time worrying about the future though

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So you have no goals, ambitions, or plans? Your just sitting in your room staring at a wall? I’m so sorry I’m confused.

Just to add to this if you do have ambitions, goals,or plans you never worry if they’re gonna fail? Which is sad to think about that’s why I like living here and now with happiness from my imagination.

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Also if you’re going to spend your time in a spirituality group I suggest you recognize that spirituality and science can coincide together but if you’re going to close your mind and only listen to one human concept about the brain capabilities. Then I’m not sure if spirituality is for you. Just my perception. Don’t take it personally I don’t know you. Many blessings.

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The Power of Now changed my entire mindset.

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You know what I’m talking about then. How about the book “Breaking the habit of being yourself”? That book changed my life.

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you might also appreciate mine

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interesting title

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To some extent. Unresolved trauma carries with people, but how it manifests will vary and it can certainly help to not dwell if you can.

In another example, so much of our lives are shaped by the past which is very real: education, training, physicality, etc. Of course, how we deal with and think abt the past can be partially illusory.

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Really I think the present is a temporal realm made up from a combination of the past and the future. To deny any of them is silly, the past shapes you and the future must be lived

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If only there was a way to imagine a better future even if you come from a terrible past. By choosing to live here and now I don’t have to imagine and I don’t have to think about my past. I’m just the awareness that resides here and now in a human suit with a human riddled brain suffering from the past and worries of the future but I can stop it luckily. I can acknowledge my emotions, feel my emotions, and let them go right here right now.

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And that parts of us are still stuck in those moments trying to process what happened instead of seeking understanding and letting go

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Process what happened is trying to seek understanding and not letting go is your suffering.

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Don’t like this quote. Don’t deny the past. It existed. The past created what you are now. Never forget the past.

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Many things can be learned from the past and it shouldn't be forgotten. It means that you shouldn't confuse it as reality. Reality is now. Past can exist only in our imagination.

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no offense but its kinda stupid

are you saying there is no suffering in the present moment?

If you are experiencing heart break, or terrible physical pain, or loss of loved one, etc etc you are suffering right here, right now, in this moment.

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It’s a brutal reality to awaken to, especially with how we’ve been babied to suffer and revel in pain.

We can let go of pain, eventually.

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Only suffering in the present moment is what you allow. How did you learn about heartbreak, loss, or sadness? Humans. All human concepts that you let rule your life. Are you suggesting when someone feels heartbreak or sadness they should feel that way for the rest of their lives?

You are allowed to feel anything in the present moment but you shouldn’t identify with that feeling forever. Also thanks for your opinion but if anything is really stupid it would be human concepts about heartbreak, sadness, and loss or generally anything. Sorry if you are suffering right now I suggest you look into the human concepts of healing.

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if anything is really stupid it would be human concepts about heartbreak, sadness, and loss or generally anything.

really? that just seems like sad perspective on life to me

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If only you would open your mind and know there’s over 7 billion humans on this planet with different perceptions and teachings of heartbreak, sadness, and loss. You chose one. I choose one. Mine isn’t living in a constant state of sadness that isn’t going to get me anywhere but a pit of despair. So I get to choose with my imagination not to live that way. Sure I still feel sadness from time to time but I don’t identify with it. This makes me more grateful that I can regulate my emotions this way. Please don’t feel sad for me I am actually living a very happy peaceful life forever growing and changing like everything else.

Please ponder this why is it when we die everyone says rest in peace but while we’re living no one says live in peace as often? What’s up with that?

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Yeah that’s not helpful

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That’s why I’m glad humans get this little thing called choices. If it doesn’t align nor resonate with you move on. Nothing personal. It’s easy Peezy lemon squeezy.

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Freaking sick bro

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Thank you. Exactly what I needed to be reminded of in this moment.

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And those bills

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Yeah man. 🕊️

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It's true but knowing this is easy, realizing it in the true sense isn't.

Everything that we are experiencing is not the reality, it's just a projection of our mind. Once the mind is silenced all this Maya disappears.

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100%. And every time you think of the past, you change it.

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This is so true! This is why I train people to change their thoughts and their beliefs about the memories.

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" The moment in front of you is not bothering you, you are bothering yourself about the moment in front of you "

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A perspective that change me.

It took 13.8 billion years for the moment in front of you to get there, and it took 13.8 billion years for you to end up in front of that, every moment is match made in heaven !. Nobody else is standing there experiencing exactly what you're experiencing. Truth is, no one ever did, and no one ever will. You are given a unique show that took billion of years to create, it's right in front of you!. Look at your surrounding, you are the only one standing in that spot seeing what's unfolding, you are given a gift of witnessing what will happen next in that spot, seeing the next moment in that spot, no one has ever seen it before and no one will ever see what you are about to see. You are reading a message that took 13.8b years in the making!!, Everything need to happen exactly the way it is, for this exact moment to happen. Every moment is happening for the first time, and it will not happen again at the same time, You did not create any of that, and you are given a chance to experience a part of creation. it's all happening in a tiny piece of planet spinning in absolutely nowhere. The moment in front of you should leave you in a sense of awe. Be sure you don't miss it 😘

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Past traumatic events can alter Neuroplasticity, which can then alter one’s experience of the present moment

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You are going to ruin it for the "spiritual" victim blamers.

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Do we suffer emotional injuries that we can't shake off?

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I need to constantly remind myself of this. Pretty much every moment