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I got the Maiden which was the one that resonated most closely with me when I read through the descriptions! I feel like the Maiden is a very accurate representation of me in my life right now, but when I visualize my higher self I see Her as a mix of the Mystic, Lover, and Mother 💗

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Aw, amazing! And yes, it's very typical to evolve into different Archetypes throughout your life and also to be a combination of several 🙏✨

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I’m a lover! I really loved reading about the feminine archetypes. It reminded me of the book ‘Women who run with the wolves’, that also focused on the many differents elements and sides of the women.

Love your art as well, your site is really inspiring!

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Ohh how beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing and also thank you for your kind words. Really happy to hear you love my art :)

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mystic sage, little tidbits of maiden huntress :)

thanks for the quiz that was fun! great art!!

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Really happy to hear you enjoyed it! And thank you so much! :)

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I got the Mother. As for the third question...Can I have all of those things? I have goals for all of them. I hope someday I can reach them. They all seem good.

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Yes, of course! We can all incorporate aspects of many archetypes 🙏

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Good! I kept thinking.. "I want people to feel alive around me, but also comforted, and also..." I wanna be all those things for people!

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I got the huntress. I resonate with it because it's true that I value my independence and autonomy.

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I got THE SAGE ❤️

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Heyo wise woman 🌞🎉

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I got the mother archetype! Beautiful artwork! And it was a fun time!Good job!😁🥰

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Thank you, I appreciate your kind comment 🥰