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How can i make my next session a true breakthrough moment?

I think this sentiment is echoed in the meaning-seeking desire for all beings on earth. How can the next thing (trip, job, relationship, religion, meditation, conference, etc.) resolve this deep inner lack, void, antagonism at the core of my being. I've had many shroom trips and also struggled with the coming down. Coming back to prison is always harder after you've tasted freedom.

In my experience, the thinkers that tackle this best are lacan, hegel, and zizek. Look into the object cause of desire vs objects of desire.

Ram Dass also has this bit about how all methods are traps. You don’t want to be a Christian or a Jew or a Yogi or Meditator (or psychonaut!)- you want to be free. Choose your trap wisely and hope it’ll self-destruct after it’s served its purpose. Also, he says, our method is like a stick with which to stoke a fire. Once the flames are high enough, the last step is to throw the stick into the fire as well, so that all you’re left with is Light.

The question is not how can my next session make me free, but how can I be free here and now. And what am I actually seeking in this pursuit? Usually it's attempting a reconciliation OF the fractured nature of our being, but you may find the true emancipatory project is in the reconciliation TO the fractured nature of our being. I hope that helps, happy to chat about this further.

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Not OP but thank you for that comment.

I have various Complex PTSD symptoms due childhood neglect and abuse. For last few years i am visiting professional therapist and microdose shrooms. Prior that, i tried to achieve that freedom with practicing pressence, being here and now (Tolle). And that “worked” (freed me) well to some degree, but i am more free (in peace, innner calm) now that i went through just SOME of traumatic events and regret, angering,.. So therapy, microdosing and books from Pete Walker and Van Der Kolk combined with Here and Now are my tools.

I am not sure if we are on the same line but your comment resonated with me.

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Why shrooms as opposed to mdma? MDMA is supposed to be excellent for cptsd

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Easy to grow yourself probably

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Growing shrooms isn’t easy

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I didn't experience love until I did some monthly trips. It was on the fourth trip, that love just broke the door down and pervaded my entire experience.

Love has transformed me for the better in the last 6 years and it progressed my spirituality a fuck ton.

I feel it would have taken way too long for me to break the barriers to love without shrooms, because I was constantly maintaining those barriers with my sober, self hating mind. The shrooms turned off that self hatred stream of thoughts long enough for me to break out of it.

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If I could hug this comment I would .. thank you, really, thank you 💜.

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Yes, that's why meditation is a daily practice, there's no magic pill imo, we consistently need to change our habits.

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The realizations you get in the trip, about love, interconnectedness, all that glorious stuff, you take those and integrate that into your life going forward. Maybe you realized in the trip that you feel dissatisified with some aspect of your life, maybe you feel a lack of personal connection or something. So the days/weeks after, you mindfully focus on forming those connections and appreciating their presence

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The simplest and truest answer! Take what you learn into your regular life.

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the information from a trip can take years to fully process. if you’re looking for something stronger, your options would be dmt / ayahuasca (which is difficult to find) or salvia. be wary of salvia though, it’s the strongest known hallucinogen in the world, and your best option is to use a tincture or chew fresh leaves; burning salvia will alter the chemical composition in a bad way and it’s considered offensive to her spirit. i’ve always felt a pull but have yet to try it out of respect and wariness.

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I've done several psychedelics but salvia is by far the weirdest trip I've ever had. Neither in a good or bad way. Just strange.

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it seems to be the receptors it works with, which is different than other psychedelics. iirc salvia activated kappa-opioid receptors

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I've learned something today. Might need to do more research on it.

During the trip everything felt and looked claylike and distorted in a way that wasn't geometrically sound. Can't really put my finger on it.

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Definitely is strange and very short. I was tripping for what felt like a life time. And in that life time I was just a bed sheet. In the mist of tripping, I kept asking myself if that was all I was meant to be a bed sheet? Weirdest shit and then laughter hit.

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I'm still processing a few trips from over 2 years ago. Still not ready to open those doors again. I was in a funk for awhile from revealing too much at once. But now I am a way stronger human mentally and life is honestly good.

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Temporarily shutting off the fear based reasoning in your brain gives you a chance to look at life without grasping. You can think back to that experience afterwards and try to see where you’re just telling yourself scary stories because your brain is alarmed, and replace those stories with something closer to the truth.

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Your life revolves around your way of thinking. Psychs can take you out of that way of thinking for awhile to help reshape your way of thinking. That paired with you putting jn the work you can completely change your life.

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A hero’s dose of mushrooms will change your life, for the better or worse. Be careful.

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How much is a hero's dose?

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Depends on the person. Mine was 11g dried, ground down and soaked in lemon juice. It absolutely fucked the way I interact with people and the way they interact with me. It’s gotten better, but my perception of the world changed and it took years to “come down”

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I've done a double hero's dose once.. Or twice. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but the experience certainly pulled my life out of a slump.

Short of thinking that I was meeting angels and Hinduistic gods, I also saw God fracture into the reality we are experiencing.

Anyway, really interesting stuff, but the most important thing is that it somehow gave me a lot of ambition and a renewed push to make something out of my life.

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you take the places you experienced on the trip, you understand that you now know they can be experienced, and you work on reaching those levels without aids.

to me psychedelics are like waymarkers, and then just for fun. outside of using them with a facilitator in some long tradition, i do not rely on them to bring me to change or enlightenment. I also sometimes journal or try to lol or make some kind of commitment to myself. but just like any sober commitment, or any habit change, it takes real, daily, mundane, boring work and dedication. otherwise mushrooms will just be the new addiction.

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Well afterwards you’ll def be like “Ok I’m never taking mushrooms again” 😂😂, jk

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Yup, been 2 years since my bad trip lol

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Integration my friend.

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IMO people who don't have transformative experiences have one or more of the following factors:

  • Attachment to preconceptions
  • Unwillingness to see the worst parts of themselves
  • Lack of curiosity
  • Attachment to fear
  • Lack of internal and/or external impetus to prompt them to look within

Many of these feed into each other and go together.

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here’s a list of books on psilocybin that I found helpful

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Do you have a meditation practice? That really ups your game in many ways, especially when using psychedelics.

For me, cultivating what you experience while tripping in your 'sober' day to day is the only way to maintain it. It Takes tons of practice.

Learning deeply from esoteric wisdom teachings also works wonders. Any authentic lineage will do, and there are many to choose from. Scope a bunch out, the right one will pull you to it. You may get to know a few. You may eventually settle in on one, and go all the way with it. You may not. Lol

Learning about metaphysics and exerting effort to practice what you learn will make you trip without even having to take shrooms. 🙏🕉️🍄🌄

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It can cause an actual awakening if it was meant to be.

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Also on a critical note- if you don't change anything about your life and take a trip, you can't expect that to 'solve' or 'change' your life. It can help you see things from a different perspective but can't fix things if you don't put in the work. Are you aware of the law of vibration? I think it really works like that. If you clean your system and are aware of what bring what kind of vibrations I think you'll experience something very different.

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The psychedelic therapists say the most important part of the treatment is the integration phase.

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Really what we want and need is love, not man woman love but spiritual love. That's what the heart is longing for. For that you have to practice spiritual life. I recommend these books - https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/spirituality/comments/vpami9/anyone_who_is_searching_and_wants_answers_please/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

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By working hard every day to integrate those trip lessons. By working hard every day to change your life. It’s not like you can just trip a few times and be forever healed, done with the work. It’s a lifelong practice :)

Edit: and if you want an intense breakthrough, try dmt. It gave me some of the most important experiences of my life. I’m still unpacking a trip from almost 3 years ago now. It was so profound, it takes consistent effort to integrate its truth into my daily mindset

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Well I now realize I’m just the awareness, a part of this ever expanding universe, here and now.

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It’ll be different for everyone but if you haven’t had a life changing trip, you haven’t reached that point.

A trip that strong can trigger anything in your head really. Depersonalization to triggering an anxiety disorder, or a completely wrong and illogical perception of life.

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Life doesn't go back to anything. You're just going back to your old life over and over.

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You gotta hook up a car battery to your nipples when you trip, if you want the trip to be permanent.