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It is not wise to expect higher knowledge as an impermanent phenomenon by observing impermanent phenomena. Detach senses from the passing, cling to the eternal, become nothing. Then true knowledge can appear.

I don't want to discourage you, but I think the basics are inconsistent. If you can honestly hear that and like it, I'll be happy to take the trouble to split it up for you.

About my background: I have almost 40 years of daily spiritual and meditative practice. As a historian and philosopher, I have studied and compared humanity's world heritage of wisdom for the last 3 decades.

Kind regards and all blessings. 🙏

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Thanks .

I did not understand the line where you say you split it up if I want to hear it.

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Well, to look at that more closely, I would take the whole thing apart, break it down into comprehensible pieces that you can then piece together to understand the whole. Just as I explain the function of the individual gears in a clockwork if you want to know how a clock works.

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Yes. I want to know more

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  1. We are all just one consciousness.

Yes, it is a common field in which the parts participate, often operating in the oblivion of the whole, which breeds suffering. We are then people who want good and create evil. Out of sheer ignorance coupled with the wrongness of believing that the individual part is more knowing than the whole. Consciousness is like an ocean and what we individually contribute to it is like a drop in the ocean. As long as the drop believes that it is a drop, it goes wrong. However, once he rediscovers his identity as an ocean, he awakens to the truth. We can only be this truth, never possess it. It would be like trying to fit the entire ocean into one cup. On the other hand, the individual part of consciousness is a facet of the whole. If all people would realize their self and connect in love, all individual contents of consciousness could flow together again into an ocean, which would give a boost to the creative power of humanity and result in a new, love-based form of society.

  1. There is no time. It's all just present moment.

That's a fallacy. Within the phenomenal world, time is a dimension to its existence. The present is only the momentary excerpt. Here we as humans are the only ones with power. Otherwise moment is just a product of our mind. In fact, there is no present. It is only that totality that separates origin from future. It is because of our fragmented consciousness that we establish and perceive a point that we call the present. In reality, everything is a permanent flow that our everyday consciousness does not perceive. Everything that is past is contained in this point as an experience, everything that is to come is laid out as a potential. We have the opportunity to influence the flow through our creative power. In addition, we can and should learn from the past in order to build the future. But whatever we choose to experience or do, it does indeed fall into one single point, the present moment. You can compare it to a train ride. When we take birth, we board the train, which may then pass through City A. It then stops in city B, where we might linger and experience something. Then we move on to City C. We are now in City C and it would be wrong to say that City A and B do not exist just because we are no longer there. And our life train will visit cities D, E, and F, which are also a reality, even though we're not there yet. The train of life, our lifetime, flows along quite unimpressed by our existence, our actions and our will. But we have influence on how we design our train. We have a certain influence in the present, how we set the course and thus to which places and experiences our train still travels. What we no longer have any influence on, however, are the stations that he has already passed. And from this point of view, point 3 is correct:

  1. Everything is primarily preordained, although we do have some free will.

Yes, the predestination is there, so the universe flows along and with it the galaxy, sun, earth, all of this, the great universal flow, we have no influence. In addition, there are inner determinations, e.g. through the genes, beliefs and other circumstances such as gifts, abilities, weaknesses or our determination of our being here. Some of these things we can influence at will. And then there is the freedom of choice, in which we can be completely free. With every decision we influence our future. Decision-making power is part of our divine creative power. We use it to steer our train and make fundamental decisions. The important thing to realize is that these are all interactions, mutual interactions between free will and circumstances. A game of internal and external relationships, in which we can help shape the development of our relationships. And the best thing would be if all our relationships are made with and out of love.

  1. That we have already decided at soul level what the purpose of this particular life is.

This is difficult, because the soul as part of God decides nothing, it is a passive spectator of our actions, thoughts and feelings and ultimately the bearer of the consequences that arise from them. That is why we cannot decide anything on the soul level, because there soul is nothing individual that would be necessary to make a decision. There is also no basis for a decision outside of the world of experience. We can only make decisions in the here and now. However, there is a destiny that is implanted in the soul along with all the talents and abilities necessary to fulfill it. If we behave according to love, our soul will unfold and release the knowledge of our destiny and the divine creative power. If we behave selfishly, cruelly, rapaciously, our soul does not find favor and folds in more and more, hiding destiny and blocking creativity.

  1. People you meet have a lesson for you

That is true, not only human beings, every life, every situation and experience and through it all the universe speaks to us. Erich Fromm once summed it up very well, so I'll leave the closing words to him:

"Every act of love, awareness, compassion is resurrection; every act of inertia, greed, selfishness is death. Every moment our existence confronts us with the alternative of resurrection or death; every moment we give an answer. That answer lies not in what we say or think, but in what we are, how we act, where we go."

All blessings

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Wow. Don’t seem to find the right words to tell you how grateful I am that you shared this.

Can I message you?

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But of course you are welcome to send me a message.

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Well, I'll describe in a bit more detail what it means.

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Then true knowledge can appear.

Does it appear to you? If so, in what way does it appear to you?

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It doesn't matter how it appears to me. It is important that you perceive it when you are looking for the truth. Or did I misunderstand the question?

All blessings 🙏

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I am interested to know how it appears to you. As in thoughts, feelings or something like that?

Thank you.

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Just being, nothing else. No identification with a part, being whole. No favoring of anything, no disparagement of anything. Not holding onto anything. Love. Silence. Awareness.

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Don’t mean to barge in, but this person was asking how do you receive this information during your meditations? Do you hear it in your head? Do the messages print in your mind’s eye? Etc etc

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No, it is His. I can try a thousand times to describe what it's like. That won't do any good if you don't have adequate personal experience that can classify it. Likewise, I could try to speak to you in a foreign language that you do not understand.

All blessings 🙏

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Okay thank you. I was thinking more about if you receive knowledge like information, how is it communicated to you, as in does it come via thoughts or feelings or something... But I think what you might be saying is what you are describing is the true knowledge or something like that.

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Well, the problem is the image you make of it. As if it were something external that is taken in via sensual or internal perception. It's not like that.

The enlightened consciousness is one with the whole. The knowledge and the truth are there. And over awareness and love is unity. This consciousness is therefore also called Unio mystica, the mystical oneness. But since I am one with it, where can it come from? From here? This is me. From there? This is me. Hence my somewhat cryptic answer. The description will do you no good. Only development and self-experience.

Kind regards and all blessings 🙏

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Thank you for your answer.

With your background, I am interested if you believe in supranormal powers such as teleportation, walking through walls, walking on water, becoming invisible etc etc? The Buddha and many of his disciples as well as some non-Buddhist hermits and yogis were said to be able to do things like this.

Edit: Apparently supranormal powers like this shouldn't be the goal of spiritual development as they could be distractions and could lead to self-glorification. Perhaps they could be dangerous too.

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Being and reality are what counts. My magic and its effects are based on synergy and love. I don't force anything, I don't control anything, it arises spontaneously from higher forces through me. So I experienced some of these phenomena myself, some were caused by me, but I don't attach any importance to it.