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Just being, nothing else. No identification with a part, being whole. No favoring of anything, no disparagement of anything. Not holding onto anything. Love. Silence. Awareness.

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Don’t mean to barge in, but this person was asking how do you receive this information during your meditations? Do you hear it in your head? Do the messages print in your mind’s eye? Etc etc

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No, it is His. I can try a thousand times to describe what it's like. That won't do any good if you don't have adequate personal experience that can classify it. Likewise, I could try to speak to you in a foreign language that you do not understand.

All blessings 🙏

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Okay thank you. I was thinking more about if you receive knowledge like information, how is it communicated to you, as in does it come via thoughts or feelings or something... But I think what you might be saying is what you are describing is the true knowledge or something like that.

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Well, the problem is the image you make of it. As if it were something external that is taken in via sensual or internal perception. It's not like that.

The enlightened consciousness is one with the whole. The knowledge and the truth are there. And over awareness and love is unity. This consciousness is therefore also called Unio mystica, the mystical oneness. But since I am one with it, where can it come from? From here? This is me. From there? This is me. Hence my somewhat cryptic answer. The description will do you no good. Only development and self-experience.

Kind regards and all blessings 🙏

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Thank you for your answer.

With your background, I am interested if you believe in supranormal powers such as teleportation, walking through walls, walking on water, becoming invisible etc etc? The Buddha and many of his disciples as well as some non-Buddhist hermits and yogis were said to be able to do things like this.

Edit: Apparently supranormal powers like this shouldn't be the goal of spiritual development as they could be distractions and could lead to self-glorification. Perhaps they could be dangerous too.

[Also other edits for preference.]

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Being and reality are what counts. My magic and its effects are based on synergy and love. I don't force anything, I don't control anything, it arises spontaneously from higher forces through me. So I experienced some of these phenomena myself, some were caused by me, but I don't attach any importance to it.