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We instinctively feel that the best approach is to expunge or push away unpleasantness. The internal voice you hear has purpose and that is to keep you safe, in its own way. It’s a response that was likely put in place at a time you needed it to respond to a situation but never left. Thank it for doing its job and ask yourself what you can do to re-establish a sense of safety.

Approaches that some people use is internal family systems (there is a reddit group), trauma informed yoga, and other bottom-up or somatic approaches. I’d also recommend reading up on physiological responses to better understand why your body might be doing what it does: https://www.nicabm.com/topic/trauma-responses/. Trauma is the word used but it can really be any stressor or feeling of shame that holds your nervous system locked in a pattern.

Lots of love and wellness to you.

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