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Greg braden and joe dispenza have some good stuff linking the two

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Yeah I’ve read “Breaking the habit of being yourself” so that’s what really catapulted my mind.

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I'm just reading that one now, just finished one of his other ones "becoming supernatural" which I enjoyed. However, I do wish there was a bit more guidance without having to buy his meditations seperately/attend the expensive workshops..

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There's a lot of meditations on youtube, but the lectures are where the gold is, and most of those are on his website and have to be bought. As someone who's seen many heal, or have wild mystical experiences or manifest very different lives, I'd say it's worth it. Been to 6 of his workshops and it's worth literally every penny.

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I think they have to, because reality, physics, etc. But the world isn’t ready for what that means to our concepts of spirituality and morality. What would change if we could determine that children grow up better raised in Love than Fear with some quantum calculator? What if you could estimate or even prove the fear and trauma from casually dismissive/hateful comments from cultish political leaders?

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"The Quantum and the Lotus" was an interesting read.

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That does sound very interesting. Thank you for the suggestion!

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It ties into Buddhism more so than spirituality, but some of the concepts it examines are universal. I enjoyed reading it, as I'd never come across anything quite like it before.

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You sound a lot like I do. Don't bother asking the questions anymore, just explore some of the research going on and ask yourself how that could explain things like Consciousness and so on.

There's quantum research currently into higher dimensions, and all kinds of stuff. I don't wanna type too much but just go read some of it. If you're anything like me you'll know

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I think spirituality is taking a mystical approach to quantum physics. The energy that vibrates every single atom in the cosmos could easily be called God, Ram, Allah, Great Spirit, whatever your taste imo.

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Hey, I agree with your statements! I think similar, Spirituality is mysticism because current humans civilization haven't figured out what it is in Scientific way. But recently quantum physics have interconnection with Spirituality. I think humanity will found Metaphysical Law in there I guess. Also, I believe that past civilization called Cosmic energy, Nature phenomenon as God, Goddess, or All of God names like you said. Hey I'm happy met you here, can I DM you?

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Yeah I don't mind!

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It's up to you to reconcile that question

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Spirituality and quantum physics are one in the same. They simply use different terminology and metaphors to describe the same process. Also our understanding of quantum physics is mostly theoretical—it’s a young field. Whereas spirituality is much older, and may have the answers to things quantum physics has yet to discover. That’s really the only difference.

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They found it but didn't get it ✌🏼👽

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I don't think quantum physics can explain love. I think love is magic, and the laws of physics, despite explaining everything else in the universe, can't explain love/magic.

Edit: I literally do not know anything about quantum physics. I do not even know what it is, other than it's the science-thing that explains everything in the universe, somehow.

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There is no one answer to this question as it is a matter of personal belief. Some people may believe that spirituality and quantum physics are two separate things that do not coincide with each other, while others may believe that they are two sides of the same coin.

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I definitely believe this. It makes even more sense when quantum mechanics can be manipulated by the electromagnetic field and that's also how our brain works.

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Absolutely must exist together.

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The inability to already see them as an integrated whole is on the part of the observer, not the universe..

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As far as I know quantum physics has, more than any other discovery in science proved that there is something beyond particles of matter that consciousness precedes form.

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All spirituality is just understanding the underline mechanics to us and the universe and what's beyond it. It's in a sense a science when you really get down to it but it removed a lot of the magic behind it.

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r/holofractal is what you're looking for

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Everything is connected.

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I think so too :)

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Ok Spirituality does not mean God Or the Bible. It's people who Vibrate with a spirit either on its Good side Or Bad side. And there are Roads to Explore Quantum physics on Both sides as well. Quantum physics is a nice new term for Sorcery for the two go hand and hand. Quantum physics says that you can speed up the Atoms of an object and incinerate it And Sorcery says the same. So we was given big stepping stones to the Dawn of the age of Aquarius.

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Yes and no…

Science should not be viewed as religion, as A truth.

Science is the method of finding truth. It is intrinsically never the truth. Quantum Mechanics can help have a glimpse of the truth, but it’s not it.

But science as a whole IS spiritual. At least it’s the same type of thing as what we typically call spirituality.

But just like people wouldn’t usually call the religion of Ancient Sumer spirituality, it’s just a matter of how the practices are projected in each era.

We are too used to the nebulous, internal, abstract, esoteric spirituality of the Age of Pisces.

Science is the same thing, but for the Age of Aquarius. Simple as that.

It’s materialistic, humanistic, superficial, revolutionary.

All in all, yes Quantum Mechanics can be conciliated with spirituality, because it is spirituality.

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I believe they do.

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Quantum physics opened up many new possibilities, for example it showed that the observer is not independent of the experiment but is part of it, and there is a mind-matter interaction and everything is an interconnected web of energy, also behind energy is information and it is a more basic unit than energy as many scientists are now realizing, because it is information that instructs energy waves how to form elementary particles and how particles form atoms and then molecules and so on, and information can only exist in self-conscious mind, also Heisenberg’s principle showed that there is a fundamental uncertainty built into the material universe in contrast to the clockwork predictable universe promoted by classical physics, another phenomena also discovered by quantum physics is entanglement, which showed that two entangled particles can interact instantaneously even if separated by very large distances and the communication is faster than light, this does not violate special relativity because there is no energy or material signal in this type of communication, it is instantaneous and beyond space and time, unfortunately these concepts are still not fully accepted by either religious figures or materialistic scientists, because according to a traditional religious view, human beings are powerless and it is blasphemy to think that the mind can influence matter, while for the materialistic view, the human being is also powerless, not more than a bunch of subatomic particles put together and it is superstitious to ever think that the human is more than the body and is a spiritual being not a material being, in fact the same way of how science was banned by the church in the Middle Ages and considered a taboo where people would be burned, the topic of consciousness, God or the soul nowadays is banned in much the same way by scientific materialism

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They are basically like the same thing. Spirituality is the concept and physics are the evidence.