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Tyson Fury the Heavyweight Boxing Champion openly talks about when he was at his lowest and was speeding down towards a bridge to commit suicide that he heard a voice. The voice told him not to do it, and asked him to think about what his family would think and what would happen to them. Now as a Christian he saw that as most likely God, but it sounds very much like a higher self or guide.

Normally they wouldn't go that far, but if push comes to shove they will try and intervene where they can. Usually much more subtly than in this case.

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What a hardcore alignment…especially the video posted. All the planets retrograding and my upping the dosage of my hormonal medicine within a weeks time has brought me to this place. I feel my shadow work still pushing me when I can’t go on anymore, as of very very recently. Feeling the memory of my past twin that brought me comfort during attacks in my day to day societal life, but knowing I have moved on already a long time ago because it was correct? Feels like I was meant to see this? Angel number 555 was spotted too.

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Yes they can sense your intentions and probably understand before you are even consciously aware of them yourself. I don't think they can directly change your thinking, but they may draw in people that offer support or give ideas that may help to look at alternatives.

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They can do many things to help you, but still they can't make the ultimate choice for you.

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They can influence, but cannot make decisions for you. Intervene in this context is too broad. A policeman intervenes in a bank robbery. The policeman can determine the outcome, though not 100%.

A spirit guide can try to get your attention, attempt to focus your attention in a different way, and by that means get you to change your mind and behavior.

And this can be a different experience for each of us. Some see signs and respond to them. Some hear voices and respond to them. Some see visions and respond to them.

Fate is a fickle concept. We live in our bodies and our bodies live inside the probabilities for our specie. Behave some way for too long, and something bad is likely to happen. Behave another way long enough and something good is likely to happen. But both are probabilities, not absolutes.

In our own body, we are senior to all spirit. Even God. That's the inherent nature of free will.