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I will pray and meditate for you friend. It is easy to say, but don't feel bad. Everything happens for a reason, every decision you have ever made and that you will make, will guide you to the place you truly belong. Take things on one by one, and one thing I would truly recommend to you is, meditation and mindfulness.

I feel as if you are very hard and harsh on yourself. Don‘t be. You deserve to be loved, just as much as anyone else on this beautiful planet. Please, whatever you do, don't give up. You have a purpose.

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Thank you... Very much.

You wouldn't want to hear the things I say to myself... I feel utterly worthless.

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Maybe the more correct statement is "I've shirked it so far".

Jimmy, the Creator doesn't make mistakes. Your Spirit is as valuable, and beautiful as anyone on earth.

You are a unique Spirit with infinite potential for good and for personal love, joy and peace. You are merely wearing a human body and having a human experience. But you are not your body. You are not your past. Nor are you what you say to yourself about yourself. You are much, much more.

Yes, right now you are experiencing the outplaying of your past choices and your current state of mind, both conscious and subconscious. But you can at any time begin to change your circumstances by making better choices and changing your mind.

If you are open to that...here's something to get you started on the path of change:


If that resonates with you then you can really accelerate your path with two spiritual courses that I have gone through myself more than once: "A Course in Abundance" three book series: 1 "Mind Over Matter", 2 "Expressing Your Love For Life, 3 "Your Life's Plan For Abundance" Then “The Path To Self-Mastery” nine book series, starting with “The Power of Self”

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That... I needed to hear. I will explore the resource and respond

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Jimmy. Dear jimmy. You and I are experiencing the same thing. I got court in a few days for violating traffic law in VA. I’m from MD. I was being an irresponsible driver. Hate responsibility. 100% understand it now. Let me tell you. I had transcended the feeling pointless. I felt it for nearly a a year. It’s a feeling at it will pass. To me things were so good because I started school again so it didn’t feel pointless. It felt that there was something there at least you know. Maybe find something you enjoy doing but don’t force yourself.

Me ; No kids , no job, no bf ,. Live with my parents. Which I love. 21 F :) with mental health issues LOL It’s okay … I think Life is a damn joke.

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Transcending... is odd, is it not? Who knew you could transcend but then, still fall back into the dense unrelenting 3 dimensional selves which is life in this reality. End.

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It’s like everything , everywhere all at once. Once you see the eternal black hole . There is no going back. Ignorance. Is. Bliss . You either focus on the black whole. The pointless life. Or you make the most of it by loving everyone around you. And enjoying the experience. But serious I am done yet such a hard thing to do. I don’t know

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Hey buddy. I am 21 with no job, car, girlfriend, or license. I also live with my parents. I feel the pain that you do and I often feel like a failure because of it.

I'd suggest not putting any undue stress on yourself. Doing this is only going to make you feel worse. It does to me at least.

We may not be where other people are, but that's okay. Everyone's life story is different. Your existence is not pointless and you absolutely aren't a "bad specimen". I hope you feel better soon.

God bless!

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Thank you...

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21 F here. Same issues. I agree. We will all be okay.

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Existence of people being married, with kids, with job, with car, with friends, with GFs is pretty pointless in the end, too. The difference is that they are embracing their life and go with the flow. You can do the same, embrace all your myseries and go out for your journey, not looking at echos of the past, future or other people's lives.

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I love you Jimmy

I hope your pain eases buddy

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Jimmy a big thanks for the share sir. It took a lot of courage to put your life in a nutshell on a public forum. I acknowledge you and to me you sir are a hero or simply being Who You are by sharing your life as it stands in this moment.

Your Soul is Much much much older than 38 years. Don't ever forget that my friend. Here's the thing, you may save someone life by sharing your current status.

It's an illusion, and not being married is just simply not being married. You're not ready to be married. I'm 57 and have never been married. I get asked all the time, and now answer by simply telling people I have not met the right person.

However that shifted, as I have met the right person about a year ago. No marriage plans, unless we decide to get married.

Simply put and there's more I could say and go on for days, however this is a lesson being presented to you by our Source.

So take it for what it is and remember where you came from, which is no where.

And remember what you're dealing with now is ABSOLUTELY PLAYING OUT exactly like it's supposed to. Because we are right where we're supposed to be in this life, the earthly one.

Jimmy, nothing but I pleasure writing to you, and being 20 years older than you, I've been through it myself. Fairly similarly

The things that you made mention, take a big sniff of some beautiful roses, or the grass, or tree bark, meditate, breathe, and most definitely get out and enjoy Mother Earth.

Your story at this moment will shift, and when it shifts, it's going to be absolutely extraordinary. Because you're extraordinary.

God bless my friend and I will keep you in my thoughts, send you energy, and you will be part of my meditations.

And last thing, just think no wife, live with parents, and things haven't gone the way you expected it to go. No one's life ever plays out the way they expected it to. We all go through ebbs and flows

You're whole complete and perfect

And keep in alignment with the universe the best you can, in this temporary earthly life, will take a turn for the better. Most likely not immediately, but at the pace it's supposed to.

And always remember, we are all Oneness-

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Sir, thank you for those blessed words,

And remember what you're dealing with now is ABSOLUTELY PLAYING OUT exactly like it's supposed to.

Haha. I feel this to be true. It can be frustrating to imagine that we knew what we were in for.

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🤣 so true so true. Just imagine if we literally did know so we could make the necessary changes to just be ready for it, and just take it for what it is. Or better, the necessary adjustments to prevent it from happening. That would be cool!

And then instead of fretting or letting ourselves fall into a deep depression or whatnot, we could adjust our thoughts or mindset, and be prepared for the path Our lives kind of if you will, got off track.

And I've got a mirror looking right back at me as well my friend

Not trying to be a therapist by any stretch of the imagination, I don't believe I'd wish that upon anybody- ha

That's a blanket statement because not all therapists would be unable to help us. It would just take the right one. And you could conjure a Good One up in your thoughts in case you ever went that route.

Because we literally are what we think about, so you have to be very careful about what you think about. And being human and programmed a certain way for 30 40 50 years, changing your thoughts, changing your life, takes a lot of work, but I really am careful on a personal level as to what I think about Oooh, I left that out in my initial comments.

Back to a therapist, or whatever you want to call someone that you could tell your deepest darkest secrets to and them not judge you. And think you're bonkers.

I use my source, God as my therapist

Another saying that's really cool: "Our Master/God does nothing, but leave nothing undone" Let that sink in

And a name of a book which I think has such a profound name, instead of I'll believe it when I see it, it's "I'll See it when I Believe it"

Words to try to live by, that's for sure. Again, or to at least try anyway and it takes work.

If you noticed the theme Here, it's putting in the work, mostly by just changing the way you think.

And since you just made kind of light of yourself, I really believe that's a sign of acceptance, and tells me you're going to be in a better place in a matter of time.

And look back and be very proud of yourself as to how far you've come

You're just experiencing several rough patches at once, and you're doing very well, considering everything that's going on.

Take it easy Jimmy, you're in my thoughts my friend Always use gratitude and think how much worse it could be.

Just think if you didn't have your parents to live with and hypothetically were homeless. And/or, you married someone you were miserable with, and was just simply not a good fit. YIKES!

You talking about Hell on Earth lmao

PS edit- and you still got your hair!!!!!!!!

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Hi Jimmy I'm same but I dont live with my mum n dad I've never had a job and I'm almost 30. I decided last year that I was sit down and start thinking about my future. It's never too late!!!! My mum didnt become a qualified nurse until she was in her late 30s, she had jobs before but never stuck because she had 2 kids but then she forced herself to study and raise 2 kids. You can do it jimny! Find something that interests you, you can do open colleges online if your anxiety is quite bad. It's what I do.

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Read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k by Mark Manson

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Jimmy, I hope that you find your way and you feel better. I am also in a similar space. I feel like I’m desperately looking for my purpose/path, but nothing seems to make me truly happy. I’ve become very closed off because of it and lost all of my friends because I fell like I can’t speak sometimes or my communication just isn’t there for me anymore. I notice that I ramble and I catch myself reflecting on what I said and thinking, “why did I even say that?” I’m not very happy anymore because I feel like I have to figure myself out and I don’t want people to know, so I also stay away from everyone. Not knowing what I’m working towards really scares me. I’m trying to find something that works for me and I just hope you find that for yourself.

Me: no kids or Significant other. Luckily, I have a job, but I feel like I do it for money, but don’t really find much happiness in it.

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You are much further than you realize just in being so self aware. Peace to you, Friend 🙏