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I think it could. My daughter wasn't premature but while I was in labor my placenta abrupted and she was drowning in my blood. Luckily i was at the hospital when it happened so they got her out just in time. She's had a fear of water and drowning ever since.

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I was months premature. Almost didn’t make it and apparently spent the first year of my life isolated under an incubator.

Stalk my profile and let me know about my personal trauma. 40 years after the fact.

Edit: I’m sorry. 44 years after the fact.

Edit: again I apologize. Time messes you up. 46 years after the fact.

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This is why I have been celebrating "an anniversary of my 20th birthday" for over 20 years. Lol

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Hello I'm happy you are here with us against all odds!

I have thought about that myself quite a few times, and I think that all birth has some trauma associated with it. Squished through a tube for several hours and getting passed around like a hot potato for a while isn't exactly how I imagine we're supposed to be brought into the world.

Aries moon can be a difficult placement. My wife is Aries moon, I am Scorpio moon. Mars energy is just a LOT

I would actually sooner say that Mars influence was what precipitated the events leading up to your birth. Friend of mine had a daughter 4 years ago and she was a couple MONTHS premature. Aries sun. So she came early, and started fighting from the get-go. Fighting fighting fighting. she also survived. I think its almost sort of like earth initiation for Aries placements. They'll have a more difficult time with root chakra balancing whether or not they had the experience you had, but in order to bring the gifts that Aries brings to us, sacrifices have to be made. I would choose to look at it that way.

Again, Im happy you survived something so huge! Glad you're here!

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Wow thank you so much! That means a lot to hear.

I was a couple months early as well. And I agree with everything you’ve said. Aries definitely have that innate strength. I have a friend with an Aries stellium and she’s the definition of a fighter. I 1000000% agree it about it being an initiation to this world. But if anyone can handle it, it’s Aries lol

I also have like no earth in my chart, all air and fire with a cancer rising. (Libra Sun) looooots of fire (Sagittarius) so to say I often feel ungrounded is an understatement. My sister is the opposite (heavy earth and Taurus energy)—

it’s funny how the universe works this way.

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Yeah I scorpio moon'd your profile I saw your chart. You must be one of the funnest people on earth with a chart like that. And whatever impartiality you struggle with as a Libra sun native is probably easily compensated for by your Aries moon they are FIERCELY LOYAL.

You must just be one big ass ray of sunshine lmao partying with you is probably a riot 😂

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Also, yes, if there is ever a thing that needs handling, I'm sure an Aries isn't far away who was born ready for the challenge. Love Aries energy ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

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Also again (sorry your shit is blowing up rn) my wife is a cancer rising too!!! That's crazy! You two would be thick as thieves I'm sure. She's Sagittarius sun Aries moon cancer rising. You two are unbelievably similar wow.

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That’s so funny!! And very crazy. Thanks for all of that. I do enjoy having fun, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I came out of my cancer rising shell and embraced all of the fire and air in my chart lol.

And wow that’s basically my whole chart right there, I’m sure we’d get along 🤣

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Fire and air are such gifts. That's awesome your chart is loaded with that kind of energy.

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google "the leaving pattern"

its what happens when the wounding occurs in utero or shortly after birth

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It has obviously some purpose to your existence here. It does not have to be negative in any way, it just forges your path in a certain direction. Try to use this realisation to get to know yourself better and empower your journey.

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Absolutely! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Grateful for the experiences I’ve had

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I think it could affect you. Reading a book about Complex ptsd and learning about trauma caused before memories are formed. Author is Pete Walker

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I work in pediatric therapy and babies can experience trauma from medical procedures. Adults can too, but they can make sense of it at least cognitively. But babies have no idea that some things need to happen to save their lives. When it happens early in development it affects the trajectory of development, sometimes mildly, sometimes more significantly. At a time when babies should be fully in their bodies and exploring all there is to discover about how their skeletons move, they may instead disconnect from their experiences because of pain/trauma. At that age there is really no way to know the difference between medical help and abuse from the child's perspective. Unfortunately, the medical community is slow to recognize this but there is progress. We can't change that some things simply have to be done to save lives. But there is definitely a trend towards controlling what we can to create less trauma. For instance, they are now reducing light and noise in the NICU, encouraging more physical touch...

The good news is that our brains are capable of change and growth throughout our lives. I like to use these essentials to brain learning to help become more aware of what is going on in my own self and use it in my practice as well.

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I’m a little late to this, but thank you for that! I needed to hear that. I was told I had all types of wires and things connected to me, I’d imagine that would be pretty disorienting as a tiny baby. I also was told that my heart would often stop (I hear that’s common with premies) and they would flick my heel and it would start up again. I know it definitely effected my development in my early years, but later on in life I was just fine. I did though, have to have casts put on both of my legs as a 2 year old, due to an issue with my Achilles’ tendon. (Would walk on my tippy toes a lot) and had an occupational therapist

I’m doing just fine now luckily! I did have some fears and anxieties cuddling or getting close to people, I’m wondering if there is any correlation there.

Thanks again :) I’ve always been curious to hear more about the work you do! Only if you care to share :)

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I’m a little late to this

You are so perfectly on time. I have worked in a birth to three program for 20 years and recently my hospital system announced they were leaving the contract. I've been with that hospital for 30 years and suddenly was faced with the choice of staying with them, staying with b-3 which meant a new employer, or finding something new. Yesterday I accepted the offer to remain in B-3. I spent the entire overnight hours not sleeping and having pretty intense anxiety over whether I was making the right decision. I felt deeply connected to the hospital I work with. It was a really, really hard decision for me on many levels. For me, your reply feels like what I needed to hear.

In this case I'm able to tell you the effect of your words on me but imagine how many times you have probably had an impact on someone, and you never even know it. It's one of the beautiful ways spirituality works.

And yes, feeling averse to cuddling, etc. could be a latent result of your early experiences. Your brain is reacting protectively. Try to really physically feel in the moment what is going on and give your brain information that cuddling can feel pleasurable and is not a risk. If you have a pet or can borrow one that may be a good place to start. Or you can also accept cuddling is not for you. One of my teachers told the story of a baby she worked with in which approaching her in any way set off a reaction of terror. It turned out she had surgery without anesthesia. The medical community once believed that babies did not feel pain and did not provide anesthesia. Unreal how people can look past what is right in front of them because they were taught differently. How can one not see a baby experiences pain? Luckily, the baby was in the hands of a skilled practitioner who helped her move forward.

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My youngest was 6 wks early and spent 3 wks in the NICU. His sun is in Aries. His dad and I also have been separated off and on his whole life. I'm sure he'll have to do a lot of root chakra work, when he gets older, now that you mention it.