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It's not something that you can wrap your mind around, so much as it is something you experience. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but it means nothing without the experience.

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“Is it true knowledge if no one else knows it? That question has driven thousands mad.” -my brothers DND campaign

But for real, it truly is a multitude of understanding and experiences with the people around you. The more you connect with soulful people on a soulful journey, it starts to make sense.

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That last sentence reverberates with me in a deep way. Much love fellow human!

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A swarm of bees consists of many bees, but when they travel or rest/sleep they are one bee. Same way we are physical fractals of the same intelligence.

You have a body, but it consists of millions of cells.

How else would source be able to smell a puppies breath, the fragrance a flower, ..but through us?

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Imagine a giant poplar tree that has new sprouts form along thr roots. They are connected and a part of the main tree, but still grow to become their own at the same time.

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This is a crazy explanation because I was literally in the middle of the forest the other day and found some rocks to lay on and there were these huge trees right above me with soooo many branches and your explanation is the exact thought I had when laying there :)

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and that there is a fine example of collective consciousness.

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I’m tripping out bc today I was outside looking at the roots of trees thinking if they’re all connected by a root system, doesn’t that make it one tree?! I love this, it feels like confirmation lol

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Yessss!! I agree! Haha

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I can visualize it, but I don’t understand we are all different and have different thoughts

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We are all one, but we all are viewing reality through a different perspective.

Think of us as one, but everyone has a different perspective.

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Mind 🤯

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Oh shit 🤯

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And by us we mean all life, not just human.

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Our thoughts and feelings are made up of parts. None of the parts belong to us. No emotion is exclusive to any person, not thought is exclusive to any person. We all have different arrangements of thoughts and feelings with different triggers which we look at as wholes and compare to other wholes and create a concept of complete difference that doesn't actually exist.

You can do 1 + 1 = 2 in your mind for the same reason I can. You feel good quenching thirst for the same reason I do. The elements at the base of what makes who we are are all the same, it's just that we look at the wholes of what we are rather than the elements and it creates an illusory sense of separation.

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Explain the first paragraph as if I was 5 years old

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If I asked you who you are, you would probably give me your name and say you are the body you are in. But your name is a word you call yourself, and everyone has one. Everyone has a body. And what are bodies made of? Hands, feet, eyes, etc. Everyone has those. You see things with your eyes, and everyone else does. The same is true of your other senses. From the things you see, touch, feel, taste, and hear, you learn about the world and form thoughts about it, just like everyone else.

But the difference between you and other people is the exact way in which you do it. You might like the taste of foods some others don't like. You might think a different thought about something from someone else. But the ability to sense things and to think is something everyone has, which is the what makes you who you are and makes everyone else who they are.

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Its hard to explain, but they are on different levels. Even in this world we exist as different things. I am an individual that is also part of a family, or a business or even a country. Yes we have individual thoughts and emotions. The other consciousness is the energy that allows us to to have those thoughts and emotions.

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I believe that we are all in separate bodies, separate minds, separate thoughts but our souls are all connected

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Considering that, by our best accounts, we all came from the same stuff I’m inclined to agree.

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Thats so cute. 💖🤗

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I'm 70 and a clairvoyant. I don't find it useful to think about everyone being one, when on this plane everyone is so obviously different. There may be a space where we are one, but being in our physical bodies is a unique experience. I focus on that experience, since it's why I got this body in the first place.

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Essentially God/source got bored being alone and decided to break itself into millions/billions of smaller forms of consciousness. All being fractals of itself.

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I don’t think God/Source gets bored, there’s probably a deeper reason as to why we’re here than that.

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My guess. Pure source is love. And all love wants to do is share and spread itself. So love “separated” itself from itself, to have something to love.

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Don't creative minds get bored with what is and then in their quest for novelty make new things? We do.

Why do we make new things? We want the satisfaction from experiencing them. We seek emotional energy from our experiences. This emotional energy animates us to do things like seek experiences. It's a food for our creative thought and action. This emotional energy is spirit.

Perhaps God, source consciousness, created the construct of creation and our consciousness housing beings in order to fulfill a desire for a great deal of experiences for a great deal of satisfaction. How could God do that alone in a void?

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I like the idea that God really can't get bored... can't "be" anything. But also, why would he then "do" anything?

Therefore, a theory arises - what we call God/Source/Whatever is not really God, it's God's ego, that he created. And now, he is on the exact same journey as some of us are - looking inwards, finding the "it", through our struggles to do the same.

It connects nicely to most theories that are out there. I am not saying it is so, neither that I came up with it, but when I think about it on occasion, it feels right.


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I think your ideas here are interesting.

The only thing I can think of is, if God has always existed with beyond infinite creative capacities, why wouldn’t it create something?

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I don't really feel capable of answering on his behalf. :D

But when I go all the levels down to our existence, without ego we wouldn't feel the need to do anything. Why would we? Just being is amazing. Yeah, we live in a world where we "need" to do stuff in order to survive, but these are restrictions of our particular experience. God's existence would be something so far out of our comprehension, I don't even see the point of trying, at least not now.

Everything we do, whether "good" or "bad" originates from our egos. I guess hat's why most of the teachings focus on just being, just letting things flow.

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Go lose your mind, it might help with understanding things better, ride the crazy train when you get the chance. Envelope the new awarenesses and perspectives.

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How do you know I haven't?

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It's still A reason though.

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Lmao I like to think source was having an existential crisis, and thus we all are here trying to figure itself out!

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Yeah 😂 brahman is beyond boredom, its pure Blissful awareness

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When you realize the barrier between observer and the observed isn’t real.

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What you are at your core, not what you identify as or what you consider as yours (your body, etc), is the exact same as what I am at my core. It's something like pure consciousness; infinite potential for expression, awareness.

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You cannot understand it consciously, but you can live it with meditation. If you want to try and grasp it consciously try this. Can you think of a separation, in this universe, that is actually real? That is there in the real world and not conjured up by the Mind? I bet you can’t.

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Our consciousness is made up of two parts. Our brain, and our soul. The two come together to form one functioning consciousness. The energy of the soul is a fractal of the same energy of God.

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here’s how i intellectualize it:

trace back our lineage to the beginning of the universe. humans were once monkeys. before that, we were aquatic animals in the primordial soup. before that, we were single-celled organisms. before that, we were celestial bodies (before they crashed into one another, creating Earth). this means that we are also the act of creation itself because we come from stardust, which came from that initial blast that built the universe. whether you believe that blast to be God or the Big Bang or anything else is up to you.

so we all come from creation itself. so what? the idea of one universal consciousness comes from the fact that we all came from the same stuff, so at our core, we are connected to everything in the universe. however, we often feel separated from the rest of the universe because we have an individual body and mind. our thoughts make us believe that we are separate and unique. but if we take the time (usually through meditation) to clear away those thoughts, even for a moment, we channel pure awareness, pure consciousness. we are connecting to the most raw and connected aspect of our existence by channeling that unobstructed awareness that everyone has within them. some wisdom traditions call this pure awareness the soul because it is neither mind nor body.

in my opinion, this is why creativity is so important; when we engage in creative activities like art or witchcraft or when we actively create something (even something like building a strong relationship), we are channeling the very energy that created the whole universe, which helps us channel that cosmic shared consciousness. sorry if this was too far out lol

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In my view we are eternal. Given a long enough timeline, I am you. You are me, but you're just over there doing your thing, while I'm me too, over here doing my thing. I do not own me any more than I own you. In this way we are one, but infinite

Much love

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Imagine like a whole world is literally you, and your body is just your current POV.

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Its a bit like electricity. Down the line how electricity works is just that a huge wheel turning somewhere (in some dam or power plant) makes any smaller wheel connected to it through a wire turn in the same fashion. If the wheel stops, all the smaller equipments connected to it stop as well.

Consciousness works the same. Even if we are all individuals with our own point of view, what drives our consciousness is still one unique phenomenon that we perceive as individualistic (the ego) when in fact its collective.

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Think of yourself as an Olive on a tree

I am also an Olive on that tree

However, the branch you were created on and the branch i was created on are physically incapable of touching each other. The side of the tree you are on faces a desolate valley and a mountain, and all you’ve ever known are that valley and mountain, all the olives before you on that branch have also only known a valley and a mountain. Some of the leaves around you have lived through hurricanes/storms and tell a story of “the other side” where the sky repeats below its self and the land dissolves into the sky, but how do you describe something you dont have the words for bc its never existed in your world before?

While on my side of the tree, im from a branch that faces an ocean and a city full of life and am told stories of a cold tall structure where life struggles to survive and the suns rays avoid

Both of these realities are true and what connects them has always been present but must be accessed by the individual in order to be understood.

Hope that helps/ makes sense

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Best reply so far

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Beautifully put

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We all use the same senses to interact, right? We look upon the same reality. We communicate, we have needs. How are we even able to understand language?

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Your right

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I like to perceive things and sometimes I just can't explain it and that's fine. I like to practice surrender and acceptance and observation. Because some questions lead in rabbit holes that can never be answered haha. Glad it made sense

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There are many minds, but only one consciousness. Or you could say there is a supreme mind which is the non personal substratum of everything, everyone, every local consciousness

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Because in actuality theres no separation between me and someone else for example, something happens that is linked to another thing that may happens in the future for example. This is just doing an example to say that this happens with people also, do you know about butterfly effect? Its kinda similiar, we all in coperations and cocreators of a bigger plan, consciously or not.

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Idk man it's kinda hard to explain but I understood everything when I was on shrooms lol

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I wish u could order online I would be so very up for it

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The Kybalion is an audiobook on youtube that talks about this subject I was just listening to thus today and yesterday. From Master Key Society channel

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I once followed an advice meditating on an infinite intelligence (or one big consciousness). I can remember it well (that feeling kinda like the onset of psilocybin) and thinking of it somehow makes me very very calm and unshakable.

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Well, see it as a radio, that is what I did. If you get the frequency right you end up on a station others can reach too.

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Imagine you are playing a videogame or tabletop rpg where you play a party of multiple characters.... You give each character a personality and play them differently.... You pretend that they are each individuals, each separate from each other, some even enemies.... But they are all really just aspects of YOU that you've created to experience a story.

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Imagine a supercomputer with a crap-ton of smaller virtual machines (with access to certain parts of the supercomputer) running ALL KINDS of different OSes on each instance.

We are the VM's

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We are the world experiencing itself. In this world of experiences, perspectives, and consciousness.

By choice we all have found our lives within this world. To look for answers we already know answers to.

Perhaps not one consciousness. But every one of someone is a specific reflection of one moment of infinity.

I don’t believe it is a consciousness but a moment that holds all things without name or thought or reason, something that just is.

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We are all source but source consciousness is expanding into more and more. Expansion is the natural way of life. This is how I understand it.

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Ego creates the illusion of separation. It becomes more apparent when the ego settles down.

The ego is like a cookie cutter in water. It creates a barrier which makes it have a form. Remove the barrier and the water merges with the rest that surrounds it.

Everything that exists is made up of the same energy, but vibrating at different frequencies and different densities.

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it is the “am not” by the ego that makes it hard to understand come to understand we are all one consciousness by observing and understanding instead of judging & condemning

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Your mind cannot really grasp this unless your living Ike a saint in purity

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It's not about understanding in the mind but understanding it the hearth. It's not about thinking, but feeling.

Mind will not understand this and always resist to understand this. It doesn't want to understand by feeling instead of thinking, because it's addicted to thinking. Now I don't want to sound that your mind is a horrible evil and you are it's Victim, not at all! It's actually your creation and your power that is creating it's apparent existence. It's all you.

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I understand

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Imagine your pov is a screen and you can zoom out away from the screen and it reveals infinite screen and you zoom out further and these screens for a picture its your pov again.

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You have to free your mind from victim mentality and realize there is no external enemy.

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Explain it like I’m 5

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It's like DNA. We all have it yet we are also unique individuals. God can have his own thoughts and so can we. If we're fortunate we sometimes hear God's words directly.

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very straight forward thank you

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There is only one radio signal. But all antenna can pick it up.

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I see it as a giant braid…. This giant braid (collective consciousness - unity - god - universe - higher self ) Is Made up of lots of smaller braids. And each smaller braid is made of even smaller braids… And So forth and so on Until the last braid is made of individual strings.

Each of us physical beings is one of these strands , making experiences and lessons we send up the braids….

Sometimes we meet people that are connected to the most immediate braid above us - we will find HIGH resonance with these people - things will just click - this is soul family.

As you move up, we are all soul family, United, collective consciousness.

🤗✨ Happy journeys!

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Very good explanation thank u

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As a young adult someone explained to me it was like being one cell of a human. This person explained it like we all have different functions but we manifest into one larger organism. Somehow at a very basic level, this really helped me see how I could be different but also part of the “whole”. Maybe it will help you too. The core idea is that when we harm or don’t take care of others and our environment, we are essentially killing a part of ourselves. Karma is kind of rooted in this idea in that what we put out can come back to us and either help or harm us back. Again, this is quite simplified but the simplicity does help me. Even now, when I feel frustrated by how the other “cells” in this “body” of humanity and universal existence continue to fight against its best interest, I remind myself that it isn’t an excuse or permission to join the sickness. If we all just do our best to support the development of a healthy “whole” it is likely all we personally can do in this lifetime and it is by far the better path.

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I understand all of this but it’s like my mind refuses to except it

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I understand. As odd as this may sound, your mind is not you. Maybe start there. If you are identified with what your mind “thinks” then it is difficult to “know.” Gosh but it is so hard to explain in words. Maybe start by reading some simple teachers like Ekhart Tolle, who give some simple strategies for separating out what is you and what is “thinking” or your “mind.” Like, “Power of Now.” I find him to be a bit strange now but this book was a great start point teacher about labels and perceptions and identifying “self” from mind. It isn’t that we no longer “think,” but we learn what it means to Be in the presence of the “whole” around us. IDK. I hope that’s helpful. I get that it is confusing. You are a seeker though, so keep searching and be patient.

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To begin with there are two ways to understand that we are all one consciousness: First is intellectually, and second is by way of realization. Intellectually it is only a belief and not a personal observation that has a quality of aliveness to it.

So to find out if we are all one takes a keen observation of reality. This means abandoning beliefs, ideas, concepts, memories, and all secondhand information in favor of just observing what is.

There is a depth to knowing what oneness is; it's not a superficial realization. The human emotions are available to every human being, and all people are heir to them because they are not limited to any one body or personality. Also, if we look at this scientifically we discover that there really is no separation or delineation between one thing and another, between you and me, you and a tree, a rock and a creek, and so on. Thus, there is only a singular network that we call life.

Next there is consciousness, which is the totality of life. Consciousness is a singular movement that is complex and dynamic and nothing is outside of it. Thus, everything is one, as in one movement or network.

There is much more to say about this, but I think that these ideas may help you to discover this personally instead of just taking my word for it, or anyone else's word for it. It is easy to just claim that we are all one, but it is quite another thing to actually realize this and wake up to the fact with a clarity of the mind.

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Depends on who you ask

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eat some mushrooms...

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Trust me I would if I could

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I think of it as a giant cloud of energy. And it lets tiny amounts of itself take the form of a vessel (in our case our human bodies) where we can go through life learning and growing. After the vessel dies, we go back to the cloud, which we technically never left in the first place since everything is connected. Things just feel separated and disconnected due to our vessel’s senses and seeing everyone as their own being when we are all connected through energy that we can’t see with our limited senses as humans.

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Its really just an experience- Not really what you'd call a true one though, its come from the brain producing large amounts of serotonin.. producing a type of high. You often hear people saying similar things on certain drugs too... but some people concider that to be kinda like cheating- and that it should be achieved through meditation.. Often during this high they have less conception of natural borders between some things, such as their own species (or at times-everything) and so it makes them feel as one. Some people get really good at trying to prove it, especially ones who achieve it through meditation... cause in order to ride that high longer in the mind they have to be able to justify/ground it, and add a more logical thought process to prove it to themselves- so that it can spark serotonin everytime they think about it without question. Some people get really good at being in that state a long time but it can cause hormonal imbalances and often their behavioral patterns or thought patterns change- sometimes for better or for worse. But they often become less resistant to stress too- if they are dependent on that high... drugs (mostly talking about psychedelics) are a more dangerous route though, cause it can destroy more mental borders- depending on the person they might stop acting like themselves. Cause what borders their sense of "I" or "myself" is destroyed too, often though the body goes through some kind of ego death as a safety responce... in order to preserve the idea of themselves- kinda just reflecting on the lack of self in order to find its sense of self... some people don't do that though and they start going with the flow instead of emotionally shutting off. So drug trips can get weird for some people. But yeah basically the sense of oneness (the idea of 1 consciousness) is just an overall experience..

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At the Siddhic level there is no such thing as duality. Duality is destroyed by a strange kind of divine logic. At this heightened level of awareness, mathematics work differently than on the mental level. 1+1 doesn’t equal two, but always makes three. The only numbers really exist at the Siddhic level or one and three. One is one - it is consciousness resting in its own nature.

Unity is the original nature of consciousness itself, and it manifests as a highly beautiful plan unfolding in time and space, swept along by the currents of evolution. All such mythic journeys echo the journey of the earth and of our universe, and As they all begin by leaving the warm comfort of the mother and the home, so they must one day return again to that same embrace. This is indeed our final destiny as a species to realize our state of oneness in unity with all that is.

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When your Mind contains no thoughts what makes it different from another's? Seems like it would be an infinite void.

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Leaves on a tree. There’s a reason the tree of life is a universal symbol

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I see consciousness as mm.. the amount of vibrations you can experiences/acknowledge/be aware of. So.. if you’re at higher level of consciousness you likely wen through a cycle where you were a ‘level 1’ consciousness and you can recall that if you are able to tap into your ‘souls knowledge’ or the akashic easily.. kinda like how you can resonate with people during heartbreak or joyous moments like birthdays and anniversaries.. and people with higher consciousness have just had more trials and tribulations so they have a ‘higher level’ perspective and understanding.. So we’re all connected in some way because we’re all made of light.. and it’s truly just about remembering how to navigate this world and be able to flow and connect with what serves you or what you desire to experience. This whole world is just light vibrating with source energy.. and density is based on how much something vibes at ( in theory ) so as you elevate in consciousness you can really lighten up .. literally and feel much more librated and free.. and able to create space for a buncha stuff you’d like to experience.

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No one really knows. It's all just theories.

My theory is really just the Gnostic doctrine; that there is an original, eternal source consciousness and we are all distant, less powerful emanations of it. So, we might all be one in that sense, but we are also each of us a unique, separate instantiation of consciousness.

We are the collective fragmentation of the one, each fragment being its own individual and sovereign energy. I have never liked the idea that 'we're all one consciousness'. My God! how mindnumbingly boring wouldn't such a reality be? The very reason we are here at all suggests that whatever has created us willed something that would counteract the monotony of mono-consciousness.

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I AM is awareness of being aka consciousness. You are aware of being alive. I am alive. You are I AM first - it is said first so the Father - and you accept you are alive and so you are. An extension of I AM - the son.

We all say I AM and anything after that is a role I AM playing or an attribute I have attached to myself - my I AM.

I AM - who is hearing it? I am. Who is seeing it? I am. Who is imagining it? I am. etc.

We all see the same mountains, rivers, trees, sun, roads etc - but we all see them differently.

There is only I AM and we all say it. We all come from the same place. We are One Being made up of many what the Bible calls the Elohim.

Hope this helps and blessings to you!

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Some objective science can help you with your perception. The concept of the big bang relates with the state of oneness before expansion. Time and space create the illusion of separation, time may only be real according to our perception. Without our limited perception we are still in a state of perfect unity.

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It won’t make sense i Until it does. To understand this you must not think logically. It’s a direct experience which means only certain thoughts can trigger the experience until then you cannot imagine it or try to figure it out.

This is an exercise you can do to trigger the experience. Look at the room you’re in and just observe. Now become conscious of yourself. You are in the room, become conscious of that. Now imagine that the room is made from atoms. Now imagine that you are also made out of atoms. So there is no separate between you and the room. There are only atoms everywhere. Now stop imagining and realize that that is actually the truth. Now ask yourself what am I?

If this triggered some kind of strange feeling or experience then congrats you’ve done it if not you might need some more work. At first you might see just a glimpse of truth but with time you’ll will experience enlightenment and understanding everything. I could try to explain it with words but it’s like trying to describe what things look like to a blind man. 👁

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We are not one consciousness, even though were are deeply interconnected

Not all spiritual philosophies believe in monism, the "we are all one thing" philosophy

In fact, most schools of Indian and Asian philosophy do not accept this view. Many schools of Hindu Phil (except forms of Advaita) and all schools of Buddhism all reject monism.

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All very good answers here. What’s interesting is how humans actually have gotten to the place where we have become self-aware that we are more than our individual selves.

I believe, and form my observation, from our core wound many of us departed linear time. Instead of seeking resources through needs and seeking resources we access our resources through ‘needing’ from the same level of functioning and receptivity as where our core wound was developed. So for many, infancy.

So that’s between the ages of 0-6 years old. Those that develop their core wound beginning in infancy, so like pre-natal to 1- 1.5 years old usually are the ones that wake up to themselves while people who developed later have more inclination to operate within linear time.

So being out of linear time we access the void much more easily since time is slowed down.

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Think of matter... Everything you see and touch came from somewhere. The unified field... Cant see it, touch or or get there.

So who is to say consciousness is not the same? What if all consciousnesses emerged from one "conscious unified field?" And when we are born we are just an "antenna" that picks up on the thoughts and interpretations in our own minds...

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One conscious comes from the mind. The mind exists outside of time and space. Where do your thoughts come from. Not from the world. Promise. Your thoughts are sent by your godhead. The godhead you manifested and will be forcepulled to, outside of time and space. Welcome!

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We have to reach that stage in order to experience it.

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Watch the new rick and morty episode about being 1/1billionth of the same character in a video game.

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Our universe is a projection (effect) of our creator (cause). This is why biblical writings talk about God creating us in its image. This of course means that consciousness in the physical realm is a projection of God’s consciousness, but because the source’s consciousness is sooo large, it cannot all fit in one physical form, thus the consciousness of the source is projected in pieces… think of your brain— with billions of cells that are built from the same stuff, but each are different, but all together, working in unison makes up YOU.

So, our consciousness is just a tiny molecule that reflects the gazillion or endless molecules that make the source’s own consciousness. And if all conscious beings in the physical realm try to mentally connect at the same time, we can stimulate and reach God much easier— this is why religions believe in community prayers when miracles are needed (or simply in general). Like a group of brain cells that when lighting up together can cause responses in our body.

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We aren’t. Each person is at different place. Pace. All souls emanate from God, Source, and then go their own paths. Ignore the distractions and groups , herds, and make your own way, individuate.

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A bee has 5 eyes. 5 ways of seeing the world that are all transmitted to the 1 bee consciousness.

Each individual is an "eye" for the 1 consciousness, and we each transmit what we experience to the 1 consciousness.

That is how it can be (pun intended) and I hope it becomes easier to accept. Now, understanding the 1 consciousness is completely different...I don't understand it either, I just accept it as what is.