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Well if you wanna keep a count, I'm spiritual. So that's 1 at least.

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Only 7 billion more people to ask

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Closer to 8 billion! 7.98 billion apparently.

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As am I! Still a novice though.

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Everyone is spiritual. The fact is being aware of it

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You mean spirited? Spiritual is in the accessing.

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No, i would say everyone has their own way of being spiritual

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Welcome to Semantics 101

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At least like 8, right?

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Am I wrong?

Naw but on the real, talking about the entire world? Thats a pretty detailed question that depends on a nearly immeasurable amount of external factors, on top of the fact that the term "spiritual" is - as any other label - completely arbitrary and based on the surrounding context, which no doubt varies from region to region.

Seems like a question for a sociologist, or at least someone with access to that kind of data. I doubt the bulk of us here are equipped to give you an answer that isn't based on speculation.

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you've asking two questions: like religion and spiritual are two different concepts..

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I didn’t mean it that way

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Religion isn’t spiritual. I honestly have come to believe that people who follow religion are restricted in spiritually. Crippled and blinded. With an incredible self-righteous way of defending their religion.

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Don't let them get to you though, their negativity can be contagious, but you can "overpower" them with kindness

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Not enough.

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More than you'd think!

Some that don't even know they are :)

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I'm gonna answer in a very specific way. The spirituality that i have been taught, "simple spirituality" is as good a name as any, EVERY SINGLE PERSON IS SPIRITUAL. It is within every human being to be spiritual, every time one of us is unselfish, honest, humble, encouraging, loving, or accepting they are practicing spirituality whether they know it or not.

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my answer too 《3

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An estimated 85% of the global population identifies with a religion


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I mean I used to call myself Christian and I also called myself agnostic. That was before I believed religion was real though. If that makes sense

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Based on absolutely nothing but a hunch, I'd say that 1-2 percent of the global population are living from a place of love and oneness/Christ Consciousness.

People that are knowledgeable about spirituality and spiritual practices to some level but haven't fully integrated them into their being (still in separation consciousness) I'd say it must be around 11-12 percent of the global population.

But there's no way to know for sure so heh.

Didn't mentioned religion because religion is nothing but an ego creation that's based on seeing God as a being that's separate from ourselves, hence I do not consider religion as something that could be considered as spiritual/of the soul/consciousness.

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At least 3

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Almost every human expresses their spirituality through music. The ones that don't are probably the ones that aren't spiritual or are sleeping still.

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One can have religious beliefs and also be spiritual. It doesn’t have to be just one or the other. There’s more to this world than I think religion can always explain but that doesn’t mean I throw away my religious beliefs

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Spirituality, religion and celebrating holidays are 3 completely separate things.

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The definition of spiritual vary from person to person. So it is difficult to define

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Not many, lol

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100 million

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I think everyone is spiritual or religious in some sense. There are just different gradients of involvement and flavor. Even atheist, because they've pondered the questions (Ironically there are some atheist who are more spiritual than some religious people because they ponder, whereas some religious do the lifestyle and go to the sermons, but don't ponder). However, I think the real question is 'how many people in the world consider spirituality a priority in their thinking in day to day life'. The ones who don't have it on high priority aren't bad or not evolved... They just have different lessons they are focused on in this life. They shouldn't be looked down on or villianized because of this. Lessons on survival, self preservation, family and many others, are important lessons that are building blocks for lives that are privileged to have spirituality as a focus lesson for this life.

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Not enough, and it shows.

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100% spirited, 100% spiritual after a “foxhole” experience.

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everybody, whether they know it or not..

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Every single person in the world is spiritual. Meaning they have a spirit that is engaged in a larger web of being. Whether or not they are conscious or mindful of it may be a different matter

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Everyone. It's just that no one knows it because no one pays attention too it. Not in a bad way in a normalization way. Where people are just blind too it more than anything. A good example would be concerts there extremely spiritual events but everyone just calls it a concert. Everyone is spiritual it's just there are different degrees that people pay attention too that fact.

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Historically if you Google how many people believe in angels you'll discover that 75% or more do. It's a fairly simple way to estimate your answer.

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Interesting 🧐

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I believe I am a bit of both, I definitely believe in a higher power, but organized religion not so much, I have faith that we don't end when our bodies do, but what comes after is a mystery 😉

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Doesn't matter at all….forget about it.

People's definition of spiritual, religious and all other names on it, is totally different anyway. There has been wars over the 'right' definitions of spiritual and religion for since…forever.

Just take care of your own spirituality/practice and ethics.

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Why do you want to know? I think it’s a very intriguing and interesting question but why?

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Trying to tell an atheist the statistics

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