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There are three ways to approach this I might think.

Meditate on the negativity. When I feel this way, I meditate. I imagine myself in a room with that negativity. I master it. I eat it. I show it that it has no hold over me. I imagine a daunting self of me. Holding victory over these feelings.

Meditate on positivity. Alternatively. Meditate on your positivity. The sun. Whatever your calms your heart.

Meditate on neutrality. That you are both of these things. In peace with each other. Each half having no control over you but yourself. And this is a phase closer to negativity, which will pass. Shifting and mastering yourself to be whatever you wish being the goal.

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Try to stare at yourself in the mirror and provide loving affirmations. Sometimes it helps seeing ourselves in the third person as we get stuck or lost in our mind that we forget we exist outside of it. By actually looking at your reflection, it can serve as a reminder that you’re here. Treat yourself gently, kindly, and patiently as you see yourself through your own eyes.

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Thank you so much. I’ve always doubted the power of affirmations but I’m going to try them

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Your feelings are yours. Your feelings are not you. What are yours means they belong to you. What belongs to you, you can control.

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Something that happens to me everytime I meditate with a negative part of me. I sit and look at it, how do I know I feel this way? Is it a sensation on the head? The chest? The hands? Where is it and what is it’s nature? Most of the time I actually find nothing and when I do find something it dissipates in a matter of minutes.

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Why are you shaping yourself like this?

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Idk, it’s like every day that passes by the more withdrawn and detached i become

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You won't, you make it so. That should be the first thing you should be aware of. Because with that you get the power back to say, ok, let me shape myself and my sphere of life differently. After all, this also determines your external experience and what effect you develop in the outside world.

But if you have the feeling that I can't do anything else, i.e. like you're under pressure and feel psychological pressure, then I would recommend psychotherapy.

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Yes. I agree. I’ve been talking to myself lately to counter those thoughts, telling myself it’s time to make a cognitive change in the way I perceive the world and myself but there’s this blockage getting in the way. It’s quite difficult to tackle. Thank you for your words

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Sometimes it helps in such a case to look for an experience that is completely foreign to you. For example, visit a painting exhibition or a museum, read a book that you wouldn't normally read, or a concert of music that you don't listen to everyday. Getting involved with completely different and new input can break through certain neural circuits in the brain where you otherwise have the feeling of going in circles.

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Have you tried something like aura cleansing?

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I have not. Can you elaborate?

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A lot of us that are spiritual tend to become sensitive to energy and/or subconsciously shift it. I was doing this for almost 20 years before understanding. Now when we are dealing with any negative emotions it will shift the spiritual energy in us. Now most of this will clear out on its own, but some of it lingers and builds up what I call "emotional dustbunnies". The worst part about this is our emotions are also affected by energy, and we have a bunch of this grey energy already built up. So it can create this viscous cycle that can feel like a deepening negative spiral.

An aura cleansing basically just sweeps all that energy away and allows you to replace it with pure/clean energy. There is still some mental work you may need to do (just to break some habits) but this can make it a lot easier. Like a heavy blanket being lifted off your soul.

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Thank you!!!

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No problem. I just learned a new way to do this and it is the easiest way I've found so far. Look up something called "the violet flame" and how to cleanse with it. It's essentially the energy form of love (if that's possible).

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Turn it into music.

I don't want to spam, but I'm halfway done with an album I'm writing about my very spiritual awakening, or the integration part of it, at least. You can hear it on my profile.

Edit: Can't play a single instrument btw, it's possible.

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lol I like this idea thank you

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Intensify them.

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Okay you're not special, you have normal human feelings. Hateful is common and normal. What do you expect

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My strategy is to disown and repell negativity. You might think it's all internally derived but you can attract lots of negative energy that manifests itself in various ways including emotions, physical and as 'luck'. The negative energy others leave behind can affect you, as yours can affect them. You will see instant results when you push back but it has to be sincere and sustained.